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by Elli Gerber on 5/25/2019

Being Vulnerable
by Megan Gabrielse on 5/25/2019
From Houston, TX

whats next?
by Jaynna Strong on 5/25/2019
From Shawnee, Oklahoma

How The World Race Changed Me
by Abigail Cook on 5/25/2019
From Loganville, Georgia

God Smiles
by Sam Clark on 5/25/2019

It Takes 7 to Tango
by Vanessa Donnamaria on 5/25/2019
From West Milford

the last couple pages of this chapter
by Avery Jones on 5/25/2019
From Sumter, SC

what I have learned on the race!
by Hallie Moffitt on 5/25/2019
From Stillwater, MN

Meet the Squad (Part 7)
by Laura Franklin on 5/24/2019
From Gallatin, Tennessee

by Savanna Thomas on 5/24/2019
From Lees Summit, MO

A Final Blog ...
by Sarah Cartee on 5/24/2019
From Liberty Lake, WA

So Change of Plans...
by Jo Lowry on 5/24/2019
From Canyon, Texas

How God used The World Race to Change My Life
by Josie Younan on 5/24/2019
From Tallahassee, Fl

by Kathryn Hamilton on 5/24/2019
From Albany, TX

bye team BoB
by Caitlyn Buell on 5/24/2019
From Grand Blanc, MI

It real!
by Tiffiny Durham on 5/24/2019

It's the Final Countdown!
by Ellie Evertz on 5/24/2019
From Montana

by Brittany Carson on 5/24/2019
From Lubbock, TX

The World Race: Before & After
by Natalie Edwards on 5/24/2019
From Houston, TX

All American Roadtrip
by Cindy on 5/24/2019
From Lindstrom, MN

happy birthday jace !!!
by Paige Langley on 5/24/2019
From Eagle, ID

I Call Him Papa
by Rachel Osmundson on 5/24/2019
From Fargo, North Dakota

by Brittany Locati on 5/23/2019
From Novato, CA

The Familiarity of the Wilderness
by Mady Riedlinger on 5/24/2019
From Kenosha, WI

I am feeling happy!
by Jen Summy on 5/24/2019
From Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Gods Will: Taking the Pressure off
by Adria Johnson on 5/23/2019
From Apex, North Carolina

Seeing the unseen.
by Chase Robinson (Chooch) on 5/23/2019
From Aledo Texas

So What Was Africa Like?
by Anthony Maiocco on 3/23/2019
From Seattle, Washington

Costa Rica
by Kirsten Caswell on 5/23/2019

by Kelsey Weener on 5/23/2019
From Holland, MI

Testimony = Ministry
by Ana Verduzco on 5/23/2019
From Dallas, Texas

The Climb
by Ariel Fernandez on 5/23/2019

One Week Away
by Ran Iwayama on 5/23/2019

The Big Question
by Logan Williams on 5/23/2019
From Covington

Post Race plans
by Bri Smith on 5/23/2019
From Colorado Springs, Colorado

This is Milo
by Rachel Crandall on 5/23/2019
From Lubbock, Texas

by Michael Williams on 5/23/2019
From Gainesville, GA

by Kinze Campbell on 5/23/2019

Goodbye World Race, Hello...
by Josie Wenner on 5/23/2019
From Niceville, Florida

why the world race?
by Sarah Goodwin on 5/23/2019
From Greensboro, NC

Armenia Picture Blog
by Maddie Hungate on 5/23/2019
From Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

Perspective Shift: ATL Part 2
by Aundraya Wynne on 5/23/2019
From Pine Bluff, Arkansas

Drunkin' Donuts
by Katie Freeman on 5/23/2019
From Frederick, Maryland

New Wine
by Sam Barnhart on 5/23/2019

Life in Rural Serbia *video*
by Laiken Martin on 5/23/2019
From Ontario, Canada

Harvest in Mongolia
by Talia Stoddart on 5/23/2019
From Toowoomba, QLD, AUSTRALIA

Hot in Guat
by Bry Veith on 5/23/2019

somewhere in myanmar !
by Katherine Wikner on 5/22/2019
From Cedar Falls, IA

It's Over
by Molly Rae Price on 5/21/2019
From Columbus, Ohio

God provides
by Amber Crosby on 5/22/2019

The Little Red Toy Car: What Does it Mean
by Gabby Raatz on 5/22/2019
From Albert Lea, Minnesota

How the World Race Changed My Life
by Brendan DeJonge on 5/22/2019
From Morrison, CO

Preparing and Pruning for Peru
by Eden Hyatt on 5/22/2019
From Oak Creek, Wisconsin

by lucy kane on 5/22/2019
From castle rock colorado

She called me out.
by Kaysha Spence on 5/22/2019
From Pampa, Texas (USA)

I survived the jungle
by Sharon Mosley on 5/22/2019
From White Plains, NY

The art of decluttering
by Sabrina Funes on 5/22/2019
From Ocala, FL

Meaning to The Meaningless Life
by Destiny Brubaker on 5/22/2019
From Eaton, Ohio

Counting Down the Days...
by SJ Patten on 5/22/2019
From Jenison, Michigan