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I've been arrested too.
by Jasmine Jaurigue on 12/18/2018
From Chicago

A Little Update
by Ariauna Bison on 12/18/2018
From Garner, North Carolina

Never coming home
by Sophie Smith on 12/18/2018
From Saint Matthews, South Carolina

Oh Christmas Tree
by Mackenzie Ropka on 12/18/2018
From CHerry Hill, NJ

Hola, mucho gusto. I'm awkward
by Hannah Conway on 12/18/2018
From Brush Prairie, Washington

Changing seasons
by Talia Stoddart on 12/18/2018
From Toowoomba, QLD, AUSTRALIA

Daily Awakenings #2...
by Mallory Garrett on 12/18/2018
From Pace, Florida

being ENGAGED while on the world race
by Chloe Clendinning on 12/18/2018
From Newtownards, Northern Ireland

by Nashiely Aguilar on 12/18/2018
From Orlando, Fl

Life Update
by Savana Lovell on 12/18/2018

Wanna Hear A Dad Joke?
by Taylor Stamp on 12/18/2018
From Yukon, OK (United States)

An Unexpected Friend
by Madison Goforth on 12/18/2018
From Tyler, Texas

by Macayla Collinsworth on 12/18/2018

Life is sometimes uncomfortble
by Lindsey Brown on 12/18/2018
From Dallas, Georgia

What I Learned in 3 Months of Being in Africa
by Laiken Martin on 12/18/2018
From Ontario, Canada

Hope for Restoration
by Kelly Cunningham on 12/18/2018
From Tacoma, WA

M U D D Y, pt. 1
by Vickie Pantle on 12/18/2018
From Manhattan, Kansas

Beautiful Ruins
by Alex West on 12/18/2018
From San Angelo, Texas

Rwanda was...
by Morgan Feldt on 12/18/2018

Meet Yoj! (My New Team)
by Makayla Barlow on 12/18/2018
From Lenoir, NC

Dude I'm living in Africa!
by Brittany Carson on 12/18/2018
From Lubbock, TX

lessons from rica.
by Cierra Cordak on 12/18/2018
From woodstock, ga

Travel Day
by Alex Olson on 12/18/2018
From Lockport, NY

Home For Christmas
by Mallory Price on 12/17/2018
From Louisville, KY

Mary Mother of God and Ego Death
by Abby Smallwood on 12/9/2018
From Rockville, Virginia

Not in America Anymore
by SJ Patten on 12/17/2018
From Jenison, Michigan

I Never Could Have Asked for More
by Colby Wayenberg on 12/17/2018
From Spokane, WA

First Sick Day on the Race
by Kyndal Broome on 12/17/2018
From Dallas, TX

by Bekah Minnette on 12/17/2018

What I've Learned About Fundraising...
by Bailee Thomas on 12/17/2018
From Tulsa, Oklahoma

Stoked To Be A Storyteller!
by Cimone Ortega on 12/17/2018
From Wailuku, Maui Hawaii

by Caitlynn on 12/17/2018
From Des Moines, IA

The Truth about World Race Packing
by Nicole Wittmann on 12/17/2018
From Hilbert, WI

FAQs Part Two:
by Jessica Velez on 12/17/2018
From Miami, Florida

by Sam Hughes on 12/17/2018

A Piece of My Heart
by Hannah Acevedo on 12/17/2018
From Chino Hills, CA

Miracles Still Happen
by Samantha Grady on 12/17/2018
From Asheville, NC

Heavily Flawed
by Elyse Westra on 12/17/2018
From Perry, Georgia (United States)

by Michael Williams on 12/17/2018
From Gainesville, GA

°Adiůs! °Chao! °Hasta Luego!
by Jessie Bunting on 12/17/2018
From Mt. Pleasant, SC

Hondo P.
by Courtney Calhoun on 12/17/2018
From Cypress, Texas

siem reap
by Genevieve Dalence on 12/17/2018
From Tampa, FL

Meet Team YOJ
by Laney Culp on 12/16/2018

adopt a box for Christmas
by Annie Harris on 12/16/2018
From Lynchburg, VA

Dear Gap Q
by Taley Smith on 12/16/2018

Slobber on My Face
by Brook Landt on 12/16/2018
From Castle Rock, CO

Highs Lows and Bozos--- Ecuador
by Jenny Feicht on 12/16/2018
From Irvine, California

God promises Guatemala.
by Aidyn Carnes on 12/17/2018
From Florence, KY

grace upon grace
by Ally Petersen on 12/16/2018
From Taylor Ridge, IL

I was rejected from The World Race
by Catherine Pages on 12/16/2018
From San Diego, CA

Dancing Into the Next Season of Life
by Kyla Calderon on 12/16/2018
From League City, TX

Rwanda Wrap Up
by Taylor Flickinger on 12/16/2018
From Jackson, MI

Overwhelming peace
by Chase Robinson (Chooch) on 12/16/2018
From Aledo Texas

A Sweet Guest Blog By My Teammate<3
by Savanna Thomas on 12/16/2018
From Lees Summit, MO

5 Mistakes I'll Never Make Again
by Tamara Vicovan on 12/16/2018
From Hollywood, Florida

My Christmas Prayer
by Ella Sitzler on 12/16/2018
From Calgary, Canada

The Real World Race
by Breanna Van Dellen on 12/16/2018
From Chatfield, MN

And all the time, You are G O O D
by Danielle Hernandez on 12/16/2018
From Ormond Beach, FL

i shaved my head, but not my legs...
by Sydney East on 12/16/2018
From Graham, Texas

A Cave Chronicle
by Maeci McCullough on 12/16/2018
From Coffeeville, Mississippi

Here They Come
by Tyler Burke on 12/16/2018
From Kalamazoo, MI

this ain't no monkey business
by Liz Pound on 12/16/2018
From Newark, Ohio

Chao Costa Rica!
by Emily Adams on 12/16/2018

Let me introduce you to my monk friend
by Caitlyn Wade on 12/16/2018
From Felton, California (USA)

In Case You Didn't Know
by Steph Peltier on 12/16/2018
From Wichita, Kansas

Dear Costa Rica,
by Helen Abernethy on 12/16/2018
From Tallahassee, FL

All consuming flame
by Emily Baumgartner on 12/16/2018
From Chandler, AZ