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Ben (WR)
by Presley Graves on 1/17/2019

A Simple Realization
by Avery Pratho on 1/16/2019
From Aledo, Texas

by Kelly Cunningham on 1/17/2019
From Tacoma, WA

Vision Casting
by Sharpie on 1/17/2019
From Los Angeles, Ca

Halfway There and Livin' on a Prayer.
by Morgan Fangman on 1/17/2019
From Jacksonville, Florida

I am alive and in South Africa!!
by Tierney Means on 1/17/2019
From New Braunfels, TX

Mount Paka - A weekend in the middle of nowhere
by Fabienne Boss on 1/17/2019
From Langenthal, Switzerland

a breath of fresh air
by Katherine Wikner on 1/17/2019
From Cedar Falls, IA

my best friend
by Hallie Moffitt on 1/17/2019
From Stillwater, MN

by Erika Losik on 1/17/2019
From Grand Rapids, MN

Birthday Blog: A Letter to Myself a Year Ago
by Abigail Lineberry on 1/17/2019
From Gastonia, North Carolina

sometimes, i want to go home
by Jordan Richburg on 1/17/2019
From Mobile, AL

New season, new role & team changes
by Niki Dean on 1/16/2019
From Tauranga, New Zealand

Week 1/14/19
by Hannah Butkus on 1/16/2019

Adventure Awaits -FAQ-
by Caitie Olson on 1/16/2019
From St. Cloud

Ninety Three Years
by Susanna Bekedam on 1/16/2019
From Burnsville, MN

Meet my team!
by Drew Clement on 1/16/2019

Chosen to Reveal
by Joelle Urquhart on 1/16/2019
From Howell, NJ

The Jungle Jungle
by Amanda Casillas on 1/16/2019
From Coppell, Texas

Radical Obedience
by Melissa Jordan on 1/16/2019
From Amarillo, Tx

A good week
by Caleb Stiefel on 1/16/2019

by Kaylen Kitts on 1/16/2019

Beautiful Creation
by Natalie Edwards on 1/16/2019
From Houston, TX

Found in the Fog
by Shelby Robinson on 1/16/2019
From Marion, NC

I Stripped Down An Idol!!!
by Trevor Regan on 1/16/2019
From Cazenovia, NY

Christmas Down in Africa
by Marah Kittelson on 1/16/2019
From Baldwin, Wisconsin

And A Sunflower Tattoo
by Abigail Cook on 1/16/2019
From Loganville, Georgia

90$ Period
by Liz Slager on 1/16/2019
From St. John, Indiana (U.S.A.)

I ACTUALLY cannot thank you enough
by Elyse Westra on 1/16/2019
From Perry, Georgia (United States)

Welcome to Myanmar!!
by Nick Randau on 1/16/2019
From commerce township, Michigan

The Sisterhood of Traveling Joy
by Julie Rogers on 1/16/2019
From Bakersfield, CA

Nepal in a poem
by Sophie Ball on 1/16/2019

welcome to ethiopia
by Moriah Whitlow on 1/16/2019
From Richmond, Virginia

Book Review: Born a Crime
by Angie Moore on 1/14/2019
From Columbus, Ohio, USA

‘it is finished’
by Kelsey Weener on 1/16/2019
From Holland, MI

by Sydney Freed on 1/16/2019
From Towanda, Kansas

by Brenna Conklin on 1/16/2019

Not Your Typical Travel-- WEEK?!
by Re` Hollingsworth on 1/16/2019
From Royse City, Texas

by Caleb Mitchell on 1/16/2019

Please Be Safe
by Haley Lowe on 1/16/2019
From Sacramento, CA

Montagues and Capulet (Spanish)
by Jenny Mejia on 1/16/2019
From Miami, FL (USA)

He's not here, He's alive
by Talia Stoddart on 1/16/2019
From Toowoomba, QLD, AUSTRALIA

Blessed to be Broken
by Aaron Williams on 1/16/2019
From Fort Wayne, Indiana

by Hannah Bolitho on 1/16/2019
From Longmont, Colorado

So It Began
by Ben Skaar on 1/15/2019
From Coleraine, Minnesota

Shining in Darkness .
by Laurie Mcneilly on 1/15/2019
From Casar, NC

7 days...
by Tyler Gahafer on 1/15/2019
From Louisville, Kentucky (US)

1 Week in Colombia!
by Kristen Haley on 1/15/2019
From Holbrook, MA

Won't You Be My Neighbor?
by Nate Wasnich on 1/15/2019
From Grand Rapids, MI

Lesotho, Africa
by Vanessa Gerig on 1/15/2019
From Towanda, IL

Evangelism In Ecuador
by Connor Gaul on 1/15/2019
From Pittsburgh, PA

Breath of fresh air
by Hannah Conway on 1/15/2019
From Brush Prairie, Washington

82 Hours Later
by Liv Moncrief on 1/15/2019
From Atlanta, GA

Welcome to Colombia
by Em Blomberg on 1/15/2019
From Prentice, WI

Blog 1:2 Mahapleu (our village) Week One
by Madison Groff on 1/15/2019
From York, Pennsylvania (USA)

A blessing in disguise...
by Mallory Garrett on 1/15/2019
From Pace, Florida

The Breath of God
by Maci New on 1/15/2019
From Somerset, KY