An introduction to Christian Mission Trip Fundraising

Fundraising for Mission Trips

Fundraising for Mission Trips
Why Fundraising?
If you have been on a Christian mission trip, you know from experience, asking for money is hard. “Why not just save up money for my mission trip?”

We hear questions like this everyday from people preparing to go on the World Race. While there's nothing wrong with putting your own money toward your mission trip, we'd like to present a different way of thinking about fundraising: it's not just about the money.

A Christian mission trip isn't a vacation. This is Kingdom work! Support raising is about building up a team to join you in your mission to share Jesus with the world, not just one mission trip.
World Racers often say fundraising is the first step in their journey to deeper faith and trust in God's provision. Fundraising allows people, who may never be able to leave their local community for a mission trip, to bring the Gospel to the nations- through you! While fundraising, you're also creating a vital network of prayer support that will go beyond one mission trip. When you ask people to support your mission trip you are inviting them to be a part of God's work to build His Kingdom. Read more about mission trip fundraising here.
What Does Your World Race Fundraising Goal Cover?
The funds you raise cover all practical costs for your World Race, including meals, lodging, air, land, and sea travel, medical insurance, and ministry costs. This also covers administrative costs, set-up, coaching, leadership development, debriefs, Training Camp, and Project Searchlight (a week long debrief and conference one month after you return from the mission trip.)

How Do I Fundraise for a Christian Mission Trip?

You will not be alone in this journey. Once you are accepted, your Admissions Advisor will provide you with resources and instructions for fundraising and help coach you through the process. They will check in with you, help you with ideas to raise support for a mission trip, and hold you accountable to the responsibilities you have with fundraising.

The best way to get someone to donate to your Christian mission trip is to directly ask. We encourage you to build a team of supporters through personal connection and communication. We want you to share your vision and calling to this ministry and invite them to be a part of what God is going to do through you (and through them by partnering with you) on the World Race.

The first step in building a team of supporters is informing them about your upcoming mission trip through writing a support letter. After that, many World Racers put together creative fundraisers to help them get the necessary funds including:

Missions 101: How to fundraise
Create a team to support your trip. Our admissions advisors have fundraised for their own mission trips. With their experience and advice from experts, they will help you through the process of fundraising for your own mission trip.
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Creative Ways to Fundraise for a Mission Trip

Adopt a box
Pancake breakfast
Garage sale
Go Rings

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Car wash
Bake sale
Keys for the Journey

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Partner with local businesses

Sharing your story will help you in your fundraising journey, consider these options to help spread your message:

  • Blogging (every Racer is given their own blog!)
  • Send out newsletters
  • Create videos
  • Utilize social media
  • Create business cards or brochures
  • Speak at churches and community meetings
  • Invite potential supporters out for coffee to share your story with them

Ask your Advisor for suggestions about other things people do to prepare for a mission trip and visit #wrfundraising on Instagram for more inspiration and encouragement.

Our Advisors will help you determine the best types of fundraisers for you and help you use them to create new opportunities to engage more people on a personal level.

As you begin the fundraising process, please review Adventures in Missions donation policies.

What Can I Do Now?

We recommend that you don’t start fundraising for a mission trip until you’ve been accepted. However, if you’re not there yet, there are some things that you can do.

Create a support team.

Share with your network to let them know you are applying for one of our Christian mission trips and ask them to pray with you through the process.

Seek the Lord.

Pray for guidance and direction. Ask the Lord to start preparing your heart and the hearts of those who will be partners for the journey.

Read The God Ask by Steve Shadrach.

Fundraising can be intimidating. God has done the work, and we are partnering with him.

In the end, God will provide what you need for what He has called you to do. We can try to plan every aspect of the process, but ultimately, He wants us to step out in faith and rely on his provision for everything. It’s greater than anything we could do. He will start growing us through the process long before we ever leave, not just once a mission trip has started. The World Race is a journey of learning to trust, and fundraising is just the beginning.

Asking people to partner with me wasn’t easy. But the Lord has humbled me and softened my heart to receiving this kind of love. I honestly cry tears of joy. I knew the Lord would provide, but it was more beautiful to see Him teach me patience and see my community come together to keep me going. He could’ve made it happen quick, but He chose to let me watch it come slowly and surely. And to be trusting through it all. He is SO good y’all.
Jezebelle Pelayo
For so long, I thought that raising so much money was such a far off dream, yet here I am rejoicing in the Lord’s provision and the abundantly more that He has provided for me over the course of the last year. The Lord has been so so good to me and so so kind to me.
Carly Miers
I entered the World Race squad way late, I hardly have a home church, and my extended family is Jewish, so they didn't want to help me out. Fund-raising seemed impractical, nearly impossible. Two weeks before the launch date, the deadline was suddenly upon me to get $6900 cash in my support account! I had been slow, but now it was crunch time. So, with a lot of prayer and trust, I scribbled out a blog entitled "Call for help," detailing where I was at and making it very clear that if somebody didn't start giving soon, I would lose my chance to go on this trip. I only had $1200 collected at this point. Well, that was late on a Thursday night. By Friday at 2:00pm, about 14 hours later, I had broken the $6900 threshold. By the following Monday, I was at $10,000! It was nothing short of miraculous.
Ian Schumann