As colleges are forced to change their approach in wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, you might be looking at other options like taking a gap year. At the World Race, we believe taking a Christian gap year can drastically change the course of your life and better prepare you for the next stage of your journey with Jesus. Taking a gap year may not be for everyone, but if you’re praying through whether or not God is leading you to college straight after high school, World Race: Gap Year may be just for you.
Here are just a few of the ways taking a Christian gap year can change your life:

Discover Your Passions

How many times have you heard stories of students who change their major multiple times after their freshman year? Too often we feel pressured to pursue a career, only to realize we’re not sure exactly what God has planned for us. On World Race: Gap Year, you’ll be challenged to discover the passions God has placed on your life by listening for His voice. We believe God has a plan for all of us, and we can discover more of that plan through prayer and ministry. Maybe you’ll discover your gift for youth ministry while working with orphanages in Guatemala. Or perhaps you’ll discover a passion for ministering to sex trafficking victims in Thailand. Whatever God’s plan may be for your life, we believe that by experiencing the world through World Race: Gap Year, you can learn more about who you were made to be.

Experience Real Community

Nothing brings people closer together than a common goal. On World Race: Gap Year, you and your squadmates will experience life together with the common goal of growing deeper with God. You’ll see each other through tear-filled worship sessions, bucket showers, and squatty potties. Above all, you’ll see the power that comes from living in real, authentic, Christian community.

Learn How to Live on Mission

Ministry doesn’t always look like construction projects or hosting Vacation Bible Schools. On World Race: Gap Year, you’ll learn to see everyday as another chance to do ministry. Some of the most impactful moments on the Race happen around the dinner table at your host’s home or while becoming a regular at the local coffee shop. World Race: Gap Year will teach you to see life as ministry and to seek God in understanding how to turn every moment into another opportunity to share the love of Jesus. After your gap year is finished, our hope is that you’ll be equipped to take what you’ve learned overseas and apply it to your life back home or wherever you go next.
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