World Race

Covid-19 Update



11/24/2020 – Coronavirus (Covid-19) update

We continue to monitor overseas engagement opportunities given the impact of Covid, and we have developed protocols that allow us to move forward into our mission. We plan to launch all international programs to either Central or South America in January. As we prepare for the January launch we are developing country-specific Covid protocols, will be training all participants, and will be monitoring adherence.

We continue to follow our on campus protocols for participants and staff who have been on campus this fall. Fuller details of our Campus Covid Plan can be found here. Our plan includes increased cleaning protocols, distancing and isolation guidelines, and daily health assessments through the I Am Healthy Today program (overseen by medical professionals).

Just over 100 Gap Year Racers have been on campus, engaged in hurricane relief ministry in the gulf and serving through local ministries for 10 weeks.

Three of our 11-month World Race squads came to campus for a week of training. One launched domestically directly from training camp. The others will launch in January.

Two Semesters’ teams are wrapping up their third month of domestic ministry – one in Asheville and one in Wisconsin Dells.

This is obviously a very communicable disease, and while prevention is critical we are also ensuring proper preparation for treating anyone impacted.

We have just published our On-Field Covid Plan for trips launching internationally in January 2021. You can find those here.


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