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Oregon & Washington
by Justin Shaner on 7/23/2019
From Maryland

by Jaynna Strong on 7/23/2019
From Shawnee, Oklahoma

This is for you..
by Calin Medeiros on 7/23/2019
From Rochester, NY

This is so Worth it.
by Alexis Ballard on 7/23/2019
From Oshkosh, WI

Walking Across Spain
by Breanna Van Dellen on 7/23/2019
From Chatfield, MN

A List about Training Camp
by Paige Canova on 7/23/2019
From Ankeny, Iowa

July Update
by Adrianna Daniels on 7/23/2019
From Texas

by Kori Moon on 7/23/2019

Meet the Fam
by Grace Horsefield on 7/23/2019
From Cuba, MO

One Simple Question
by Re` Hollingsworth on 7/23/2019
From Royse City, Texas

Only 1 more Month?
by Megan Gabrielse on 7/23/2019
From Houston, TX

Abandonment: Journal 14
by Nicole Rowe on 7/23/2019
From Phoenix, Arizona

Filling out an application for...
by Ashley Smith on 7/23/2019
From Bradford, Maine USA

100 Things I learned At Training Camp
by Alicia Young on 7/22/2019
From Phoenix, Arizona

Seen and Known
by Jen Summy on 7/22/2019
From Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Another year, another country
by Jessica Frayser on 7/22/2019
From Newport News

Where Was I For The Past 10 Days?
by Chelsey Wiers on 7/19/2019
From Byron Center, Michigan

Licking the Bowl
by Brooke Ames on 7/22/2019
From Foley, Alabama

by Lauren Kenley on 7/22/2019
From Charlotte, North Carolina

The Send
by Laura Kolander on 7/22/2019

by Madison Goforth on 7/22/2019
From Tyler, Texas

Why is He worthy?
by Sadie Mishler on 7/22/2019
From Louisville, Kentucky

Raffle Fundraiser!
by Madi Carter on 7/22/2019
From Richardson, Texas

ZOE Future Leaders
by Erika Smith on 7/22/2019
From Canton, KS

Strip Clubs, Drugs, and Prostitutes
by Kristi Smith on 7/22/2019
From Hartwell, Georgia

Silly Girl Pick Up Your Worth
by Gracie Greer on 7/22/2019
From Little Rock, Arkansas

Coming Home
by Katrina Lambert on 7/22/2019
From Harrisonburg

meet team Auxano
by Grace DiGioia on 7/21/2019
From Cornelius, NC

what i never knew i always needed
by Bailey King on 7/22/2019
From Richmond Hill, GA

Training Camp
by Kenni Edwards on 7/22/2019

Don't Pray
by Jake Ormonde on 7/22/2019

Ethiopia Recap Video
by Denae' Simpson on 7/22/2019
From Attica, Michigan

Four Months in Asia
by Bethany Carter on 7/22/2019
From Gulfport, Mississippi

Im Not Going Home.
by Meagan Thompson on 7/22/2019
From Newnan, Georgia

What is a Christian?
by Michelle Jamison on 7/22/2019
From Ottawa, Kansas

I named a baby?
by Carly Moniz on 7/22/2019

And I Will Walk 370 Miles
by Katie Freeman on 7/22/2019
From Frederick, Maryland

The Ancient City
by Katie Mulry on 7/22/2019
From Dallas, Texas

Training Camp
by Miriam Scholl on 7/22/2019
From Rio Rancho, New Mexico

Week three
by Kelsi Willis on 7/21/2019

Water walking.
by Emma Tew on 7/21/2019
From Missoula, Montana

Sweet Spot
by Shelby Gilbert on 7/21/2019
From Knox, IN

Peru Update!
by Jordan Harrington on 7/21/2019
From Chillicothe, Ohio

Q&A: Help me, help you ;)
by Lauren Kelly on 7/21/2019
From Florida girl currently living in Chattanooga, Tennessee

The Good Father Provides
by Hayden Banks on 7/21/2019
From Temple, Georgia

Face to Face
by Sydney Freed on 7/21/2019
From Towanda, Kansas

by Jamie Hart on 7/21/2019
From Evansville

What's Next
by Liz Slager on 7/21/2019
From St. John, Indiana (U.S.A.)

The Man Who Holds God's Hand
by Trevor Regan on 7/21/2019
From Cazenovia, NY

Stretched for the Kingdom
by Grace Creed on 7/21/2019
From Willard, Missouri

by Jonathan Thorstad on 7/21/2019

by Rachel Miller on 7/21/2019
From Lucerne, IN