End of Race Blog Posts From The World Racers

A day until My Flight Home
by Mariah Brammer on 6/22/2017
From Rosemount, Minnesota

Q&A part 1
by Bailey Pittman on 6/21/2017
From Lubbock, TX

11 Months
by Kristi Phillips on 6/21/2017
From Peoria, IL

My Worst Blog Yet
by Maria Kolar on 6/21/2017
From Bel Air, MD

To The Ones Back Home
by McCrea Nirider on 6/20/2017
From Tacoma, WA

Q & A
by Lauren McLemore on 6/20/2017
From Maumelle, Arkansas (USA)

Sorry in Advance
by Kate Johnston on 6/19/2017
From Memphis, TN

I'm Coming Home
by Elizabeth Rowland on 6/20/2017
From Lake Jackson, TX

Doubts, Dreams, and Doing the thing
by Sue Kafoglis on 6/19/2017
From Bowling Green, KY

Praise Jesus
by Abbigail Lambert on 6/18/2017
From Preemption, IL

Month 13- Guatemala
by Courtney Dobbs on 6/17/2017
From Nashville, Tennessee

Now Entering the Mission Field
by Dylan Borst on 6/16/2017
From Marietta, Georgia

In Nine Months
by Evie Carrigan on 6/16/2017
From Front Royal

Check that off the list....
by Natalie Staniewicz on 6/16/2017
From Sugar Hill, Georgia

50 Things I Thought I'd Never Do.
by Emily Helton on 6/15/2017
From Sulphur, Louisiana

When a House Becomes a Home
by Kylee Hall on 6/15/2017
From Georgetown, Texas

by Caitlin Buzbee on 6/14/2017
From Costa Mesa, Ca

Meet the Bachelorettes
by Sarah Edwards on 6/13/2017
From Nashville, Tennessee

My Race in Numbers
by Kimmy Laumann on 6/12/2017
From Aurora, Colorado

More News From Training Camp...
by Tera White on 6/12/2017
From New York, NY

by Amy Workman on 6/10/2017
From Pueblo, Colorado

An open letter to my HOMies
by Mariah Weingarten on 6/8/2017
From Trinity, FL

One Year Later
by Madeline McJunkin on 6/8/2017
From Vacaville, CA

I Hate Goodbye
by Abigail Mullis on 6/2/2017
From Kernersville, NC

The End is NEAR
by Lauren Garrison on 6/2/2017
From Tigard, Oregon

One in One
by Alicia Lannom on 5/31/2017

Not So Fast to Madagascar
by The Carothers on 5/30/2017
From Pass Christian, MS

Home pt.2
by Sarah Clem on 5/29/2017

I don't know what to say
by Emily Reutener on 5/27/2017
From West Chester, Ohio

A Year Ago Today (Home for 1 Year)
by Morgan Wingler on 5/19/2017
From Boiling Springs, SC

Palms Up
by Hannah Pauwels on 5/19/2017
From Canal Winchester, Ohio

It's Getting To The Best Part
by Katie Crofford on 5/17/2017
From San Diego, California

Sizzle, Sizzle, POP
by SarahCatherine Jones on 5/10/2017
From Sumter, South Carolina

Wait, what...
by Ashleigh Paul on 5/8/2017
From Albuquerque

Coming Home (where Im at, whats next)
by Brandon Klever on 5/8/2017
From Prescott, AZ

And now we have to leave Pt.3
by Mady Allen on 4/30/2017
From Fort Collins, Colorado

by Lauren Emily Tysdal on 4/26/2017

I Have Decided My Future
by Olivia Dabbs on 4/24/2017
From Great Falls, SC (United States)

Francis' Wedding
by Abby Nass on 4/19/2017
From Donahue, IA (United States)

Our Insufficiencies, Your Glories
by Matt Bauman on 4/17/2017
From Cedar Falls Iowa

Community on the race.
by Amanda LaRue on 4/14/2017
From Grand Rapids, MI

NEW Adventures Blog!
by Lindsey Moore on 4/13/2017
From Plymouth, MI

by Kyle Petersen on 4/13/2017
From Brooklyn Center, Minnesota

Home Sweet Home
by Ravi Almeter on 4/6/2017
From Plano, Texas

Why I Left....
by Anna-Bonita Reynosa on 4/5/2017
From San Antonio, TX

by Jenna Watson on 4/1/2017
From Nashville, TN

Yeah, I'm Back
by Chelsea Ray on 3/22/2017
From La Veta, CO

Final Post: Life Update
by JoCelyn Medina on 3/18/2017
From Albuquerque, NM

W H A T S ~ N E X T
by Kendra Hixenbaugh on 3/10/2017
From Leavenworth, WA

God Still Provides: A Re-Entry Blog
by Joshua Gill on 3/9/2017
From Atlanta, GA (USA)

"What's Next?"
by Olivia Reed on 3/8/2017
From Welsh, Louisiana

133 Days Later: Now What?
by Alex Keeley on 4/3/2017
From Newnan, GA

Hear My Story
by Mary Catherine Grant on 2/18/2017
From Charlotte, NC

by Charles Payne on 2/8/2017
From Kingsport, TN

by Tiffany Johnston on 2/1/2017
From Gainesville, FL (United States)

by Victoria Rogers on 1/30/2017
From Dallas, GA

WR Recap video
by Maria Todd on 1/23/2017
From Piscataway, New Jersey

Video | the smile project | 11 months of smiles
by Kara Kirtley on 1/23/2017
From Central City, Kentucky

Update: New Blog (Come to the River)
by Heather Swan on 1/20/2017
From Cranbrook, British Columbia

New blog page...!
by Sarah Coffey on 1/17/2017
From North Bend, WA, USA

Re-entry and Robert
by Jenn Taylor on 1/14/2017
From Cumming, Georgia

Picture Summary
by Chad Borg on 1/4/2017
From Pullman, Washington

The Patience to Endure
by Leticia Tafolla on 12/31/2016
From Tualatin, OR

Reflections on 2016
by Chris White on 12/31/2016
From Houston, TX

Reminiscing in America
by Arlene Molina on 12/20/2016
From San Antonio,TX

Those Who Will Change You
by Amber Mikkelsen on 12/19/2016
From Birmingham, AL

The Disease of Singleness
by Julia Still on 12/17/2016
From Springfield, MO

The Hope I Have
by Ashley Ancona on 12/17/2016
From Rockford, IL

Handshakes around the world
by Dylan Douglas on 12/12/2016
From Goochland, VA

Fitting My Life Into Perspective
by Michelle Mason on 12/7/2016
From Mishawaka, IN