Most Recent Blog Posts From The World Racers:

Launching Out For the Kingdom!
by Mary Jane Stevens on 1/19/2017
From Memphis,TN

Part 2: The Voice Of Unconditional Love
by Hannah Hoover on 1/19/2017
From Portland, OR

The Island of Blessings and Luz Mila
by Emily Allen on 1/19/2017
From Oologah, OK

Life Around the Table
by Jessica Marie Taylor on 1/19/2017
From Houston, TX

Living like a Cactus
by Fabian Cortez on 1/19/2017
From Haleyville, AL

A Hopefully Average Day In The Life Of A Racer
by Caleb Estrada on 1/19/2017
From Grand Haven, Michigan

Testimony Vlog!
by Jewels Vrabel on 1/19/2017
From St. Louis

Ministry for the Month
by Lindee Anderson on 1/18/2017
From Annandale, Minnesota

One Word: Freedom!
by Sara Williams on 1/19/2017
From Highlands Ranch, Colorado

Unsung Heroes ministry blog
by Jeremy Holden on 1/19/2017
From Cullowhee, North Carolina (USA)

Revitalizing What Was Once Broken
by Claire Zwetzig on 1/19/2017
From Fort Collins, CO

by Caleb Pauls on 1/19/2017
From Fresno, California

AIM Won't Let Us
by Jordan Tarant on 1/19/2017
From Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada

Half of a Brick House
by Sarah Perkinson on 1/19/2017
From Chester, Virginia (USA)

New Security Setting
by Esther Gordon on 1/19/2017
From Woodland Park, CO

Stories from Africa
by Paige Thiele on 1/18/2017
From Janesville, Wisconsin

A Divine Encounter
by Denea Allman on 1/18/2017
From North Carolina

11 things I learned in Vietnam
by Audrey Keith on 1/18/2017
From San Marcos, Texas

A . H E A R T . T O . S E R V E .
by Kendra Hixenbaugh on 1/18/2017
From Leavenworth, WA

How I heard about the Race at a country club gym
by Alexis Sills on 1/18/2017
From Hattiesburg, Mississippi

Update from the field!
by Jillian Moya on 1/18/2017
From Lansing, K.S.

Crying in a Kitchen in Colombia
by Katy May Stefanoff on 1/18/2017
From Port Orchard, Washington

The International Language of Soccer
by Ali Thornton on 1/17/2017
From Alabaster

What am I doing?
by Bry Veith on 1/18/2017

Oh the places you'll go.
by Jill Schinzing on 1/18/2017
From Grantsburg, WI

The Weekend God Blew My Mind
by Kyndal Cody on 1/18/2017
From Georgetown, TX

God doesn't need me
by Matt Chisenhall on 1/18/2017
From Fort Payne, Alabama

Stars Revealed
by Emily Weeks on 1/18/2017
From Spencer, IA (United States)

And now we have to leave (Pt.2)
by Mady Allen on 1/18/2017
From Fort Collins, Colorado

From a Jaguar to a Hyundai
by Kelli Reder on 1/18/2017
From Castle Rock, CO

by Rachel Wenger on 1/18/2017

Saris and Dosa and Monkeys, Oh My!
by Sara Pandolfino on 1/18/2017
From Westboro, MA

Calling Boys to Men
by Andy Haak on 1/18/2017
From San Antonio, Texas

The One Who Stole Our Hearts
by Hannah Erickson on 1/17/2017
From Minnetonka, MN (home) Des Moines, IA (school)

Exciting Unknown
by Brittany Dykstra on 1/17/2017
From Zeeland, Michigan

Prayer Points: South Africa
by Tera White on 1/17/2017
From New York, NY

Valientes Guerreras
by Kalie Stier on 1/17/2017
From Redlands, CA

New Year's Resolutions?
by Ashley Guinn on 1/17/2017
From New Braunfels, Texas

Life in Honduras through photos
by Jordan King on 1/17/2017
From Jasper, Ga

by Lydia Flowers on 1/17/2017
From Shepherdsville, KY

New blog page...!
by Sarah Coffey on 1/17/2017
From North Bend, WA, USA

What The Heck Am I Doing?
by Abigail Sheckells on 1/17/2017
From Floyds Knobs, IN

It Takes a Village.
by Tori McCrite on 1/17/2017
From Hampton, Georgia

Parenting in Uganda
by Agnes Willems on 1/17/2017
From Ede, Netherlands

i am not a victim
by Chandler McKinney on 1/17/2017
From Ringgold, Georgia

by Lo Acosta on 1/17/2017
From Ventura, California

Stranded In Kenya
by Lauren Stephens on 1/17/2017
From Spring, Texas

Is It Really Picture Perfect?
by Madeline Jackson on 1/17/2017
From Athens, Georgia

Colombian Daze
by Emma Flaming on 1/16/2017
From Knoxville, Tennessee

by Jason Gebhardt on 1/16/2017
From Yum, Arizona (United States)

by Rebekah Bouma on 1/16/2017
From Wichita, Kansas

Adopt A Day!
by Ian Wray on 1/11/2017

Into The World
by Joey Willis on 1/16/2017
From Midland, TX

The Start of My 24th Year
by Elizabeth Chapman on 1/16/2017
From Madison, WI

What a Difference a Year Makes
by Rashidat Odeyemi on 1/16/2017
From Atlanta, GA

Central America Summed Up
by Megan Spain on 1/16/2017
From Marysville, Ohio, USA

by Madison Barrowman on 1/16/2017
From Plainfield, Illinois

Missionary Status
by Brittany Foster on 1/16/2017
From Barnesville, GA

When You Give God Room
by Katie Seratt on 1/16/2017
From Memphrica

Setting Captives Free
by Leigh Anne Westra on 1/16/2017
From Perry, Georgia (USA)

How Have You Experienced God?
by Shara Seetaram on 1/16/2017
From Lynchburg, VA

El Salvador
by Rounine Bernard on 1/16/2017
From Port-au-Prince, Haiti

I Hated My Name
by Cara Lutes on 1/16/2017