World Race alum, Scott Kwak (2013, M Squad) and Christina Kwak (2014, A Squad) share about opportunities they have at Bella Goose in Chiang Mai, Thailand to continue spreading Hope to powerless and marginalized women in their local community amongst COVID-19 restrictions.

When everything was starting to close down here in Chiang Mai due to Covid-19, we were all gravely affected. We understood why it was happening, but we were saddened to halt many avenues of ministry and vocational growth here at Bella Goose. In the last couple weeks, God has been showing us that this growth has not come to a halt, we are being guided to shift in a different direction.



Here at Bella Goose, we have been in prayer about how we can still reach the community in this challenging season. Some of the women we reach work as sex workers in desperation to survive or provide for their families back home. As we witnessed all the bars, clubs and massage parlours closing as preventative and safety measures were established, we wanted to provide food and housing to offer relief and refuge to women in desperate need.

It is heartbreaking to hear stories of desperation of women risking their lives as they place themselves in dangerous, exploitative situations in order to make a few dollars.

We are reaching out to women we have been in contact with as well as other partner organizations who can best identify those who need the most help during this time. We have already begun providing meals and hope to expand to housing to provide refuge from situations in which they are powerless.

God has called us to share the resources we have to provide a safe place for women to encounter His love and opportunities for the future.

You can help! Please kindly consider partnering with us to reach these women as we work towards providing food, housing, and vocational training opportunities:

$50 will provide food for a month

$150 will provide food and housing for a month

$250 will provide food, housing, and vocational training opportunities

Will you help to share hope and restore power to these women that could greatly impact their futures? Click here to help provide housing, food, and vocational opportunities.