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July 5th Update – Storytelling

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italy study abroad july5 1 e1720877350535

Dear Readers,

When Seth Barnes-the CEO of Adventures in Missions-first mentioned this study abroad program being a trip centered around leadership and storytelling, I scoffed. Training about leadership I could understand, but storytelling? I was offended. I asked myself, “Aren’t we a bit old for fairy tales?”

Despite my ignorance, I gradually realized how sorely mistaken I was. For the duration of this trip, I have heard stories that kept me on the edge of my seat, park bench, or lawn chair. My posture mirrored my investment as I leaned into what the mentors said. Every word from their testimony resonated with me and inspired me to deepen my faith. Adults are just as infatuated with stories as children; we actively seek stories through TV, movies, books, the news, and ultimately one another. It is something we never outgrow.

Today, we were asked to write our own stories: all the places we have been, our monumental experiences, and even our darkest days. While we write, we hope that we can motivate others to reach for the stars through difficulty. Wish us luck!



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