End of Race Blog Posts From The World Racers

Hello From Serbia
by Davante Jones on 8/19/2017
From Jonesboro, Georgia

the epilogue | TEAM | ep 04
by Tiara Menjivar on 8/18/2017
From Los Angeles

A Baker's Dozen
by Lydia Flowers on 8/18/2017
From Shepherdsville, KY

Keith and Karen
by brooke Cope on 8/18/2017
From Ridgecrest

Most asked question
by Celenne Torres on 8/18/2017
From Garland, Tx

Am I Coming Home?
by Ellie Hamstra on 8/17/2017
From Fort Worth, Texas

by Kendra Hixenbaugh on 8/17/2017
From Leavenworth, WA

I'm A Thinker Not A Feeler
by Brittany Foster on 8/17/2017
From Barnesville, GA

Month 12: Setup Sheet for Home
by Clarissa Johnson on 8/16/2017
From Oklahoma City, OK

What's Next?!
by Maria Bayles on 8/16/2017
From Brockville, ON, Canada

by Stephanie Lohn on 8/14/2017
From Andover, MN

It's The Final Countdown
by Michaela Hennagir on 8/14/2017
From Mason City, Iowa

Can I get directions please?
by Katie Hurley on 8/14/2017
From Oxford, Michigan

What's Next?
by Heidi Gray on 8/12/2017

by Jill Schinzing on 8/10/2017
From Grantsburg, WI

the one where Lindsey says thanks
by Lindsey Denton on 8/9/2017
From Kingston, TN

Im Paige, a Missionary Made for America
by Paige Lindner on 8/9/2017
From Wisconsin Dells, WI

My journey continues in South Africa
by Nano Mazzali on 8/7/2017
From San Jose, Costa Riva

P Squad, An Open Letter
by Hope Ogle on 8/15/2017
From Winchester, VA

The Journey
by Kori Yergler on 8/6/2017
From Gibson City

Sinking Deep
by Kimmy Laumann on 8/5/2017
From Aurora, Colorado

My World Race Experience
by Kara Faber on 8/10/2017
From Roanoke, Virginia

4 1 D A Y S L A T E R
by Caitlin Buzbee on 8/3/2017
From Costa Mesa, Ca

Our Amazing Month in Spain, So Far.....
by Elise Swepston on 8/2/2017
From Charlotte, NC

I've Known for a While
by Hannah Erickson on 8/2/2017
From Minnetonka, MN (home) Des Moines, IA (school)

by Zoe Torres on 8/1/2017
From Atlanta, Georgia

We Are M-Squad
by Kayla Krynski on 7/29/2017
From Keller, Texas

My Next Step
by Janet Heismann on 7/27/2017
From Goldthwaite, Texas

Thank you!!!
by Abby Lynch on 7/22/2017
From Merkel, TX

big cups of tea
by Emily Beck on 7/22/2017
From Laramie, Wyoming

Abundantly Lacking
by Casey Baxter on 7/16/2017
From Saline, Michigan

Dear Future Racer,
by Elizabeth Chapman on 7/15/2017
From Madison, WI

Where I Am Now (New Blog URL)
by Kyle Petersen on 7/13/2017
From Brooklyn Center, Minnesota

by Pat Jarratt on 7/12/2017
From Marietta, Ga

Occupation: Missionary
by Lauren Stephens on 7/11/2017
From Spring, Texas

It's Been Real.
by Catie Sundberg on 7/11/2017
From Ramona, Ca

Hey! It's me!
by Max Scheffer on 7/8/2017
From Austin, TX

A Year In Review
by Josh Hendricks on 7/8/2017
From Highlands, NC

by Jason Love Albano on 7/7/2017
From San Diego, California

What is your passion? - Part Two
by Maria Kolar on 7/6/2017
From Bel Air, MD

The Burnout
by Joe Hamann on 7/3/2017
From Greensboro, NC

the in-between
by Sue Kafoglis on 7/2/2017
From Bowling Green, KY

I'm Comin' Home
by Emily Quint on 6/29/2017
From Livonia, MI

When Returning Home: All These Questions!
by Dylan Weaver on 6/29/2017
From League City, Tx

The Crash
by Tera Bradham on 6/29/2017

by Courtney Dobbs on 6/26/2017
From Nashville, Tennessee

Im Home.
by Katie Sparks on 6/24/2017

Im Not Coming Home
by Katie Crofford on 6/23/2017
From San Diego, California

I will not be put in a box
by Hannah Shope on 6/23/2017
From Boca Raton

by Chandler McKinney on 6/23/2017
From Ringgold, Georgia

A day until My Flight Home
by Mariah Brammer on 6/22/2017
From Rosemount, Minnesota

Q&A part 1
by Bailey Pittman on 6/21/2017
From Lubbock, TX

11 Months
by Kristi Phillips on 6/21/2017
From Peoria, IL

To The Ones Back Home
by McCrea Nirider on 6/20/2017
From Tacoma, WA

Q & A
by Lauren McLemore on 6/20/2017
From Maumelle, Arkansas (USA)

Sorry in Advance
by Kate Johnston on 6/19/2017
From Memphis, TN

I'm Coming Home
by Elizabeth Rowland on 6/20/2017
From Lake Jackson, TX

Praise Jesus
by Abbigail Lambert on 6/18/2017
From Preemption, IL

Now Entering the Mission Field
by Dylan Borst on 6/16/2017
From Marietta, Georgia

In Nine Months
by Evie Carrigan on 6/16/2017
From Front Royal

Check that off the list....
by Natalie Staniewicz on 6/16/2017
From Sugar Hill, Georgia

50 Things I Thought I'd Never Do.
by Emily Helton on 6/15/2017
From Sulphur, Louisiana

When a House Becomes a Home
by Kylee Hall on 6/15/2017
From Georgetown, Texas

Meet the Bachelorettes
by Sarah Edwards on 6/13/2017
From Nashville, Tennessee

More News From Training Camp...
by Tera White on 6/12/2017
From New York, NY