As we all struggle with the realities of the COVID-19 epidemic, we wanted to help the Body of Christ share the love and hope that Jesus promises. We’re calling this movement Hope Rising.

Hope Rising exists to inspire and encourage us all to see ministry opportunities in everyday life. Whether it’s hosting an online worship session, organizing grocery pick-ups for those in quarantine, or just sharing a word of encouragement, we believe there is ALWAYS a way for us to help.

We believe that you’re meant to make a difference and we want to help. We’ve compiled some of our best resources to help you live a life on missions. Let us know what you think!


Times of uncertainty can be challenging but they’re also an opportunity to re-evaluate our lives and refocus our priorities. These resources will help you if you’re in, or thinking about starting, a transition.

Kingdom Life Plan

Now is the time to refocus your life on seeking first the Kingdom! This planner will help you take action on your calling and purpose.

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Kingdom Life Coaches

Life Coaching for a Kingdom-focused way of lIfe! World Race Alumni receive two free sessions.

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The Transition Model
The Transition Model is a lense to view each person’s experience when coming home. There is a process in transitioning from one place to the next and it can get hard sometimes when there are multiple transitions. Use this to help understand and normalize a missionary's feelings and to understand where they are in the transition.
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Neal Pirolo’s Five Re-Entry Patterns
Become familiar with these re-entry patterns. Neal Pirolo’s book, The Reentry Team (2000), explores five re-entry patterns to help every returning missionary understand themselves. A returning missionary can be in one of these patterns at a specific time and switch over to another, there is no particular order. These patterns can help you understand where a person may be after coming home.

Dream Inventory

Let your imagination take over. Allow yourself to dream about your life.


We hope these worship sessions, teachings, and training videos encourage and equip you to live a Kingdom way of life today and everyday.


We want to equip individuals to lead themselves and others with intention and vision. Here are a collection of tools and exercises to assist you as you become a more impactful leader.


Kingdom Life Coaching

Kingdom Life Coaching exists to help passionate Christ-followers live out a Kingdom way of life – in Intimacy with God, Community with Others, and on Mission to establish His Kingdom wherever they go.

We focus our mission on helping alumni of the World Race, and other short term missions and training programs, take this Kingdom way of life and apply it to wherever they land next. We provide high-quality coaching sessions to help talk through these areas of life. We also provide connections and resources through our Global Kingdom Network. As a racer, you can receive two free sessions from a Kingdom Life Coach.

To start your sessions, complete the Kingdom Life Plan (KLP) and you will receive an email from a Kingdom Life Coach with details on how to sign up!


We know there’s no shortage of podcasts out there, but we believe these podcasts from the Adventures family will encourage and equip you to live missionally. Take a look!

Abnormal Tribe

Listen in on the conversations with my tribe of friends... as their stories encourage and remind us how good God really is.

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Generation 42

Focused on transforming and equipping for leaders who are passionate about establishing the Kingdom of God on earth.

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Recommended Books

Discipleship Materials and Video Courses

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