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June 20th Update – A Very Special Birthday

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Our leader, Luke Wills celebrated his twenty ninth birthday today! Our group was honored to partake in celebrating him as a mentor as well as a husband and father.

Luke has helped us transcend language barriers in pursuit of a greater truth and understanding as well as inspire us to also learn to lead within our own communities. For example, Luke translated instructions for staining wood planks to decorate the facade of the church, to ultimately create an inviting atmosphere (a stark contrast from industrial surroundings)

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Staining wooden planks


English lessons simultaneously continued, inspiring Italian children to express their emotions by memorizing and applying vocabulary and have a time to purge their abundant energy through songs, games, and Just Dance.

After an action packed morning, we set itineraries into motion by shutting to Suvereto. Where we spent an afternoon getting a taste of the hot temperatures yet to come this summer.

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Levi enjoying the peaceful streets of Suvereto


To conclude the night, we were enraptured by Italian hospitality from appetizers at an upscale hotel, to an intimate Birthday dinner with -our sister in Christ- Anita and her lovely family, friends and pets. Luke continued to set the example for servant leadership as he served his Birthday tiramisu everyone else before serving himself.

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Enjoying good company at Anita’s


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