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100 Days Until Launch
by Kylie Alexis Smith on 4/26/2017
From San Antonio, Texas

Once Upon a Time at a Starbucks
by Christa Diaz on 4/26/2017

Month 7: Nicaragua
by Carmen Schakel on 4/26/2017
From Rockwall, Texas

Malawi Recap Video
by Hannah Erickson on 4/26/2017
From Minnetonka, MN (home) Des Moines, IA (school)

On the race..
by Agnes Willems on 4/26/2017
From Ede, Netherlands

Love hurts.
by Casey Cappa on 4/26/2017

May I Borrow Your House?
by David Torres on 4/13/2017
From Dalton, GA

Thank YOU!
by Emily Madden on 4/26/2017
From Yukon, Oklahoma

MY Gentle Warriors
by Jessica Scherb on 4/26/2017
From Carmel, Indiana

by Alisha Allen on 4/26/2017
From Fairbanks,Alaska

It's Getting Real!
by Jenna VanderHaar on 4/25/2017
From Zeeland, MI

the day I took a walk with Jesus.
by Abigail Converse on 4/25/2017
From Calhoun, Georgia

I Was The Construction Project
by Brittni Wisner on 4/25/2017
From Palmer/Juneau, Alaska

Why Race?
by Brigitte Cooper on 4/25/2017

by Jessica Dabich on 4/25/2017

Forsaken by God
by Denea Allman on 4/25/2017
From North Carolina

The Broken Expectation: Part 1
by Kristen McLaughlin on 4/25/2017
From San Antonio

Guaté Heck?!?!
by Clarisse Eldridge on 4/25/2017
From Littleton, Colorado

Good Father
by Sarah Edwards on 4/25/2017
From Nashville, Tennessee

Amazing grace.
by Jill Schinzing on 4/25/2017
From Grantsburg, WI

Groovin' in Central America
by Darcy Callaway on 4/25/2017
From Atlanta, GA

What Makes a Healthy Team?
by Sylvia Barrett on 4/25/2017
From Bethalto, IL

Where is Home?
by Julia O on 4/25/2017
From Land O Lakes, FL

Become Apart of My Journey
by Logan Martini on 4/25/2017
From Canton, Texas

Not a Prostitute, but a Princess.
by Olivia Dabbs on 4/25/2017
From Great Falls, SC (United States)

How I ended up in BALI
by Katie Hurley on 4/25/2017
From Oxford, Michigan

Update month 4/5
by Jessie Sheneman on 4/25/2017
From Bellaire, Mi

No religion
by Mariah Dunkin on 4/25/2017
From Portland, OR

5 Reflections: Madagascar
by Felicia Bergman on 4/25/2017
From Austin TX

by Kori Yergler on 4/23/2017
From Gibson City

Saying Goodbye to Madagascar
by Dana Karpinski on 4/25/2017
From Temperance MI

This Blog Was Not Written By Joanna
by Joanna Sorensen on 4/25/2017
From Colorado Springs, Colorado

A Peak Into Our Ministry This Month
by Kierstin Foltz on 4/25/2017
From York, Pennsylvania

Prayer Request
by Kaiti Navarrete on 4/25/2017
From Las Vegas

To Stand Where You Stood
by Courtney Neigh on 4/25/2017
From Eugene, Oregon

Ode to Home
by Hannah Gund on 4/25/2017
From Marion, IL.

Coming Back to a Heart of Worship
by Nathan Singleton on 4/24/2017
From Dunwoody, GA

by Anna Beth Cook on 4/25/2017
From Columbia, SC

This blog was not written by Hillary...
by Hillary Barry on 4/25/2017
From Winfield, Illinois

this blog was not written by Sara
by Sara Pandolfino on 4/25/2017
From Westboro, MA

This Blog Was Not Written By Danielle
by Danielle Farina on 4/25/2017
From Wilmore, Kentucky

People Are Saying WHAT about me?
by Leah Broughton on 4/25/2017
From Biloxi, Ms

by Jackie Marquez on 4/25/2017
From Corpus Christi, Tx

by Lauren Doyle on 4/24/2017

Science on the Race!
by Michelle Cupp on 4/24/2017
From Vancouver, Washington

by Olivia Kimball on 4/24/2017

The power of a smile
by Emma Donahue on 4/24/2017
From Naperville, Illinois

Love. Forgiveness. Compassion.
by Hannahmarie Heismann on 4/24/2017
From Monroe, Ohio

Part 2: Casting My Cares
by Cimone Ortega on 4/24/2017
From Wailuku, Maui Hawaii

new blog.
by Ashleigh Kincade on 4/24/2017
From Sugar Land, Texas

The Truth About Last Month... And This One
by Lindee Anderson on 4/24/2017
From Annandale, Minnesota

Unwavering Faith
by Alex Goad on 4/24/2017

Only When We're Naked
by Andy Ramirez on 4/24/2017
From League City, Texas

Walking On Water
by Thomas Ruhland on 4/24/2017
From Rocky Mountain House, Alberta, Canada

Update: Ask the Lord
by Kimberly Armentrout on 4/24/2017
From Kent, Ohio

Going Home Early
by Janet Heismann on 4/25/2017
From Goldthwaite, Texas

by Bryce & Kimmy on 4/24/2017
From Nashville, Tennessee

Say Goodbye
by Becca Bronson on 4/24/2017
From Appleton, Wi

by Alex Tumminello on 4/24/2017

by Matt Rakes on 4/23/2017