End of Race Blog Posts From The World Racers

On homesickness
by Bree Anne Rubel on 3/18/2018
From Des Moines, Iowa

Let the Adventure Continue!
by Kalie Stier on 3/5/2018
From Redlands, CA

Don’t Cry For Me
by Grace Koerner on 3/1/2018
From Lapeer, MI

My Thanks to You
by Tyler Nash on 2/27/2018
From Sauk Rapids, MN

Stuck in Colder Weather
by Danielle Farina on 2/18/2018
From Wilmore, Kentucky

Thank You! - Returning Home and What's Next?
by Kierstin Foltz on 2/12/2018
From York, Pennsylvania

I'm coming home.
by Madison Johnston on 2/11/2018
From Pensacola, Florida

Here we go
by Bella Iocolano on 2/9/2018

Coming Home (A Letter to You)
by Madison Potocnik on 2/4/2018
From Lee's Summit, MO

I'm Back and I'm Broken
by Christa Diaz on 2/3/2018

I sort of dread that question.
by Julia Glasgow on 2/2/2018
From Birmingham

Last Blog.
by Lindsey Welch on 2/1/2018
From Houston, Texas

Currently there’s no end in sight
by Paige Lindner on 1/31/2018
From Wisconsin Dells, WI

My Dilemma is...
by Jordan Tarant on 1/23/2018
From Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada

WILD STRIDES: What's next for me
by Emily Madden on 1/20/2018
From Yukon, Oklahoma

The End?
by Allie Redding on 1/17/2018

stay tuned
by Leah Schult on 1/14/2018
From Maitland, FL

S-squad Bringing Kingdom after 11n11!
by Quinn Diaz on 1/12/2018
From Calgary, AB, Canada

Overview and What's Next
by Calvin Herrmann on 1/12/2018
From Shabbona, IL

Final Video: Walking The World
by Kaitlyn Squanda on 1/9/2018
From Reese, MI

This Blog Will Fail
by Sylvia Barrett on 12/23/2017
From Bethalto, IL

11 Reflections for 11 Months
by Felicia Bergman on 12/23/2017
From Austin TX

God's Faithfulness
by Leah Broughton on 12/20/2017
From Biloxi, Ms

My year in review
by Melo YEREMIAN on 12/20/2017
From Paris, FRANCE

by Allison Kennelly on 12/19/2017

Now what?
by Taylor Dunn on 12/18/2017

The World Race is Over
by Baileigh Millender on 12/18/2017
From Heath, Texas

Do You Want Fries With That?
by Sara Neville (SaraLou) on 12/14/2017
From Burnt Hills, NY

Thank YOU for doing the World Race with us!
by Bryce & Kimmy on 12/14/2017
From Nashville, Tennessee

The weary world.
by Abby Thornburg on 12/14/2017
From Johnson City, TN

F is for Family
by Janet Heismann on 12/13/2017
From Goldthwaite, Texas

"There and Back Again" USA
by Ariane Utley on 12/12/2017
From The Woodlands, TX USA

It's Time For....
by Kayleigh Richards on 12/11/2017
From Arkansas

Kristens' Korner
by Kristen McLaughlin on 12/8/2017
From San Antonio

What's next?
by Katie Hurley on 12/6/2017
From Oxford, Michigan

by Denea Allman on 12/4/2017
From North Carolina

thin places
by Hillary Barry on 12/4/2017
From Winfield, Illinois

The End.
by Courtney Neigh on 12/3/2017
From Eugene, Oregon

Will You Help Me this Christmas?
by Hope Ogle on 12/3/2017
From Winchester, VA

Letter to My Post Race Self
by Patricia Ladd on 11/28/2017
From Red Deer

What’s next...
by Katelyn Earhart on 11/24/2017
From San Antonio, Texas

the next season
by Britt Nompleggi on 11/24/2017
From El Dorado Hills, CA

Think I can apply for unemployment now?
by Andy Ramirez on 11/20/2017
From League City, Texas

I'm Coming Home
by Mary Jane Stevens on 11/20/2017
From Memphis,TN

Questions To Ask Your Racer
by Maggie Higginbotham on 11/18/2017
From Dallas, TX

Peace n' Blessins World Race: We out!
by Anna Beth Cook on 11/17/2017
From Columbia, SC

Sugar Babes
by Kirsty Marshall on 11/14/2017
From Northern NSW, Australia

My Last Blog On the Race
by Nathan Singleton on 11/14/2017
From Dunwoody, GA

The Yellow House on the Left
by Tori McCrite on 11/12/2017
From Hampton, Georgia

The End.
by Saraya Stewart on 11/11/2017
From Dallas, Tx

Dear End of the Race McKenzie
by McKenzie Tritt on 11/10/2017
From Creswell, OR

He is FOR Me
by Kylee Krusemark on 11/7/2017
From Plano, TX

The Generic Life After the Race Post
by Cristen Page on 11/6/2017
From Glasgow, Kentucky

The Final Month
by Nick Uddo on 11/6/2017

I Want to Share
by Hannah Gund on 11/3/2017
From Marion, IL.

You Asked Part 2
by Jennie Kate Clark on 11/2/2017
From Elizabethton, TN

Oh, the Places I've Gone!
by Melanie Govan on 11/2/2017
From Grand Rapids, MI

Thailand & Month 10!
by Austin & Faith Fowler on 10/16/2017
From Charleston, SC

Breathe In... Breathe Out...
by Joe Hamann on 10/11/2017
From Greensboro, NC

World Race Hacks
by Alycia Crane on 10/9/2017
From Originally: Asheboro, NC; Currently: Westlake, LA

A Month (and Some Change) In America
by Katie Meredith on 10/1/2017
From Spartanburg, South Carolina

by Sarah Clem on 9/24/2017

Final Chapter
by Xi-ming Wang on 9/16/2017
From Torrance, CA

Q & A C
by Mariah Paden on 9/16/2017
From Seattle, Washington

Woah!! I'm Home!?
by Daniel Ingalls on 9/12/2017
From Aurora, Colorado

Se busca ayuda!
by Nano Mazzali on 9/4/2017
From San Jose, Costa Riva

Who He Is
by Abigail Mullis on 9/2/2017
From Kernersville, NC

Who’s Counting?
by Clarissa Johnson on 8/29/2017
From Oklahoma City, OK