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by Anna Scott on 11/17/2019

Behind the Scenes
by Steph Peltier on 11/17/2019
From Wichita, Kansas

by Emma Robertson on 11/17/2019
From Newnan, Georgia

What Remains?
by Jen Summy on 11/17/2019
From Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Dear Home
by Hannah Applewhite on 11/17/2019
From Anderson, SC

11 Things I Learned In 11 Months
by Kelly Fahnestock on 11/17/2019
From Carlisle, PA

The Broken Flask
by Sam Putnam on 11/17/2019
From Asheville, NC

by Zoe Rowland on 11/17/2019
From Southport, North Carolina

Connie’s Foster Home
by Courtney Jackson on 11/17/2019
From Springfield, Nebraska

by Calvin Herrmann on 11/17/2019
From Shabbona, IL

what the Lord taught me on my seven day fast
by Joy Mullins on 11/17/2019
From Huntsville, Alabama

We’re in Malaysia!!
by Cheyenne Weber on 11/16/2019
From Westfield, IN

What's next?
by Sarah Ann Allen on 11/16/2019
From Tallahassee, FL

Bunk & Bern
by Cassi Davis on 11/16/2019
From Portland, OR

Rode a Horse Where?
by Hannah Sullivan on 11/16/2019
From Tega Cay, SC (USA)

Life on Mission
by Frieda Renee on 11/16/2019

What The Lord Taught Me in Colombia
by Hannah Hughes on 11/16/2019
From Janesville, Wisconsin

Kontroversial Kanye
by Ellie Miller on 11/16/2019
From College Station

What I learned in Guatemala. (Part 3)
by Amber Pifer on 11/16/2019
From Port Allegany, Pennsylvania (United States

seeing clearly.
by Charlie Breda on 11/16/2019
From New Braunfels, TX

Game Night
by Jonathan Thorstad on 11/16/2019

by Chelsey Wiers on 11/16/2019
From Byron Center, Michigan

2 weeks
by May Pelep on 11/16/2019

Real Thing
by Morgan Miller on 11/16/2019
From Greentown, Indiana

Brief Updates !
by Avery Mumm on 11/16/2019
From St.Cloud, MN

My Five Core Values
by Paige Canova on 11/16/2019
From Ankeny, Iowa

Dear Bekah,
by Sarah Barnes on 11/16/2019

i got married!
by Kate Mullis on 11/16/2019
From Hickory, NC

by Hannah Frauenstein on 11/15/2019
From Christchurch, New Zealand

Up Close and Personal with Team AMAZEd by You
by Ethan Patenaude on 11/15/2019
From North Mankato, MN

When a walk in the park isn't easy...
by Ashley Smith on 11/15/2019
From Bradford, Maine USA

by Liv Moncrief on 11/15/2019
From Atlanta, GA

The Hard Stuff
by Mady Riedlinger on 11/15/2019
From Kenosha, WI

Love Where You Live
by Morgan Fangman on 11/15/2019
From Jacksonville, Florida

Just Go
by Andrea Gallina on 11/15/2019

by Caroline Smith on 11/15/2019

Waves of Faith
by Drew Davidson on 11/15/2019
From Lafayette, Indiana

In The Sky
by Harleigh McNulty on 11/15/2019

More on Training Camp
by Sasha Lambert on 11/14/2019
From Senoia, GA

I'm Going Back to Asia!!
by Hannah Busch on 11/15/2019
From East Lansing, Michigan

His Faithfulness
by Grace Creed on 11/15/2019
From Willard, Missouri

Everyday Life.
by Emily Pinkerton on 11/15/2019
From Fort Worth, Texas

by Marianna Wells on 11/15/2019
From Alabaster, Alabama

by Taylor Wilwerding on 11/15/2019
From Queen Creek, Arizona

Impactful People- Makevilane
by Sadie Mishler on 11/14/2019
From Louisville, Kentucky

2 Months
by Delaney Bronosky on 11/14/2019

Zimbabwe: A Month of Firsts
by Adam Hickerson on 11/14/2019
From Greenville, OH

Alpacas and protests
by America Lascano on 11/14/2019
From Conyers, GA

All things training camp!
by Samantha Dillon on 11/14/2019
From Gilbert, AZ

Expectation vs. Reality: India!
by Aspen Kelley on 11/14/2019
From Carlsbad, CA (United States)

way maker
by Kierin Churchman on 11/14/2019

God is good
by Shea Morgan on 11/14/2019

by Nora Cox on 11/14/2019
From Buffalo, NY

Want To Dance?
by Jenny Feicht on 11/14/2019
From Irvine, California

New Solutions
by Jenay Leese on 11/14/2019

The Gospel According To Nikki
by Nikki Jacobson on 11/14/2019
From Hudson, Wisconsin

by Lauren Dellinger on 11/14/2019

A Knights Journey
by Ryan Breakfield on 11/13/2019
From Stockton, CA

a whirlwind turn of events
by Stef Christopher on 11/12/2019
From Santa Rosa Beach

Update From the Field: Month One
by Kirby Kirby on 11/13/2019
From Boone, Iowa