World Race: Gap Year

Take a Gap Year, Serve the Nations, AND Earn College Credit

Take a Gap Year, Serve the Nations, AND Earn College Credit
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Now you don’t have to choose. You can go on a Gap Year experience AND get college credit – at the same time!
Plus you’ll travel the world and serve others.

Adventures in Missions partners with College of Athens, a 4-year accredited Christian college. This means you can earn a full year of college credit while on your Gap Year. And we help you pay for it. All you have to do is sign up.

After GY, you can continue and eventually get a degree – or just earn the credits then transfer them to another university.

We offer a variety of leadership and ministry degrees, both associate’s (2-year) and bachelor’s (4-year) degrees.

AND we promise that you will not go into debt along the way.

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Life After Gap Year
Keep growing with your Gap Year community at the School of Transformational Leadership on campus in Gainesville, where you were trained before the race. Alternatively, learn in Athens, GA, or online.

Here are a few ways getting a degree from the School of Transformational Leadership is different from a normal college experience:
We help you understand who you are

We challenge and equip our students to begin their journey by discovering their identity in Christ and walking in intimacy with Him. And then we show you how to walk as stewards of His dreams.

We help you embrace challenge

Don’t like what you see in the world? Be the change it needs! We show you how to use the world’s problems as pathways to solutions.

We help you change environments

Great leaders aren’t just born. They are trained, discipled, and grown. Our focus is equipping you to become the leader the world needs.

We help you see the world as God does

Begin by spending nine months on the mission field. Through our partnership with World Race Gap Year, you spend your freshman year loving others, learning about their cultures, and deepening your relationship with God. You do this in a close-knit, deeply invested community of believers. When you return home, you receive 24 college credit hours for this experience, and you’re ready for your sophomore year of college.

Find Community
We help you develop your community

Back in the U.S., you continue going deeper in your community. You build on your understanding of your strengths, gifts and passions. You learn how you can use them to serve the body and make an impact.

Grow With God
We help you choose growth

You learn to take high levels of ownership and be a co-creator of your classroom experience and community. You have world-class mentors, disciplers and instructors who assist you on this journey as you learn and grow in an intentional, communal living environment.

When you complete two years with the School of Transformational Leadership, you receive an Associate’s degree in Transformational Leadership. You have the opportunity to continue for another two years to achieve a Bachelor’s degree in the same discipline, or to change your major to another focus.

Our Promises to You

When you say YES to the School of Transformational Leadership, we make the following promises to you:
You Will Graduate Debt-Free

You get deeply discounted tuition plus access to financial assistance and part-time work while you’re a student. These paths together enable you to take on zero debt while in school.

You Will Deepen Your Walk With Christ

You take part in our proven life-on-life discipleship process.

You Will Participate In Experiential Learning

You don’t sit in a classroom with fluorescent lights, listening to someone lecture. You interact with your community, leaders and others in a way that causes the world to be your classroom.

You Will Earn an Associate’s or Bachelor’s Degree

You get the piece of paper that helps launch you forward after college with credibility.

You Will Experience Missional Living

You live and breathe missions for a year. There’s simply no other style of living that is as life-forming.

You Will Have a Community Focus

You live and study in a mentor-led community, which means all the good things (and the challenges) of creating a new family. But THIS family will walk with you your entire life.

You Have a Practical Life Onramp

You discover your dreams and your superpowers – and you get access to a network of mentors and jobs.

What does it cost?

The total price tag for a year is $3600, all tuition and fees included – which is about 1/10th the cost of today’s average college education.

The cost covers 24 credits, instructors, and matriculation costs, and entry into a post-race prep course called “Thriving in College & Beyond.” This is in addition to your World Race Gap Year program cost, which already includes your room, board and travel.

Scholarships and other financial help are available, so you are debt-free when you graduate.

Fill out the form below if you’re interested, and one of our Admissions Advisors will get in touch with you!


How much does it cost?

Adventures in Missions Program cost + $150/credit hour for credits earned in AIM programs.

Financial aid is available. Students need to fill out a separate financial aid application at:


How many credits do I earn?

  • 24 for World Race Gap Year if you enroll before going on the field
  • 30 for WR
  • 12 for CGA

When is money due?

AIM Program cost will follow regular fundraising deadlines and will be communicated by your Admissions Advisor.

College of Athens will set up a payment plan for you to make monthly payments for your credits throughout the course of the semester/your trip.

Are credits transferable?

Yes, they are. College of Athens is fully accredited and credits can be transferred to other institutions.

When you transfer credits, you’ll get a transcript that will say what classes you took and the number of credits earned for that class. Then the institution you’re transferring to will decide if those courses meet requirements they have for the degree program that you’re transferring into.

What courses am I earning credit for?

  • World Race (11 months, 11 countries)
    • ACMin College Credit Option: 30 credits
    • CS 201: The Great Commission: Evangelism (3 credits)
    • CS 403 Personal Spiritual Formation (3 credits)
    • CS 450: Special Topics in Ministry (3 credits)
    • IC 310 World Religions & Cross-Cultural Ministry (3 credits)
    • IC 470 Intercultural Communication (3 credits)
    • IC 490 Contemporary Issues in Missions (3 credits)
    • FIA 442: International Missions in Action (12 credits)


  • ​​World Race – Gap Year (9 months, 4 countries)
    • ACMin College Credit Option: 24 credits
    • CS 201: The Great Commission: Evangelism (3 credits)
    • CS 403 Personal Spiritual Formation (3 credits)
    • IC 310 World Religions & Cross-Cultural Ministry (3 credits)
    • IC 470 Intercultural Communication (3 credits)
    • IC 490 Contemporary Issues in Missions (3 credits)
    • FIA 442: International Missions in Action (9 credits)

What do I need to do to qualify?(ie. Do extra work on the trip)

Enroll in College of Athens. You will be required to collect certain things to record your work on the field (i.e. write papers or blogs to describe your experience). However, you will not need to take any additional courses while on the field.

Are there SAT / ACT score requirements?

SAT minimum requirement is 940 and ACT is 16 composite. If a student doesn’t meet this, that’s okay, we’ll look at everything combined on their application. “Students are more than a test score” I like to say.

What kind of degree do I get? Are there options?

There are many options. You can get a 2 year associate’s degree in Transformational Leadership (60 credits) or continue on to get a Bachelor’s Degree (120 credits) in a variety of fields. Check out the available degree programs at


What is my last day to decide to get credits for my trip?

If you want full credit, you must be enrolled before departing on your trip. If you decide later (or even after your trip) that you want credit, you are still eligible, but less credits will be available at the following rate: 

  • GY – 18
  • WR – 24
  • CGA – 9

Okay, I’m in, what do I do next to secure these credits?

Apply here: and also inform your AIM Admissions Advisor.

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