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For the Children!
by Jen Summy on 9/21/2019
From Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

by Olivia Johnson on 9/21/2019

My Prayers Go Boom!
by Susanna Bekedam on 9/21/2019
From Burnsville, MN

Team Deepa is Single and (Almost) Ready to Mingle
by Ben Skaar on 9/21/2019
From Coleraine, Minnesota

We are going to China!
by Macky Edwards on 9/21/2019
From College Station, TX

Diseases of Different Kinds But the Same Kind of Love
by Natasha Raines on 9/21/2019
From Blairsville, GA (U.S.)

Little Taste of Everything
by Stef Christopher on 9/20/2019
From Santa Rosa Beach

this ones for you gabbi
by Brittney Dean on 9/20/2019
From Graham, NC

Intro to Life in Costa Rica!!
by Amanda Baltodano on 9/20/2019
From Chandler, AZ

My first day
by Luis Lam on 9/20/2019

I'm in Guatemala!
by Connaly Akiyama on 9/20/2019
From Covington, GA

It Starts Now
by Isaac Wold on 9/20/2019

Training Camp
by Destiny Aguirre Cruz on 9/20/2019
From The Colony, Tx

the art of pursuit.
by Bailee Thomas on 9/20/2019
From Oklahoma

Costa Rica: Thank You, God.
by Jordan Harrington on 9/19/2019
From Chillicothe, Ohio

Hello from South Africa!
by Karson Calaway on 9/19/2019
From Lubbock, Texas

Pittsburgh: a city with a mission
by Julia Piecka on 9/19/2019
From Pittsburgh, PA

by Haley Vaughan on 9/18/2019
From Mt. Pulaski, IL

Heading To Continent Number Six!
by Kelly Fahnestock on 9/19/2019
From Carlisle, PA

Expectancy without Expectations
by Abby Neu on 9/19/2019
From Canton, SD

What Happens During Worship
by Liz Slager on 9/19/2019
From St. John, Indiana (U.S.A.)

My devotional time in the morning!
by Elena De La Paz on 9/19/2019
From Boulder, CO

good morning Swaziland!!
by Grace DiGioia on 9/19/2019
From Cornelius, NC

swazi ministry!
by Jaynna Strong on 9/19/2019
From Shawnee, Oklahoma

My God is Comfort
by Tabitha Martin on 9/19/2019
From Botetourt, Virginia

I Can Talk Too Much, So I Gave It Up
by Andrew Galea on 9/19/2019
From Nashville, TN

Faith during Doubt
by Sasha Lambert on 9/19/2019
From Senoia, GA

The Last Four Months
by Jessica Akland on 9/18/2019
From Sioux Falls, South Dakota (USA)

by Elizabeth Wagstaff on 9/18/2019

& as she paints
by Gemma Folsom on 9/18/2019
From Dripping Springs, TX

first vloggg
by Madison Taylor on 9/18/2019

First Steps
by Maddie Bailey on 9/18/2019
From Austin, Texas

No I'm Not Leaving Again
by Victoria Schafer on 9/18/2019
From Florence, Alabama

by Jenna Anderson on 9/18/2019

This Squad... :) - Swaziland
by Samuel Saucedo on 9/18/2019
From Guadalupe, Ca (USA)

by Dosson Stubblefield on 9/18/2019

2 Weeks Until Goodbye
by Kayla Gulley on 9/18/2019
From Pawleys Island, SC

He Answers Prayers.
by Rylee Prenatt on 9/18/2019
From Erie, Pennsylvania

by Nathan Chandler on 9/18/2019
From Knoxville, TN

Coconut Shakes
by Courtney Jackson on 9/18/2019
From Springfield, Nebraska

by Natalie Horansky on 9/18/2019

by Ashley Springer on 9/18/2019
From Florence, Alabama

A True (And Traumatizing) Story From Last Night
by Morgan Fangman on 9/17/2019
From Jacksonville, Florida

Breakfast Time Blessings
by Cassi Davis on 9/17/2019
From Portland, OR

Nicaragua thus far!!
by Ashleigh Rich on 9/17/2019
From Juneau, AK (USA)

by louisa currie on 9/17/2019

by Kinze Campbell on 9/17/2019

My Favorite Form of Worship
by Aleesa Byrne on 9/17/2019
From Hobart, OK

6 Lessons
by Liv Moncrief on 9/17/2019
From Atlanta, GA

by Kristen Middleton on 9/17/2019
From Lubbock, TX USA

Agape Home
by Hannah Asher on 9/17/2019

You love me as You find me
by Jessie Frayser on 9/17/2019
From Newport News

love breaks down (language) barriers
by Grace Johnson on 9/17/2019
From Oxford, MS

Loving & Learning
by Avery Mumm on 9/17/2019
From St.Cloud, MN

Letter to My Month 1 Self
by Emma Krone on 9/17/2019
From Austin, Texas