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dear younger me
by Logan Martini on 1/19/2018
From Canton, Texas

Schedule? What Schedule?
by Lindsey Kappler on 1/19/2018
From Lake Jackson, Texas

My African Sister
by Jenna VanderHaar on 1/19/2018
From Zeeland, MI

Will You Trek Everest With Me?
by Will Patton on 1/19/2018
From Troy, MI

A New Season
by Katie Holliday on 1/19/2018
From Cincinnati, Ohio

Your Typical T-shirt Fundraiser
by Laiken Martin on 1/19/2018
From Ontario, Canada

Month 1 Day 2 Update!
by Nicole Wittmann on 1/19/2018
From Hilbert, WI

Heart Stopper
by Brittany Dykstra on 1/19/2018
From Zeeland, Michigan

by Thomas Bennage on 1/19/2018

Get your eyes on Me
by Reece Holland on 1/19/2018
From Oneonta, Alabama, United States of America

whoa oh, we’re halfway there
by Mac Shelton on 1/19/2018
From Amory, MS

Possibly Preaching
by Caleb Leppert on 1/19/2018
From Rapid City, SD

Flames to Fire Needs Your Help!!
by Haley Batchelder on 1/19/2018
From Hopkinton, MA

Images from Myanmar
by Derek and Bethany Dameron on 1/19/2018
From Chattanooga, TN

by Liz Morton on 1/19/2018

Full Hands
by Alexandria Klimkoski on 1/19/2018
From Nocona, Texas

With Your Calling, Comes Attacks
by Jaivie Robles on 1/19/2018
From San Francisco, CA

Peeling Back The Layers... This Sucks
by Courtney Jackson on 1/19/2018
From Springfield, Nebraska

Prophetic Doodling
by Christy McPherson on 1/19/2018
From Dahlonega, GA

by Jessica Leonhardt on 1/19/2018

Joyous Smiles
by Wendy Lee on 1/19/2018
From Seattle, WA

Coffee/Bus Thoughts
by Nick Gold on 1/19/2018
From Galt California

Team Time
by Averi Wing on 1/18/2018

Buried to Grow
by Bekah Monroe on 1/18/2018
From Holland, MI

We Have Arrived
by Megan Wisehart on 1/18/2018
From Concord, North Carolina

Only Day One?!
by Ashley Hable on 1/18/2018

Jesus Approves This Message
by Haley Walker on 1/18/2018
From Warner Robins, GA (USA)

Trekking Everest!
by Taylor White on 1/18/2018
From Lubbock, Texas

Living Life on Your Knees
by Elizabeth Grace Friend on 1/18/2018
From Princeton, MN, USA

My Friend Needs Your Help!!!
by Jessica Torres on 1/18/2018
From Midlothian, Virginia

Goodbye Honduras, Hello Guatemala
by Abby Heskett on 1/18/2018
From St. Louis, Missouri (USA)

When a Promise Comes Full Circle
by Danielle king on 1/18/2018
From Canyon,Tx

Palm Trees in Peru
by Kaitie Meeks on 1/18/2018
From Lynchburg, VA

Ten Things I've Learned (photo blog)
by Melissa Jordan on 1/18/2018
From Amarillo, Tx

Venomous Cobra in the Shower
by Bradley Newton on 1/18/2018
From Marietta, GA

World Race or College?
by Bo McCraw on 1/18/2018
From Lubbock, Texas

You, Me and Manistry
by Garrett Stoecker on 1/18/2018
From St. Louis, Missouri (United States)

Top 5/Bottom 5 Things about Da Lat
by Kaitlyn Upton on 1/19/2018
From Corpus Christi, TX

by Jonny Mocek on 1/18/2018
From Fayetteville, AR

Jesus Interrupted Their Smoke Sesh
by McKenzie Kuhn on 1/18/2018
From Gainesville, Florida

Lions in the Lord (& new video)
by Jordan Schaeffer on 1/18/2018
From Gardner, KS

Why the heck did I do this?!
by Caitlin Newton on 1/18/2018
From Napa, CA

Half Full
by Naomi Trout on 1/18/2018
From Richmond, MO United States

Stop, Drop, and Be Still.
by Noah Wiley on 1/18/2018
From Harrisonburg, Virginia

Stranger Danger
by Jaclyn Rita on 1/18/2018
From NJ --> NC

I am never going back!!
by Cristina Gavaziuc on 1/12/2018
From Hollywood, Florida

The Mojos Saga: Part 1
by Cassie Walton on 1/18/2018
From Lake of the Ozarks, MIssouri

100 Days Later...
by Britt Schlatter on 1/18/2018
From Grand Haven, Michigan

Kingdom Shakers (Unsung Hero)
by Calli Bigham on 1/18/2018
From Waxahachie

I've Waited My Whole Life For This
by Mary Beth Byers on 1/18/2018
From Arkansas City, KS

I haven't showered in 2 weeks!
by Anna Gilbery on 1/18/2018
From Moorhead, MN

Dirty Feet and a Happy Heart
by Hannah Voros on 1/18/2018
From Eastvale, CA

by Taylor Schmidt on 1/18/2018
From Belleville, Illinois

It’s Happening
by Shela Chan on 1/18/2018

Do I Really Make a Difference?
by Caleb Callaway on 1/17/2018
From Phoenix, Arizona

Adopt a Box
by Maggie Strubhar on 1/17/2018
From Washington, IL

I hope you ask Why
by Brishna Hedstrom on 1/17/2018
From Fouke, Arkansas (United States)

Dear YOU!
by Lauryn Raleigh on 1/17/2018
From Richardson, Texas