End of Race Blog Posts From The World Racers

a guide to properly loving your wr alumni
by Abigail Converse on 7/22/2018
From Calhoun, Georgia

Here We Go. Again.
by Nick Gold on 7/22/2018
From Galt California

Coming Home: The Fruit of His Promises
by Hannah Pauwels on 7/22/2018
From Canal Winchester, Ohio

A Poem of a Church Boy // One Final Blog
by Brenton Bicknell on 7/20/2018
From Huntsville, AL

so what now?
by Marissa Martinez on 7/17/2018
From Fishers, Indiana

by McKenzie Kuhn on 7/16/2018
From Gainesville, Florida

My Altar Of Remembrance.
by Caitlin Carpenter on 7/14/2018
From Fort Worth, TX

America, The Beautiful Mess
by Isaiah Carter on 7/13/2018
From Cincinnati, OH

The Last Blog
by Hailey Grimm on 7/12/2018
From Lakeland, Florida

Take it from a 25 year old
by Cristen Page on 7/12/2018
From Glasgow, Kentucky

Dear me, it's me.
by Luke Hanna on 7/12/2018
From Laurel, MS

What I Learned on the World Race
by Paige Deur on 7/10/2018
From Grand Haven, MI

What is Normal?
by Quinn Diaz on 7/8/2018
From Calgary, AB, Canada

Cheese, This is Strange...
by Regan Smith on 7/8/2018
From Denver, Colorado

by Annalea Krukowski on 7/8/2018
From Radford, VA

The Start of Something New.
by Kiana Yingst on 7/8/2018
From Pensacola, FL

Only the Beginning...
by Joel Larson on 7/7/2018
From Castle Rock, CO

by Katie Mathews on 7/7/2018
From Austin, Texas (USA)

Home and answers for now
by Sara Graham on 7/6/2018
From Charlotte

Note To My Pre-Race Self
by Taylor White on 7/5/2018
From Lubbock, Texas

I May Have Left The Race, But I Am Not A Quitter
by Tiffany King on 7/3/2018
From Simpsonville. South Carolina

One Last Time
by Abby Heskett on 7/5/2018
From St. Louis, Missouri (USA)

What's Next?
by Will Holt on 7/3/2018

Final Blog /// I'm Home
by Nicholas Hesselgesser on 7/3/2018
From Liberty Township, Ohio

The One With My Flight Home!
by Haley Batchelder on 7/3/2018
From Hopkinton, MA

what's next?
by Courtney Howard on 7/2/2018
From Blackshear, Georgia (USA)

Life After the Race
by Jennie Kate Clark on 7/2/2018
From Elizabethton, TN

What Google Didn't Tell Me
by Melissa Vereen on 6/30/2018
From Jacksonville, FL

The Good Ole' Mitten
by Jenna VanderHaar on 6/30/2018
From Zeeland, MI

And so it ends...
by Bella Sorrentino on 6/26/2018
From Roanoke, Virginia

Surprises From Day One In The States
by Jacob Hart on 6/22/2018
From Washington Court House, Ohio

by Brittany Smith on 6/22/2018

let me introduce myself
by Mack Kraemer on 6/22/2018
From Okanogan, Washington

1 Last Shout Out
by Liz Morton on 6/22/2018

Month 12
by Emmy Hendrix on 6/21/2018
From Marietta, Ga

World Race Video
by Alexandra Banks on 6/21/2018
From Hendersonville, TN

leaving home // going home
by Carly Miers on 6/21/2018
From Tallahassee, Florida

Dear Family and Friends
by Caleb Leppert on 6/21/2018
From Rapid City, SD

Day 318
by Allina Robie on 6/21/2018
From Rangely, Co.

Coming Home...
by Kristen Coughlin on 6/20/2018
From Chicago, IL

last blog ever.
by Grace Crespo on 6/19/2018
From Kailua, HI

by Brittany Dykstra on 6/18/2018
From Zeeland, Michigan

Now What??
by Elizabeth Grace Friend on 6/18/2018
From Princeton, MN, USA

Que Chévere
by Ashley Guinn on 6/17/2018
From New Braunfels, Texas

My New Blog/Website
by Bo McCraw on 6/17/2018
From Lubbock, Texas

Empty Beds
by Adrian Riney on 6/17/2018

To The Ones Back Home
by Kayla Norwood on 6/16/2018
From Hartselle, AL

Home Sweet Home
by Kendra Mallin on 6/16/2018
From Cedar Falls, Iowa

What's next?
by Amber Pharazyn on 6/16/2018
From Hilliard, Ohio

Take Off Your Grave Clothes.
by Alyssa McGrail on 6/16/2018
From Glen Spey, NY

My heart’s devotion.
by Julia Glasgow on 6/15/2018
From Birmingham

by Taley Smith on 6/15/2018

Closing This Chapter
by Camryn McKinnon on 6/15/2018
From Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

"We aren't actually friends..."
by Kylie McKenzie on 6/15/2018
From Atlanta, Georgia

This Is A Year Of My Life.
by Jenny Kordelski on 6/15/2018
From Naples Florida

You Asked, I Answered: Q&A
by Amaris Duryea on 6/14/2018
From Steamboat Springs

Specific Questions to Ask Your Returning Racer
by Erica Everett on 6/14/2018
From Tampa Bay, Florida

The Year in Bullet Points
by Emma Donahue on 6/18/2018
From Naperville, Illinois

What's Next? PART 1
by Rachel Hargreaves on 6/13/2018
From Central Point, Oregon

Don't You Use Me Now
by Rachael Thearin on 6/13/2018
From Hayward, Wisconsin

Lion's and Giraffe's
by Patricia Ladd on 6/13/2018
From Red Deer

World Race Superlatives
by Derek and Bethany Dameron on 6/13/2018
From Chattanooga, TN

Gallery of Bolivia and Peru
by Tate Cook on 6/13/2018
From Franklin, NC

Chase The Impossible
by Maggie McDivitt on 6/13/2018
From Morganton, North Carolina

We don't need more converts.
by Alexis Ballard on 6/13/2018
From Oshkosh, WI

signing off (what's next)
by Jonny Mocek on 6/13/2018
From Fayetteville, AR

This is me.
by Justus Hyde on 6/12/2018
From Columbus, Texas

Nobody Knows
by Caitlyn Morrison on 6/11/2018
From Littleton, CO

A look at 11 months
by Jessica Bundy on 6/10/2018
From Southport, NC (USA)

Spanish Inquisition
by Kristine Peterson on 6/10/2018
From Dallas, TX

Only the Beginning
by Tennessee Applegate on 6/9/2018
From Johnston, IA

The Race Did Not Change Me
by Kyla Calderon on 6/8/2018
From League City, TX

Oh hey wow, the race is over
by Hanna Thames on 6/7/2018
From Dallas, TX