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The Family Gardening Business
by Re` Hollingsworth on 10/19/2018
From Royse City, Texas

My Heart Has Been Stolen
by Macy Shepard on 10/19/2018
From Denton, Texas

Just Month One? GUATEver.
by Haven Kindle on 10/19/2018
From Johnson City, Tennessee

Emojis, flowers, wallets, and a final thank you.
by Emmy Davis on 10/19/2018
From Pagosa Springs, CO

in case you were wondering..
by brooke Libby on 10/19/2018
From Milton, Georgia ( United States of America )

Week One
by Breanna Van Dellen on 10/19/2018
From Chatfield, MN

meet my sisters
by Hallie Moffitt on 10/19/2018
From Stillwater, MN

10 Things to Take Away from Debrief
by Kaileigh Martin on 10/19/2018
From Fort Worth, TX

Mattress Surfing: Am I Doing This Wrong?
by Megan Small on 10/19/2018
From Mooresville, Indiana

Frustrated & Yet filled with Hope
by Kailey Mattarella on 10/19/2018
From Holland, Mi

Worship and Prayer
by Anna Fasl on 10/19/2018

The 436-Day-Old Blog
by Hope Ogle on 10/19/2018
From Winchester, VA

by Gina Marie Stull on 10/19/2018
From St. Louis

Would You Rather World Race Edition
by Nicole Wittmann on 10/19/2018
From Hilbert, WI

Jurassic Park
by Malysa Napoli on 10/19/2018
From Dickinson, Texas

by Ashley Jones on 10/19/2018

Let Me Tell You About My Best Friends
by Eliza Diamondidis on 10/19/2018
From Chattanooga, TN

Why Am I Squad Leading
by Kirby Kirby on 10/19/2018
From Boone, Iowa

Colombia: A Sweet Surprise
by Jezie Pelayo on 10/18/2018
From San Diego, CA (USA)

A Letter to Those Who Love Too Hard
by Brooke Irwin on 10/19/2018
From Mustang, Oklahoma

Village life - tons of rice
by Justin Shaner on 10/18/2018
From Maryland

Would you Rather: World Race Style
by Raina Luthra on 10/18/2018
From Greenville, SC

Jesus the Bread of Life
by Rocky Esquibel on 10/18/2018
From Albuquerque, New Mexico

Week One Highlights
by Kyndal Broome on 10/18/2018
From Dallas, TX

What Can I Say About Belize?
by Sarah Ann Allen on 10/18/2018
From Tallahassee, FL

It's Been 1 Week
by Bonnie Bakewell on 10/18/2018
From Northville Michigan

Spiritual Formation Assignment 2
by Emma Eaton on 10/18/2018
From Evansville, Indiana (United States of America)

guat vs. home
by Lucy Kane on 10/18/2018

free and feliz
by Tierney Means on 10/18/2018
From New Braunfels, TX

Blind Heart
by Emily Shenk on 10/18/2018
From Lancaster, Pennsylvania

The Stones of Sweet Refuge
by Alyssa Muntz on 10/10/2018
From Parker, Colorado

Whispers in a Portuguese Airport
by Landry Petersen on 10/18/2018
From Arlington, Texas

clearing the debris
by Kelly Cunningham on 10/18/2018
From Tacoma, WA

Debrief Week
by Taylor Craig on 10/18/2018
From Lake Geneva, Wisconsin

A Day in the Médina
by Joelle Urquhart on 10/18/2018
From Howell, NJ

by Izzy Oliver on 10/18/2018
From Albertville, Alabama

by Mack Mitchell on 10/18/2018

Quick Glimpse
by Kayleigh Richards on 10/18/2018
From Arkansas

The Universal Language
by Hannah Acevedo on 10/18/2018
From Chino Hills, CA

pictures! how fun!
by Josie Younan on 10/18/2018
From Tallahassee, Fl

You’re So Entitled
by Adria Johnson on 10/18/2018
From Apex, North Carolina

Letter to Misha
by Kasey Dunlap on 10/18/2018

The World Race
by Caitlin Casey on 10/18/2018

I'm Alive Somehow
by Stacy Vega on 10/18/2018

Exposed: The Truth About Garlic
by Victoria Schafer on 10/16/2018
From Florence, Alabama

"We're not in Kansas anymore."
by Steph Peltier on 10/18/2018
From Wichita, Kansas

by Regan Horn on 10/18/2018
From Slidell, Louisiana

by Grace DiGioia on 10/18/2018
From Cornelius, NC

Looking Back
by Sam Adams on 10/18/2018
From Cumming, GA

by Vickie Pantle on 10/18/2018
From Manhattan, Kansas

Month One Summary and Month Two Preview
by Luke Holland on 10/18/2018
From Wakarusa Indiana

Utterly Meaningless
by Luke Troyanek on 10/17/2018
From Huntsville, Alabama

by Hannah Voros on 10/17/2018
From Eastvale, CA

Introducing GRIT.
by Michelle Jamison on 10/17/2018
From Ottawa, Kansas

by Jacee Yount on 10/17/2018
From Holland, MI

Meet the Team!
by Isaac Sanders on 10/17/2018
From Fort Wayne, Indiana U.S.

Sitting Around the Kitchen Table (with Video)
by Brook Landt on 10/17/2018
From Castle Rock, CO

When it rains, it pours :) - Belize
by Samuel Saucedo on 10/17/2018
From Guadalupe, Ca (USA)

Words, Deep Meanings and Keys
by Jenny Feicht on 10/17/2018
From Irvine, California

Gringas, Parasites, and Tuk Tuks, Oh My!
by Mary Grace Curran on 10/17/2018
From Normandy Park, Washington

The Church
by Michelle Moxley on 10/17/2018

by Natalie Edwards on 10/17/2018
From Houston, TX

Debriefing on Debrief
by Abigail Cook on 10/17/2018
From Loganville, Georgia