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July 4th Update

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The Fourth of July is always an interesting holiday to celebrate away from home since it is not an international holiday. Today, we celebrated with a trip to the beach here in Catania. Some of us played on a floating obstacle course in the water. It’s amazing to watch as our team draws nearer to each other and is coming alive in our unity.

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Enjoying the bonfire with our Italian friends


We ended the day with a bonfire at the church we are partnering with. The church is strategically placed near one of the Military bases here, so we were hoping to get a good view of the fireworks from the base; however, instead of man-made fireworks, we got to see God-made fireworks as Mt. Etna, Europe’s largest active volcano, erupted. It was a spectacular sight to see! A reminder that even creation screams out praise to the Living God!

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Our view of Mt. Etna from the church


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