End of Race Blog Posts From The World Racers

Comforts of Home?
by Preston Robinson on 11/13/2018
From Lancaster, South Carolina

New NEWS!!! I'm going again!!!
by Melissa Jordan on 11/12/2018
From Amarillo, Tx

Month 9 Me.
by Kelsey Parrish on 11/11/2018
From Bancroft, Michigan

My NEXT Journey...
by Caleb Leppert on 11/2/2018
From Rapid City, SD

Route Change
by Mikayla Keener on 10/27/2018

Next Stop 2019 !!!
by Micaela Bickel on 10/25/2018
From Buckley, WA (USA)

Just. Be.
by Liz Puersten on 10/24/2018

Update on Life (October 2018)
by Jordan Tarant on 10/20/2018
From Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada

World Race Recaps
by Adriana Ernst on 10/15/2018
From Duluth, MN

My Heart Will Go On... I guess
by Calli Bigham on 10/13/2018
From Waxahachie

Not Launching
by Erica Everett on 10/10/2018
From Tampa Bay, Florida

stay updated!
by Marissa Martinez on 10/6/2018
From Fishers, Indiana

Dear Radiate, Wolf Pack, and Fun Bunch!
by Madi Friend on 10/5/2018
From Springfield, MO

by Tayler McMullen on 10/4/2018

by Candace Cox on 9/28/2018

generation 42
by Britt Nompleggi on 9/28/2018
From El Dorado Hills, CA

That One Time I Forgot to Blog
by Emma Colon on 9/26/2018
From Superior, CO

What's Next?
by Averi Wing on 9/21/2018

The Last One
by Jen Olson on 9/21/2018

My Next Steps: I'm Moving to Indonesia!
by Jordan Harrington on 9/18/2018
From Chillicothe, Ohio

How It Ends
by Janele Tating on 8/24/2018

You Donít Want To Miss This!
by Edna Stoltzfus on 9/11/2018
From Elizabethville, Pennsylvania USA

The End of the Beginning
by Laura Guzman on 9/8/2018
From Bogota DC, Colombia

So...How Was It?
by India Favorite on 9/6/2018
From New Orleans, La (USA)

A Special Letter to All My Supporters!
by Jaivie Robles on 9/4/2018
From San Francisco, CA

Dear B Squad
by Danielle king on 9/3/2018
From Canyon,Tx

The Question
by Lindsey Kappler on 9/3/2018
From Lake Jackson, Texas

Iíll go where you will lead me, Lord
by Alyssa Osburn on 8/31/2018
From Prince Frederick, Maryland (United States)

College, man.
by Noah Wiley on 8/30/2018
From Harrisonburg, Virginia

My Year in A Nutshell!
by Jessica Torres on 8/30/2018
From Midlothian, Virginia

Saying Goodbye to Normal.
by Jenny Kordelski on 8/30/2018
From Naples Florida

When God Makes You A Planner
by Caleb Callaway on 8/29/2018
From Phoenix, Arizona

by Zach Lambert on 8/28/2018

This is it!
by Amanda Hopkins on 8/28/2018

My Final Blog - VLOG - Batad Rice Terraces.
by Mary Beth Byers on 8/27/2018
From Arkansas City, KS

Thank you supporters
by Zach Taylor on 8/27/2018
From Springfield, Missouri

To My Men
by Chelsea Casady on 8/29/2018

One Year Later
by Jonathan Hogue on 8/21/2018
From New York, NY

Dear Home
by Tessa Pollari on 8/19/2018
From Hiram, OH

I Lost 40 Pounds on the Race
by RJ & Kayla Taylor on 9/11/2018
From Clarksville, Tennessee

The One Where I Come Home!!
by Haley Batchelder on 8/17/2018
From Hopkinton, MA

My Dearest Home,
by Rebecca Runyon on 8/17/2018
From Phoenix, Arizona

LAST World Race Blog-- NEW BLOG
by Rachel Hargreaves on 8/16/2018
From Central Point, Oregon

11 things I learned in 11 months
by Lynden Huffman on 8/14/2018
From Suwanee, Georgia

Reverence, revival, reflection
by Lydia Gregory on 8/12/2018
From Boone, North Carolina

by Oriolyne Lubin on 8/10/2018

home (final video)
by Jordan Schaeffer on 8/9/2018
From Gardner, KS

Dear Home
by Kristi Smith on 8/9/2018
From Hartwell, Georgia

End of the Race
by Wendy Lee on 8/17/2018
From Seattle, WA

They Say Home Is Where The Heart Is
by Sylvia Barrett on 8/5/2018
From Bethalto, IL

Farewell World Race
by Lauryn Raleigh on 8/3/2018
From Richardson, Texas

by Jenna VanderHaar on 8/1/2018
From Zeeland, MI

In Between
by Alexis Sills on 7/31/2018
From Hattiesburg, Mississippi

Last But Not Least
by Kelsey Pope on 7/30/2018
From Seaford, Virginia

by Melanie Lender on 7/24/2018
From Champlin, MN

Thatís a Wrap
by Jacob Miller on 7/22/2018

a guide to properly loving your wr alumni
by Abigail Converse on 7/22/2018
From Calhoun, Georgia

Coming Home: The Fruit of His Promises
by Hannah Pauwels on 7/22/2018
From Canal Winchester, Ohio

by McKenzie Kuhn on 7/16/2018
From Gainesville, Florida