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June 29th Update – Exploring Catania

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After a day of encouragement and rest on June 28th, we ventured out to the markets in downtown Catania. Catania is a small town constructed with lava rocks from Mount Etna and marble fountains around every corner.

We daringly tried to raw oysters at a fish market, surrounded by a pungent odor and competing vendors. The winding streets of Catania revealed cathedrals brimming with tourists, wedding guests, and christening spectators. Restaurants had display cases full of Sicilian cuisine like arancini or granita.

A few hours later, we left the center of Catania with big smiles and heads spinning with newly made memories.

As the sun set and the night gradually cooled, some members of the team ventured to the local music festival to enjoy free music and the inviting atmosphere.

italy study abroad june29 1 e1720878010860

The whole group in downtown Catania


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