Most Recent Blog Posts From The World Racers

by Valerie Maddox on 11/21/2019

Ecuador: Redefining the "Mission Field"
by Em Christein on 11/20/2019
From Pine Mountain, Georgia

A New Dawn
by Suze Rinks on 11/20/2019

How I Feel About HOME
by Jessica Akland on 11/20/2019
From Sioux Falls, South Dakota (USA)

desert season in the desert land
by Emma Heptinstall on 11/20/2019
From Blountsville, Al

Hi...I'm Haley
by Haley Lowe on 11/20/2019
From Sacramento, CA

Thank You N Squad... For Everything
by Connor Gaul on 11/20/2019
From Pittsburgh, PA

Agricultural Leadership
by Carley Travis on 11/20/2019
From Oblong, IL

Country Words - Part 2
by Ben Skaar on 11/20/2019
From Coleraine, Minnesota

The Fog Field
by Taylor Upchurch on 11/20/2019
From Garner, North Carolina

by Heather Stewart on 11/20/2019

promised fruit
by Nathan Mullis on 11/20/2019

Travel Days to Malaysia!!!
by Natasha Raines on 11/20/2019
From Blairsville, GA (U.S.)

Just a Quick Trip to Cambodia!
by Emma Krone on 11/20/2019
From Austin, Texas

by Miranda Fox on 11/20/2019

the sun is rising
by Grace Johnson on 11/20/2019
From Oxford, MS

Rough Waters
by Kenni Edwards on 11/20/2019

Where the Heck is Gainesville?
by Matthew Alexander on 11/19/2019
From Lake Charles, Louisiana

Looking Back to Take a Step Forward
by Gabby Raatz on 11/19/2019
From Albert Lea, Minnesota

About my team
by Bridget Mirizio on 11/19/2019
From Gilbert

The Valley
by Hannah Jones on 11/19/2019

by Kimberlyn Porter on 11/19/2019
From Niceville, Florida

by Alicia Young on 11/19/2019
From Phoenix, Arizona

rising from the dead
by Mackenzie Larsen on 11/19/2019
From Eugene, Oregon (United States)

Was The World Race Worth It?
by Lauren Dean on 11/19/2019
From Lexington, Kentucky

by Sydney Nunley on 11/19/2019
From Atascocita,TX

your kindness is welcome here.
by Bailee Thomas on 11/19/2019
From Oklahoma

Worship stinks
by Emily Schmalz on 11/19/2019

Knit Us Togther
by Jen Summy on 11/19/2019
From Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Zimbabwe pt. 1
by Elaina Schnelle on 11/19/2019
From San Antonio, Texas

the things I missed
by Mady Riedlinger on 11/19/2019
From Kenosha, WI

30 hours on a bus
by Jesse Srader on 11/19/2019
From amarillo texas

Thailand in pictures
by Alaina Clayton on 11/18/2019
From Madison, Virginia United States

by Tamara Vicovan on 11/18/2019
From Hollywood, Florida

Why the World Race?
by Micah Torgerson on 11/17/2019
From Milwaukee, WI

goodbye chiang mai, hey hey malay(sia)
by Adriana Churness on 11/18/2019
From Clearbrook, Mn

He will rise, yes he will
by Sydney Warther on 11/18/2019
From Dover, Ohio

4 days!!!!!
by Alyssa Miller on 11/18/2019
From Covington, Georgia

PANAMA: week three
by Mack Dyer on 11/18/2019

Spiritual Journeys in Fundraising
by Kellie Schlangen on 11/18/2019
From Mooresville, Indiana

in the jungle, the mighty jungle
by Brittney Dean on 11/18/2019
From Graham, NC

Only Jesus
by Brent McGill on 11/18/2019

My Next Yes: Living on a Boat in Brazil.
by Caitlin Carpenter on 11/11/2019
From Fort Worth, TX

by Kyleigh Jo White on 11/18/2019
From Bossier City, Louisiana

Out with the Old, In with the New.
by Megan Gabrielse on 11/18/2019
From Houston, TX

Health Update
by Jules Griffin on 11/18/2019
From Vancouver, Washington

Monsters Inc & Children’s Ministry
by Julia Garcia on 11/18/2019
From Colorado Springs, Colorado

Meet My Teammate Kristen
by Kelly Fahnestock on 11/18/2019
From Carlisle, PA

A matchless God
by Hannah Baird on 11/18/2019

by Esther Pinto on 11/18/2019
From Charlotte, North Carolina (United States)

Marvelous Collision
by Erin Johnson on 11/18/2019
From Raleigh, NC, USA

Dry Bones
by Molly Miller on 11/17/2019

by Taylor Morgan on 11/17/2019
From Covington, Georgia

Squad Prophecy
by Erica Jenkins on 11/17/2019

My Backbone
by Caroline Kenny on 11/17/2019
From Lafayette, Louisiana

Perseverancia en la Selva
by Tati Gomez on 11/17/2019
From Bogota

A New City, A New Home (Pictures!)
by Kaci Larick on 11/17/2019
From Redlands, Ca (USA)