End of Race Blog Posts From The World Racers

It's all over and this is what I want to remember
by Morgan Fangman on 6/26/2019
From Jacksonville, Florida

Coming Home
by Julie Reynolds on 6/24/2019

"Welcome Home"
by Angie Moore on 6/24/2019
From Columbus, Ohio, USA

Coming Home from the World Race
by Brooke Irwin on 6/23/2019
From Mustang, Oklahoma

Memories from Malaysia.
by Samantha Grady on 6/22/2019
From Asheville, NC

My Passport Was Stolen In Bolivia
by Megan Small on 6/22/2019
From Mooresville, Indiana

Coming Home Letter
by Elsie Miller on 6/21/2019
From Fresno, Ohio

Well Done, My Good and Faithful Servant
by Jessie Bunting on 6/21/2019
From Mt. Pleasant, SC

h o m e
by Rachel Morris on 6/21/2019

So... What's Next??
by Katie Ericks on 6/21/2019
From Dyer, Indiana

Summaries: Albania
by Lauren Luttrell on 6/21/2019
From Spotsylvania, VA

by Mollie Jewett on 6/21/2019
From Raleigh, NC

I'm Coming Home
by Kathryn Hamilton on 6/20/2019
From Albany, TX

i'm movin to africa
by Malia Williams on 6/20/2019
From Indianapolis, Indiana

(Back in the USA) Life With Zach - VLOG 95
by Zach Trest on 6/20/2019
From Corinth, Mississippi, USA

How It Begins
by Janele Tating on 6/19/2019

a free gift, click to open! (it's grace)
by Caitlyn Wade on 6/19/2019
From Felton, California (USA)

The Fight
by Joe Takayoshi on 6/19/2019
From Westfield, Indiana

One Big Jump
by Rob Ames IV on 6/18/2019
From Beavercreek, OH

Going Home
by Riley mchenry on 6/17/2019

Swaziland life: This is AFRICA
by Raina Luthra on 6/17/2019
From Greenville, SC

“You Are” Month 11
by Julia Piecka on 6/17/2019
From Pittsburgh, PA

What Did I Learn?
by Amy Johnson on 6/16/2019
From Blythewood, SC, United States

K Squad: The crazy squad
by Sharpie on 6/14/2019
From Los Angeles, Ca

World Race Gap Year Video Recap
by Liz Slager on 6/14/2019
From St. John, Indiana (U.S.A.)

I'M HOME!!! and it's hard.
by Lexi Marshall on 6/14/2019
From Lebanon

Being Romanced
by Chase Robinson (Chooch) on 6/12/2019
From Aledo Texas

by Joe Lindsey on 6/11/2019
From Houston, TX

How Did I End Up Here?
by Ashley Simmons on 6/11/2019
From Wilmington, NC (USA)

14 Things That Other Countries Do Better
by Nicole Caudill on 6/10/2019
From Walkertown, NC

You're still writing?
by Noah Roach on 6/7/2019
From Denver, IA

I'm Home, but a Piece of Me Isn't
by Amy McWilliams on 6/7/2019
From Omaha, NE

by Katie Schroeder on 6/6/2019
From Union, Kentucky

by Abby Fillman on 6/4/2019

My World Race Experice!!
by Moncho Villegas on 6/4/2019
From Wichita Falls, Texas ( Wichita Falls)

A Letter to My Month One Self
by Alley McMillin on 6/4/2019
From Hickman, Kentucky

by William Jacobs on 6/3/2019

Take Me In, Lead Me Out
by Maddie Kuykendall on 6/3/2019
From Flower Mound, TX

by Cindy on 6/2/2019
From Lindstrom, MN

Season's Grievings
by Aidyn Carnes on 6/17/2019
From Florence, KY

What It All Meant
by Abigail Lineberry on 6/1/2019
From Gastonia, North Carolina

The End (The Beginning)
by Lindsey Jacobsson on 6/1/2019
From Santa Clarita, California

Alberta Bound
by Ella Sitzler on 6/1/2019
From Calgary, Canada

Open Letter to Talitha Cumi
by Hailey Cole on 5/31/2019
From Gainesville, GA

california bound !
by Shekinah Crouch on 5/31/2019
From Los Angeles, CA

Im coming home!!
by Hannah Bolitho on 5/31/2019
From Longmont, Colorado

by Savanah Scott on 5/30/2019

How Did God Change You Through the World Race?
by Hayley Grosh on 5/29/2019
From Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Nine Months Later
by Zach Gregory on 5/29/2019
From Boulder, Colorado

by Jessie Lirios on 5/29/2019

the end
by Paige Langley on 5/28/2019
From Eagle, ID

Divine Intervention
by Lillian Tarantino on 5/27/2019
From St. Petersburg

its not over...
by Kat Diel on 5/27/2019
From Delafield, Wisconsin

How was your trip?
by Maggie Strubhar on 5/26/2019
From Washington, IL

How God used The World Race to Change My Life
by Cara Kelley on 5/23/2019
From Grapevine, Texas

Counting Down the Days...
by SJ Patten on 5/22/2019
From Jenison, Michigan

And We Will Come Back Home [Again]
by Courtney Calhoun on 5/22/2019
From Cypress, Texas

how I really am
by Eliza Diamondidis on 5/21/2019
From Chattanooga, TN

9 Months Later
by Nick Randau on 5/21/2019
From commerce township, Michigan