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June 21st Update – Finances and Fun

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We began our morning with worship in a sanctuary and preparing our minds for the day ahead.

Shortly after, Rita, the pastor Paulo’s wife, came to teach a biblical perspective on finances. She works with an international organization called Compass, and this was her first time presenting in English.

Rita addressed the generational issue of debt that the United States faces and compared it to the issues society faces with materialism. “America is in trouble because of their debt to other countries, so are its people,” she says. She provided us with practical advice as well as an outside perspective of consumer culture.

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Rita teaching about financial literacy


Additionally, on the final day of English Summer Camp, the children concluded with learning sports vocabulary and a big water balloon fight!

italy study abroad june21 2 e1720878555305

Pre-Water Balloon Fight


italy study abroad june21 3 e1720878608337

Post-Water Balloon Fight!


To conclude our day, we took a train to Pisa to see the iconic leaning tower, enjoy the surrounding city, and chuckle at the creative ways tourists posed with The Tower of Pisa.

italy study abroad june21 4 e1720878640415

Isabella posing with the tower


italy study abroad june21 5

Levi posing with the tower


When we arrived back at the church where we are staying, we were locked out! One hopped fence and a second-story window entrance later, we joyously arrived at our temporary home.

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