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July 6th Update – A Hike to Remember

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Members of the team decided to go on a hike, but this was not just any hike; it was the highly anticipated journey up Mount Etna. Since our first day in Sicily, we have seen the active volcano in rear-view mirrors; glimpses of it when driving through towns; and, most notably, spewing lava on the 4th of July. We bounced along ash-filled roads as we drove to the trail entrance.

Unlike any trail I had experienced, it was black ash instead of dirt. Each step felt like trudging through sand, and ash swirled around us, sounding like snow as it hit the ground.

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Our Ash Filled Trail


Anticipation built as we gradually hiked higher and higher. We searched around every corner for the best view of the volcano. After an unsuspecting right turn, we were silenced by one of the most breathtaking views.

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Jacob and Bailey smiling with Mount Etna


This hike parallels our walk with God: often, there are detours, seasons of difficulty, or places where you need to stop and rest in Him. We often get distracted by the next step and, consequently, forget the big picture. When we keep our eyes on Him, we are rewarded with His favor.


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