Most Recent Blog Posts From The World Racers:

Africa All Wrapped Up
by Kat Olson on 7/26/2017
From Long Beach, CA

Be a Neighbor . . . And Pray
by Megan Cohill on 7/15/2017
From Baltimore, MD

I Became "That Person"
by Morgan Furlong on 7/26/2017
From Canyon Lake, California

Homeless for a Day
by Kelsay Singleton on 7/26/2017
From Canyon, TX

by Rachel Stewart on 7/26/2017

You're Going to Want to Read This Testimony
by Sierra Dudgeon on 7/26/2017
From Fairbanks, Alaska

11 Things I'm Taking Home from Chile
by Allison Ngo on 7/26/2017
From Houston, Texas

The Journey Begins...
by Carina Haas on 7/26/2017
From San Jose, CA

Peticiones de Prayer - 25 Jul. 17
by Laura Guzman on 7/25/2017
From Bogota DC, Colombia

10 days people, 10 day!!
by Sarah Hopkins on 7/25/2017
From Kansas City

I'm Squad Leading Gap Year!
by Zack Thayer on 7/25/2017
From Lake Stevens, WA

A Beautiful Love Story
by Caleigh Schuur on 7/25/2017
From Michigan

Diving In
by Melanie Morgan on 7/25/2017
From Springfield, MO

No Plan B
by Jordan Tarant on 7/25/2017
From Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada

Training Camp was InTENTS
by Jordan Schaeffer on 7/25/2017
From Gardner, KS

Selling Shirts
by Wade Wiita on 7/25/2017
From Wadsworth Ohio

Looking beyond what is in front
by Darlin Ventura on 7/25/2017
From Garland, TX

But I Don't Wanna.
by Caitlin Carpenter on 7/25/2017
From Fort Worth, TX

St. Peter
by Jacob Miller on 7/25/2017

Dear Future Racer about to Launch,
by Quinn Diaz on 7/25/2017
From Calgary, AB, Canada

Flour, Butter, Sugar, Truth
by Danielle Farina on 7/26/2017
From Wilmore, Kentucky

Money is Funny -- God is Faithful
by Leah Van Someren on 7/25/2017
From Denver, CO

Glimpses of Greece: Cookies and Convos
by Joanna Sorensen on 7/25/2017
From Colorado Springs, Colorado

Almost There!
by Becca Bronson on 7/25/2017
From Appleton, Wi

It's Almost Time To Say Goodbye
by Kara Faber on 7/25/2017
From Roanoke, Virginia

by Jessica Dabich on 7/25/2017

A Promise Written On The Wall
by Emily Madden on 7/25/2017
From Yukon, Oklahoma

Watch it ALL!
by Allina Robie on 7/24/2017
From Rangely, Co.

So You Want To Be A Missionary?
by Lauryn Raleigh on 7/24/2017
From Richardson, Texas

by Will Davidson on 7/24/2017

Fat Kings and Confused Teens
by Joel Larson on 7/24/2017
From Castle Rock, CO

Happy Monday
by Niki Ables on 7/24/2017

I'm Doing the Race Again!
by Laura Berg on 7/24/2017
From Lakeville, MN

Goodbyes Are The Worst
by Bradley Costiloe on 7/24/2017
From Tyler, Texas

No Sin is Greater than the Love of Jesus
by Tori McCrite on 7/24/2017
From Hampton, Georgia

Loose Strings
by Elizabeth Grace Friend on 7/24/2017
From Princeton, MN, USA

New Blog
by Allison Hernandez on 7/24/2017

Sincerely, Freedom
by Will Patton on 7/24/2017
From Troy, MI

"The Famous Question Everyone Ask"
by Brittani Toole on 7/24/2017
From Whitehouse,TX

Smells Like Grace
by Caleb Estrada on 7/24/2017
From Grand Haven, Michigan

Soon to be distant memories
by Stephanie Lohn on 7/24/2017
From Andover, MN

My Race By Month
by Michaela Hennagir on 7/24/2017
From Mason City, Iowa

Life's A Dance Part 3
by Janet Heismann on 7/26/2017
From Goldthwaite, Texas

Dear Dad
by Stephen Carver on 7/24/2017

India's Worst Kept Secret
by Kirsty Marshall on 7/24/2017
From Northern NSW, Australia

There's No Plan B When You're Walking With God
by Tamara Vicovan on 7/24/2017
From Hollywood, Florida

Meet My Team
by Bo McCraw on 7/23/2017
From Lubbock, Texas

Meet the team!
by Abby Elgard on 7/23/2017

Let's Ask The Lord
by Tera White on 7/23/2017
From New York, NY

What Am I Getting Myself Into?
by Preston Robinson on 7/23/2017
From Lancaster, South Carolina

Oh The Places You'll Go
by Tiara Menjivar on 7/23/2017
From Los Angeles

When in doubt, write a gratitude list
by McKenzie Kuhn on 7/23/2017
From Gainesville, Florida

Such A Loss
by Zach Lambert on 7/23/2017

Fourteen Things
by Chelsea Bouknight on 7/21/2017
From Goose Creek, SC

4 Things I learned from my Aunt passing away
by Katelyn Earhart on 7/23/2017
From San Antonio, Texas

A Story from the Field
by Kate Campbell on 7/23/2017
From Oakton, VA

by Lauren Walker on 7/23/2017
From Twain Harte, CA (USA)

by Courtney Neigh on 7/23/2017
From Eugene, Oregon

Hittin the Streets of Thessaloneek
by Anna Beth Cook on 7/23/2017
From Columbia, SC

Would You Do It? I Did.
by Kelsey Ballou on 7/23/2017
From Virginia Beach, VA

My Story Mattters
by Jessica Marie Taylor on 7/23/2017
From Houston, TX