The Basics

None 54%
Orthodox 19%
Unspecified 17%
Lutheran 10%

Estonia’s lush forests, beautiful coastline, quaint countryside, and charming cities are only a few things that make this nation remarkable.

The birthplace of Skype, it’s also one of the fastest growing economies in Europe.

More than half of Estonians don’t claim any religion or faith. Only about 19% are traditional Eastern Orthodox.

This former Soviet nation still bears the scars of difficult times, and its people are hungry for political and spiritual freedom.

Will you share the hope of life in Christ in Estonia?

Estonians value their personal space. An arm’s length or more is the norm. This space may be less with friends and family.

There is very little to no touching during conversations. Touching during conversation with the opposite sex is usually considered flirting, unless they’re good friends.

Direct eye contact is acceptable, but people usually don’t look into the speaker's eyes the whole the time. Avoiding the other person’s eyes completely is thought to be sly and showing that the person is hiding something. The most common practice is looking at the speaker's face and occasionally make eye contact.

If you are near Tallinn, the Telliskivi area is hipster and fun to explore. They have pop up shops, art areas, and fun restaurants. Old Tallinn has castles, churches, restaurants galore, medieval fairs, archery, and architecture dating back to the 13th century. One day in Tallinn will give you a great understanding of Estonian history and culture.

Take a ferry to Finland!

If the weather is warm, spend a day in Tartu or Vilijandi. Tartu has a beach area along the river, which is perfect for swimming. In Vilijandi, there is a beach not too far from old castle ruins.

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