End of Race Blog Posts From The World Racers

Im Going Home!
by Margee San Martino on 4/22/2019
From Woodinville, WA

by Raina Luthra on 4/20/2019
From Greenville, SC

Which Country Did You Like Best?
by Hayley Grosh on 4/19/2019
From Lancaster, Pennsylvania

a blog by my favorite sister
by Hallie Coleson on 4/15/2019
From Carmel, Indiana

Japan is the Plan
by Maggie Strubhar on 4/11/2019
From Washington, IL

Things I Miss From Home
by Taylor Flickinger on 4/9/2019
From Jackson, MI

A Letter to Home
by Liz Willson on 4/8/2019
From Scituate, Rhode Island

Planting Seeds In Phoenix
by Jordan Conley on 4/7/2019
From Charleston, South Carolina

Back to the Future, Part 1
by Parker Consolo on 3/31/2019
From Tigard, Oregon

Dear Phil of the Future...
by Philip Wilson on 3/31/2019
From Elgin, Texas

Im not Finishing...
by Megan Gabrielse on 3/30/2019
From Houston, TX

Walking Into the Unknown
by Caroline Jenkins on 3/22/2019
From Simpsonville, SC

I'm Home.
by Katie Ericks on 3/11/2019
From Dyer, Indiana

What's Next?
by Brishna Hedstrom on 3/8/2019
From Fouke, Arkansas (United States)

by Kaitlin Gant on 3/7/2019

Dear Lillian (pt. 1)
by Lillian Tarantino on 2/25/2019
From St. Petersburg

Home Early
by Blake Bohning on 2/21/2019

Indonesia: We're Back!
by Jordan Harrington on 2/20/2019
From Chillicothe, Ohio

Internship in Indianapolis
by Marissa Martinez on 2/15/2019
From Fishers, Indiana

Support Raising for CGA
by Tamara Vicovan on 2/13/2019
From Hollywood, Florida

Onto New Seasons
by Kailey Mattarella on 2/4/2019
From Holland, Mi

Knowledge Engineer
by Jah-Jah Jackson on 1/1/2019
From Landover, Maryland

My FINAL Blog!
by Haley Batchelder on 1/23/2019
From Hopkinton, MA

Mama, I'm Coming Home
by Haven Kindle on 1/20/2019
From Johnson City, Tennessee

12 Month Recap & What's Next
by Ariel Scharpen on 1/18/2019
From Albany, OR

Glory To Glory.
by Kelsey Parrish on 1/17/2019
From Bancroft, Michigan

My Virgin Feet
by Rachael Thearin on 1/9/2019
From Hayward, Wisconsin

Goodbye's and I Don't Know's
by Hope Ogle on 1/6/2019
From Winchester, VA

See you soon Georgia
by Lindsey Brown on 1/2/2019
From Dallas, Georgia

by Mia Cohen on 12/31/2018

To Sum It All Up
by Anna Fasl on 12/28/2018

Slow Down
by Courtney Taylor Harrington on 12/28/2018
From Winnemucca, Nevada

A Year in 4 Minutes
by Shelby Robinson on 12/23/2018
From Marion, NC

being ENGAGED while on the world race
by Chloe Clendinning on 12/18/2018
From Newtownards, Northern Ireland

by Bekah Minnette on 12/17/2018

Own your life!!
by Sharpie on 12/15/2018
From Los Angeles, Ca

I Have Come Back to My Senses
by Mary Beth Byers on 12/12/2018
From Arkansas City, KS

This One Goes Out To Gap R
by Elizabeth Grace Friend on 12/10/2018
From Princeton, MN, USA

Judging the U.S
by Micaela Bickel on 12/10/2018
From Buckley, WA (USA)

by Taylor Krueger on 12/10/2018

Thanks for walking with me
by Cassie Dunning on 12/9/2018
From Murfreesboro, TN

Here's Our Coffee Date
by Taylor Mastin on 12/6/2018
From Syracuse, NY

This Isn't Goodbye, Its Just See You Later
by Elizabeth Hahn on 12/6/2018
From Chadwick, Missouri (United States of America)

After 11n11
by Jackie Jimenez on 12/5/2018

and the sun will set
by Jess Waite on 12/1/2018
From Long Beach, CA

Blank Canvas
by Melissa Longoria on 12/1/2018
From Gallatin, TN

Month 12!!!
by Riley mchenry on 12/1/2018

Thank You for the Memories
by Amber Mannion on 12/1/2018
From Katy, Texas

What is Next!!!!!
by Calli Bigham on 11/30/2018
From Waxahachie

The Race Has Not Changed Me
by Caley Bass on 11/28/2018
From Nashville, NC

by MiKayla Olson on 11/26/2018

by Luke Waguespack on 11/22/2018
From Conifer, CO (United States)

One Year and I'm Still Here
by Danielle Farina on 11/17/2018
From Wilmore, Kentucky

Comforts of Home?
by Preston Robinson on 11/13/2018
From Lancaster, South Carolina

New NEWS!!! I'm going again!!!
by Melissa Jordan on 11/12/2018
From Amarillo, Tx

My NEXT Journey...
by Caleb Leppert on 11/2/2018
From Rapid City, SD

Route Change
by Mikayla Keener on 10/27/2018

Just. Be.
by Liz Puersten on 10/24/2018

Update on Life (October 2018)
by Jordan Tarant on 10/20/2018
From Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada

World Race Recaps
by Adriana Ernst on 10/15/2018
From Duluth, MN

Not Launching
by Erica Everett on 10/10/2018
From Tampa Bay, Florida

Dear Radiate, Wolf Pack, and Fun Bunch!
by Madi Friend on 10/5/2018
From Springfield, MO

by Tayler McMullen on 10/4/2018

by Candace Cox on 9/28/2018

generation 42
by Britt Nompleggi on 9/28/2018
From El Dorado Hills, CA

That One Time I Forgot to Blog
by Emma Colon on 9/26/2018
From Superior, CO

What's Next?
by Averi Wing on 9/21/2018

The Last One
by Jen Olson on 9/21/2018