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Five questions and The Gift
by Elsie Miller on 12/25/2018
From Fresno, Ohio

I'm Falling in Love
by Ben Skaar on 3/22/2019
From Coleraine, Minnesota

by Kaitlin Church on 3/22/2019

Of Sand and Scorpions
by Caleb Dawson on 3/22/2019
From Lynchburg, VA

First Time Camping
by Ronny Sison on 3/22/2019
From Atlanta, GA

Ugandan Refugee Center
by Rebecca Harper on 3/22/2019
From Louisville, CO

Taiwan Recap
by Preston Hood on 3/22/2019

More from South Africa
by Eva DiDonato on 3/22/2019
From Seattle, WA

He knows when you're holding back
by Lauren Luttrell on 3/22/2019
From Spotsylvania, VA

Physical Touch
by Ashley Smith on 3/22/2019
From Rocklin, CA

by Ella Sitzler on 3/22/2019
From Calgary, Canada

Dear Nancy
by America Lascano on 3/22/2019
From Conyers, GA

8 months
by Emily Ann Burger on 3/22/2019
From Rome, Georgia

A Quick Update!
by Kate Long on 3/22/2019
From Westerville, Ohio

Roots in Agriculture
by Carley Travis on 3/21/2019
From Oblong, IL

Vlog 3.0
by Andrew Serumgard on 3/21/2019

5 Shots of eXpresso
by Vanessa Donnamaria on 3/21/2019
From West Milford

Mourning and Dancing
by Marianna Harris on 3/21/2019
From Dallas, Texas

DurrŽs Day
by Michelle Jamison on 3/21/2019
From Ottawa, Kansas

hope in the darkest places
by Grace DiGioia on 3/21/2019
From Cornelius, NC

Living in the One Hundo
by Adria Johnson on 3/21/2019
From Apex, North Carolina

Taking the Step
by Grace Creed on 3/21/2019
From Willard, Missouri

|What's Been Happening?|
by Hannah Latone on 3/21/2019
From Gainesville, GA

by Alyssa Boss on 3/21/2019
From Fort Mill, South Carolina

Disaster Relief
by Alexandria Klimkoski on 3/21/2019
From Nocona, Texas

Itís an Everyday Thing
by SJ Patten on 3/21/2019
From Jenison, Michigan

Woooahhhh We're Halfway There!
by Summer Conneen on 3/21/2019
From Melbourne, Florida

Introduction to Processing
by Re` Hollingsworth on 3/21/2019
From Royse City, Texas

Love So Hard
by Kyndal Broome on 3/21/2019
From Dallas, TX

by Brittany Carson on 3/21/2019
From Lubbock, TX

by Amy Johnson on 3/21/2019
From Blythewood, SC, United States

by Mollie Jewett on 3/21/2019
From Raleigh, NC

Rest? I Don't Know Her.
by Hannah Neel on 3/21/2019
From Cumming, GA

Stumbling My Way Into Myanmar
by Kayla Kincaid on 3/20/2019
From Columbus, OH

by Casey Barrett on 3/20/2019

The Great Homesickness
by Tanner Albright on 3/20/2019
From Amarillo, Texas

San Jose , Costa Rica
by Ivey Sellers on 3/20/2019
From Canton , GA

The Calling
by Isabel Harrison on 3/20/2019

When God sends you, He will Provide!
by Colby Smith on 3/20/2019
From White Hall, AR

Not a tourist
by Elyse Westra on 3/20/2019
From Perry, Georgia (United States)

The Unglamorous Side of the Race
by Laiken Martin on 3/20/2019
From Ontario, Canada

south africa pics
by Hallie Moffitt on 3/20/2019
From Stillwater, MN

I feel uncomfortable...
by Charity Yoder on 3/20/2019
From Berlin, OH

by Daniel Sperry on 3/20/2019
From Klamath falls OR USA

Where do You want us TOGO? :) Pt. 2
by Matthew Ledford on 3/20/2019
From Pittsburgh, PA

write a better story.
by Vickie Pantle on 3/20/2019
From Manhattan, Kansas

Not goodbye, itís see ya later!
by Lauren Kelly on 3/20/2019
From Florida girl currently living in Chattanooga, Tennessee

Country 6: India
by Oscar Romo on 3/20/2019

Stop Giving People Answers
by Eric Musil on 3/20/2019
From Ogden, Utah

by Nikki Jacobson on 3/19/2019
From Hudson, Wisconsin

Child-like Faith
by Halle Cox on 3/19/2019
From Rockford, IL

by Brook Landt on 3/19/2019
From Castle Rock, CO