Most Recent Blog Posts From The World Racers

by Allison Kotlar on 1/27/2020

This Is My Love
by Alexa Hayes on 1/27/2020

A Glimpse Into My Journal
by Emma Robertson on 1/27/2020
From Newnan, Georgia

Sweet things about God
by Sam Hughes on 1/27/2020
From Austin, Texas

The Bible
by Bridget Mirizio on 1/27/2020
From Gilbert

by Sierra Bell on 1/27/2020

What's HIDDEN?
by Kaitlynn Little on 1/27/2020
From Holton, KS, USA

Blown Mind and Broken Heart
by Becca Mausling on 1/27/2020
From Reno, Nevada

Ethiopia pt 2
by Eric Swiger on 1/27/2020
From Taylors, SC

Dont Discount The Little Things
by Ana Marmolejo on 1/27/2020
From Miami, FL

Break My Heart
by Ashley Smith on 1/27/2020
From Rocklin, CA

107 Degrees in Beyneu
by Susanna Bekedam on 1/26/2020
From Burnsville, MN

Travel, Arrival, Beaches and Leeches
by Scott Tinsley on 1/26/2020
From Jacksonville, AR (U.S.A.)

Million Dollar Moment
by Kellie Schlangen on 1/26/2020
From Mooresville, Indiana

Dirty Discipleship
by Ryan Breakfield on 1/26/2020
From Stockton, CA

Run the Race
by Mariah Gulsvig on 1/26/2020
From Camarillo, CA

Let Me Tell You Something
by Connor McGough on 1/26/2020
From Inverness, IL (USA)

Promises at the end of the rainbow
by Mackenzie Larsen on 1/26/2020
From Eugene, Oregon (United States)

Oceans of Love
by Kayla Gulley on 1/26/2020
From Pawleys Island, SC

Humility in Teaching at a Bible School
by Ethan Patenaude on 1/26/2020
From North Mankato, MN

Covenant Keeper #2
by Teresa (T.T.) McMillan on 1/26/2020
From Asheville NC

Can We Escape Humanitys Trap?
by Zoe Rowland on 1/26/2020
From Southport, North Carolina

Lavishly Loved
by Kenz Meadows on 1/26/2020

by Brittney Dean on 1/24/2020
From Graham, NC

Training Camp Reflection
by Jeremy Tse on 1/25/2020
From South Pasadena, California

vlog: Indonesia week one
by Ashley Collins on 1/25/2020
From Twin Cities, Minnesota

Training Camp/ Upcoming Challenges
by Matthew Thoenen on 1/25/2020
From St. Charles, MO

Training camp update
by Anna Edmonds on 1/25/2020
From Trafford, Pennsylvania

Hello from Nicaragua
by Kristen Middleton on 1/25/2020
From Lubbock, TX USA

"don't blink"
by Nathan Mullis on 1/25/2020

A Week at Home
by Alleigh Welgoss on 1/25/2020
From Fairfax Station, VA

Dear Dad,
by Paige Canova on 1/25/2020
From Ankeny, Iowa

I Don't Miss The World Race
by Rob Ames IV on 1/25/2020
From Beavercreek, OH

by Rachel Snow on 1/25/2020
From Richmond, TX

by Logan Gee on 1/25/2020

Fully funded: another promise
by Brandon Munoz on 1/25/2020
From Rockport, Texas

ethiopia in photos
by Mackenzie Bell on 1/25/2020
From Greenville, Michigan

Trust and Freedom in Australia
by Nora Cox on 1/24/2020
From Buffalo, NY

The Shepherd
by Adrianna Daniels on 1/24/2020
From Texas

Why We Went to Pisac
by Alyssa Trembly on 1/24/2020
From Spring Hill, KS

Grief and Goodbye
by Andrew Galea on 1/24/2020
From Nashville, TN

no place like Home
by Caroline Roser on 1/24/2020
From Easton, Maryland

Why Don't I Feel At Home?
by Hayley Grosh on 1/24/2020
From Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Guess what I did!?
by Kaci Larick on 1/24/2020
From Redlands, Ca (USA)

Broken Chains
by Erika Smith on 1/24/2020
From Canton, KS