Most Recent Blog Posts From The World Racers:

Honduras = Jail Time
by Melissa Leuthold on 1/21/2019
From Ellsworth, MN

by Lillian Tarantino on 1/21/2019
From St. Petersburg

The Lost Will Be Found
by Ashley Smith on 1/21/2019
From Bradford, Maine USA

Butterfly Garden
by Lauren Kenley on 1/21/2019
From Charlotte, North Carolina

Flat Tires, Sunflowers, and Dancing *video*
by Laiken Martin on 1/21/2019
From Ontario, Canada

Healing is not just Physical
by Lyle Durham on 1/21/2019
From Dalton, Georgia (USA)

The One
by Lauren Bell on 1/21/2019
From Traverse City, Michigan

Don't Step in the Blood
by Em Blomberg on 1/21/2019
From Prentice, WI

the “o” word
by Isabel Jaquette on 1/21/2019
From Eugene, Oregon

Big Picture: Zambia
by Marah Kittelson on 1/21/2019
From Baldwin, Wisconsin

My Angel Story
by Ben Skaar on 1/21/2019
From Coleraine, Minnesota

WR Colombia - Week 2
by Andrew Galea on 1/21/2019
From Nashville, TN

life in Jozi!!
by Abby Lokey on 1/21/2019
From Lubbock, Texas

Why I Havent Blogged
by Hannah Doggett on 1/21/2019
From Foley, AL (USA)

Homesick for Heaven
by Emily Baumgartner on 1/21/2019
From Chandler, AZ

An unexpected Uber driver!!
by Emmy Davis on 1/6/2019
From Pagosa Springs, CO

His Provision
by Mollie Jewett on 1/21/2019
From Raleigh, NC

Praying For Medellin
by Kelly Fahnestock on 1/21/2019
From Carlisle, PA

Cote d’Ivoire Blog 2 - What Do You See?
by Matthew Ledford on 1/21/2019
From Pittsburgh, PA

by Alexa Baratucci on 1/21/2019

the fog is clearing
by Maggie Dunne on 1/21/2019
From St. Louis, Missouri

New Country!
by Hannah Carlson on 1/21/2019

Team Changes - Welcome to 42 Deep
by Christy Gray on 1/21/2019
From Mount Vernon

I'm Over This
by Megan Oliver on 1/21/2019
From Tooele, Utah

I’m Living on the Outskirts of Heaven
by Caitlyn Wade on 1/21/2019
From Felton, California (USA)

Miss Saigon
by Bonnie Bakewell on 1/21/2019
From Northville Michigan

autographs and gospel.
by Grace Davis on 1/21/2019
From Nashville, TN.

by Brittany Carson on 1/21/2019
From Lubbock, TX

WHOOooaaa We're Halfway Thereee!
by Lexi Marshall on 1/19/2019
From Lebanon

New Year! New Country! New Continent!
by Aundraya Wynne on 1/20/2019
From Pine Bluff, Arkansas

Vlog 2.0
by Andrew Serumgard on 1/21/2019

Before the Journey
by Annie Laurie Atkins on 1/20/2019
From Inman, South Carolina

Cloud Coverings
by Erin Andersen on 1/20/2019
From Underwood, Minnesota, USA

Beautiful Guate Ministry
by Alivia Simpson on 1/20/2019
From Scottsdale, AZ

Meet Chochi
by Daniella Patterson on 1/19/2019
From Albany, GA

Beans and Bitterness
by Amy McWilliams on 1/20/2019
From Omaha, NE

Get Your Hopes Up!
by Madison Collin on 1/20/2019
From Tigard, OR

Fiercely Loved Women
by Jenny Feicht on 1/20/2019
From Irvine, California

Just Sit Still for Once
by Brook Landt on 1/20/2019
From Castle Rock, CO

A Farewell Letter to Nepal
by Anna Goward on 1/20/2019
From Detroit, MI

You Will Witness A Miracle
by Jasmine Jaurigue on 1/20/2019
From Chicago

I am a terrible human being.
by Michelle Jamison on 1/20/2019
From Ottawa, Kansas

a month in south africa.
by Cierra Cordak on 1/20/2019
From woodstock, ga

Home Sweet Myanmar?
by Alley McMillin on 1/20/2019
From Hickman, Kentucky

More Like Jesus
by Ronny Sison on 1/17/2019
From Atlanta, GA

Mama, I'm Coming Home
by Haven Kindle on 1/20/2019
From Johnson City, Tennessee

24 Hours on a Bus
by Mary Grace Curran on 1/20/2019
From Normandy Park, Washington

The World Race 1 & 1/2
by Alexis Sills on 1/20/2019
From Hattiesburg, Mississippi

by Avery Jones on 1/20/2019
From Sumter, SC

the kurta
by Katie Schroeder on 1/20/2019
From Union, Kentucky

If you are feeling froggy then jump!
by Jacob Martinez on 1/20/2019
From Albuquerque, NM

Training Camp
by Tanner Albright on 1/20/2019
From Amarillo, Texas

Team Cake
by Kaelyn Koeser on 1/20/2019
From Phoenix, AZ

I'M HERE!!!!
by Matthew Morris on 1/20/2019
From Augusta, Georgia

Why Not?
by Tiina Parlas on 1/20/2019
From Fort Worth

Halfway there (for the second time)
by Caleb Callaway on 1/20/2019
From Phoenix, Arizona

by Ben Taylor on 1/19/2019

Save Early, Save Often
by Catherine Choquette on 1/19/2019
From Central Square, NY

by Amanda Cadenhead on 1/19/2019
From El Paso

Comfort on the World Race
by Sarah Ann Allen on 1/19/2019
From Tallahassee, FL

After Dark...
by Kylie Cain on 1/15/2019

I am ready
by Jess Beltran on 1/19/2019
From Indio, CA

Sin Street in the Dark
by Whitney Munro on 1/19/2019
From Sycamore IL

Outside a Prostitute's House
by Kenzi Johnson on 1/19/2019
From Virginia Beach, VA