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July 8th Update – On Our Way To Sorrento

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Alarm clocks went off at the crack of dawn as we groggily got ready to leave for the airport. Upon arriving at the airport, we ran into some issues, such as having to pay for some carry-on items due to the airline sizing being incredibly challenging for us to fit our carry-ons. After we landed, we hopped on the bus, hoping that we could have some air conditioning. Unfortunately, we were baking on the ride there. We excitedly got off the bus and headed to the church for a wonderful homemade Italian meal. As we munched on pasta, caprese, eggplant parmigiana, and many other dishes, we had the chance to have some great conversations with our host and new mentors. Afterward, we all headed to our host homes to be greeted with love, generosity, and kindness.

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A lovely welcome cake from our wonderful hosts


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Amy, Bailey, Aileen, and Viviana eating dinner with their host family.


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