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by Hope Hunter on 6/23/2018

Praise God!
by Britt Lara on 6/23/2018

Racine Wisconsin
by Claire Hilton on 6/23/2018
From Piedmont, South Dakota

The Tattoo
by Anna Pentermann on 6/22/2018

Birthplace of Jesus
by Susanna Bekedam on 6/22/2018
From Burnsville, MN

Redeem The Dang Thing
by Taylor White on 6/22/2018
From Lubbock, Texas

by Laney Culp on 6/22/2018

I Needed This.
by Laiken Martin on 6/22/2018
From Ontario, Canada

Dear Dad
by Candace Cox on 6/22/2018

I Met Moses
by Zach Lambert on 6/22/2018

South Africa
by D.J. Parman on 6/22/2018
From Planet Earth

Preparation for the Road Ahead
by Cara Kelley on 6/22/2018
From Grapevine, Texas

by Ana Verduzco on 6/22/2018
From Dallas, Texas

Dominican Republic!
by Melina Tirrell on 6/22/2018
From Charlotte, North Carolina

Surprises From Day One In The States
by Jacob Hart on 6/22/2018
From Washington Court House, Ohio

Team Burrito
by Riley mchenry on 6/22/2018

by Camille Tyree on 6/22/2018

Training Camp 411
by Mollie Jewett on 6/22/2018
From Raleigh, NC

Back At It Again
by Rachel Clarkson on 6/22/2018
From Burnet, Texas

Called and Commissioned
by Brittany Locati on 6/21/2018
From Novato, CA

from 8 months to 2 weeks (time flies!)
by Katie Ericks on 6/22/2018
From Dyer, Indiana

by Brittany Smith on 6/22/2018

Training Camp
by Niki Dean on 6/22/2018
From Tauranga, New Zealand

by Logan Jackson on 6/22/2018

Day in the Life: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
by Cassie Walton on 6/22/2018
From Lake of the Ozarks, MIssouri

by Laura Catherine Kibler on 6/22/2018
From Houston, Texas (USA)

by Mya Henderson on 6/22/2018

let me introduce myself
by Mack Kraemer on 6/22/2018
From Okanogan, Washington

Two weeks
by Elli Gerber on 6/22/2018

The Calling
by Hannah Chaon on 6/22/2018

1 Last Shout Out
by Liz Morton on 6/22/2018

How God Showed Up In Our Fire
by Viktoriya Matveyeva on 6/22/2018
From Tihorytsk, Russia

Epic Stories Are All Around Us
by RJ & Kayla Taylor on 6/22/2018
From Cumberland Furnace, TN

A week in the Village - Nepal Edition
by Chloe Clendinning on 6/22/2018
From Newtownards, Northern Ireland

by Annika Smith on 6/22/2018
From Searcy, AR

The Processing Plant
by Amanda Cadenhead on 6/22/2018
From El Paso

by Kierra Miles on 6/22/2018

by Taylor Krueger on 6/22/2018

World Race Cribs - Episode 6 Nepal
by Nicole Wittmann on 6/22/2018
From Hilbert, WI

Fundraising Update
by Amber LaChappelle on 6/21/2018
From Two Rivers, WI

Old New Beginnings?
by Natalie Edwards on 6/21/2018
From Houston, TX

In Three Months I'll Be On a Plane to Guatemala
by Haven Kindle on 6/21/2018
From Johnson City, Tennessee

An Interview with Myself
by Angie Moore on 6/21/2018
From Columbus, Ohio, USA

Training Camp - Video & Summary
by Hannah Doggett on 6/21/2018
From Foley, AL (USA)

This is a Year of Growth
by Jo Lowry on 6/21/2018
From Canyon, Texas

Month 12
by Emmy Hendrix on 6/21/2018
From Marietta, Ga

Training Camp Experience
by Lindsey Brown on 6/21/2018
From Dallas, Georgia

The One with Jesus in the Refugee Camp
by Erin Cummings on 6/21/2018
From Springfield, Mo

by Morgan McGee on 6/21/2018
From Killen, AL

Training Camp
by Crystal Dunbar on 6/21/2018
From Rancho Cucamonga, CA

by Courtney Taylor Harrington on 6/21/2018
From Winnemucca, Nevada

The One Thing: Training Camp
by Marah Kittelson on 6/21/2018
From Baldwin, Wisconsin

Adventures in the Bush
by Edna Stoltzfus on 6/21/2018
From Elizabethville, Pennsylvania USA

Splotchy, Bloody, and Running Out of Air
by Margaret Pulley on 6/21/2018
From Conway, Arkansas

by Mary Claire Brogden on 6/21/2018

When God Shows Up, He Shows Out
by Kyleigh Luckett on 6/21/2018
From Memphis, Tn

You have my yes.
by Morgan Fangman on 6/21/2018
From Jacksonville, Florida

World Race Video
by Alexandra Banks on 6/21/2018
From Hendersonville, TN

We Lost A Friend.
by Mary Beth Byers on 6/21/2018
From Arkansas City, KS

FIVE Percent Christian
by Caitlyn Wade on 6/21/2018
From Felton, California (USA)

Last Day of the World Race
by Kim Pierce on 6/21/2018
From San Diego