End of Race Blog Posts From The World Racers

I Don't Miss The World Race
by Rob Ames IV on 1/25/2020
From Beavercreek, OH

She Don't Know She's Beautiful
by Raina Luthra on 1/22/2020
From Greenville, SC

I'm Moving!! ( Update on whats next)
by Meyuna Shepherd on 1/19/2020
From Decatur, GA

My Race Isnít Over Yet
by Marianna Harris on 1/17/2020
From Dallas, Texas

Instinct of inspiration
by Daniel Sperry on 1/15/2020
From Klamath falls, OR

A thank-you letter to my WR ministry hosts
by Em Blomberg on 1/15/2020
From Prentice, WI

How am I since being home?
by Kristen Haley on 1/14/2020
From Holbrook, MA

World Race America "Final Debrief"
by Zach Trest on 1/11/2020
From Corinth, Mississippi, USA

Day 11: Glory to Glory
by Eric Musil on 12/31/2019
From Ogden, Utah

I'm Moving
by Amanda Blakley on 12/28/2019
From Troy, Ohio

Transitioning Home
by Kylie-Jo Miller on 12/28/2019
From Huntingdon, PA

I need your help!
by Ashley Smith on 12/26/2019
From Bradford, Maine USA

by Ben Bartel on 12/23/2019
From Huntersville, NC

I Was Gone for 11 Months?
by Jessica Akland on 12/21/2019
From Sioux Falls, South Dakota (USA)

Abba Father
by Kelly Fahnestock on 12/20/2019
From Carlisle, PA

by Alexis Ballard on 12/20/2019
From Oshkosh, WI

The Race is Over
by Nate Wasnich on 12/10/2019
From Grand Rapids, MI

Home for the Holidays!
by Allie Vickers on 12/9/2019
From Dallas, TX

That's a Wrap
by Ben Skaar on 12/9/2019
From Coleraine, Minnesota

Am I Broken?
by Jen Summy on 12/6/2019
From Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Birds Eye View
by Alyssa Boss on 12/4/2019
From Plainwell, Michigan

Stepping off and next steps
by Jessie Frayser on 12/2/2019
From Newport News

by Jordan Kouri on 11/30/2019

What a Blessing
by Emily Riggs on 11/29/2019
From Kansas

by Michael Williams on 11/28/2019
From Dallas, TX

by Sam Barnhart on 11/22/2019

Iím Coming Home Today!
by Katie Hammond on 11/21/2019
From College Station, Texas (USA)

Thank You N Squad... For Everything
by Connor Gaul on 11/20/2019
From Pittsburgh, PA

Was The World Race Worth It?
by Lauren Dean on 11/19/2019
From Lexington, Kentucky

the things I missed
by Mady Riedlinger on 11/19/2019
From Kenosha, WI

Dear Home
by Hannah Applewhite on 11/17/2019
From Anderson, SC

What's next?
by Sarah Ann Allen on 11/16/2019
From Tallahassee, FL

Coming Home!!
by Debora Roethlisberger on 11/13/2019
From St. Gallen (Switzerland)

What I Am Going To Do
by Matthew Morris on 11/11/2019
From Augusta, Georgia

I Raise a Hallelujah
by Madison Groff on 11/10/2019
From York, Pennsylvania (USA)

BIG update!
by Anna Martin on 11/9/2019

I Just Can't Wait to be Queen
by Jezie Pelayo on 10/31/2019
From San Diego, CA (USA)

The Waiting Season and What's Next
by Makayla Barlow on 10/31/2019
From Lenoir, NC

THANK YOU (last World Race blog post)
by Sharon Mosley on 10/31/2019
From White Plains, NY

A bittersweet goodbye.
by Emma Tew on 10/26/2019
From Missoula, Montana

in the presence of my enemies
by Re` Hollingsworth on 10/22/2019
From Royse City, Texas

farewell (n.)
by Maddie Hungate on 10/21/2019
From Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

What Does Depression Look Like?
by Brittany Tobin on 10/20/2019
From Grand Junction, Colorado

Going Live On Facebook! Join me!
by Ryan O'Keefe on 10/10/2019
From Edmond, OK

11 month recap
by Jenny BrownM on 10/3/2019

month one: post-race
by Vickie Pantle on 10/1/2019
From Manhattan, Kansas

Real Life
by Gina Marie Stull on 9/22/2019
From St. Louis

Pittsburgh: a city with a mission
by Julia Piecka on 9/19/2019
From Pittsburgh, PA

Oh How Time Flies
by Amy McWilliams on 9/14/2019
From Omaha, NE

The Hands Project: P Squad
by Bonnie Bakewell on 9/13/2019
From Northville Michigan

For The Road Ahead...
by Kirby Kirby on 9/12/2019
From Boone, Iowa

How I'm Actually Doing.
by Meagan Thompson on 9/11/2019
From Newnan, Georgia

One Year Ago
by Danielle Hernandez on 9/9/2019
From Ormond Beach, FL

World Race Vlog: Coming Home
by Ashley Collins on 9/3/2019
From Twin Cities, Minnesota

let's talk about it.
by Maggie Harrell on 9/1/2019
From Fayetteville, AR

Thatís A Wrap!
by Jenny Feicht on 8/29/2019
From Irvine, California

Around The World In 322 Days
by Mallory Price on 8/28/2019
From Louisville, KY

Time to come home!
by Lauren Kelly on 8/28/2019
From Florida girl currently living in Chattanooga, Tennessee

23 Things I Learned my 23rd Year
by Amanda Gillespie on 8/27/2019
From Chesterton, IN

Homecoming!! A Year in Review
by Breanna Alverson on 8/24/2019
From Boise, Idaho

being home is hard!
by Ally Petersen on 8/22/2019
From Taylor Ridge, IL

From Glory to Glory (Transitioning home part 2)
by Kullen on 8/16/2019
From Plymouth, Michigan (United States)

Iím Not Staying in America
by Summer Conneen on 8/16/2019
From Melbourne, Florida

What's it like?
by Taylor Brisebois on 8/13/2019
From Tulsa, Oklahoma

The Time Has Come!
by Martha Kuhn on 8/13/2019
From Houston, Texas

Around the World in 324 Days
by Brynna Hilton on 8/28/2019
From Coopersville, MI

by Caleb Callaway on 8/12/2019
From Phoenix, Arizona

Coming Home
by Fabienne Boss on 8/12/2019
From Langenthal, Switzerland

Whatís Next? 11 days left on the World Race!
by Rocky Esquibel on 8/12/2019
From Albuquerque, New Mexico

Life after the race.
by Emily Ann Burger on 8/10/2019
From Rome, Georgia

Never forget.
by Michelle Jamison on 8/10/2019
From Ottawa, Kansas