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An open letter to my youth group girls

by Lauren Carpenter on 6/17/2019

Blacks in Missions: Appeal to the Black Church

by Fifina Lawrence on 6/17/2019

Discipline Over Feeling

by Fifina Lawrence on 6/15/2019

On “inexperience” I have a story to tell

by Hannah Mitchek on 6/12/2019

simple surrender.

by Em Collard on 6/8/2019

More Than A Grand Gesture...

by Fifina Lawrence on 6/7/2019

"Prayer works, girl!"

by Katrina Lambert on 6/6/2019

Hello World and Welcome!

by Quetta Branch on 6/3/2019

Spend time with Jesus is the Motto!!!

by Quetta Branch on 6/3/2019

The Heart of the Mission

by Katrina Lambert on 6/1/2019

When Reality Sets In.....

by Katrina Lambert on 5/19/2019

Where in the world?

by Caroline Smith on 5/19/2019

Through it all

by Isabel Harrison on 5/13/2019

11 Blessings Regarding the World Race

by Josiah Stilwell on 5/12/2019


by Kenia Martinez on 5/6/2019

"It only takes a spark"

by Caroline Smith on 5/5/2019

Being Made Prepared... Four Years Ago

by Josiah Stilwell on 4/29/2019

How I'm really feeling...

by Lauren Carpenter on 4/24/2019

Going on the World Race: Not my Destination

by Hannah Mitchek on 4/22/2019

25 Random Facts about Me

by Josiah Stilwell on 4/18/2019

The First Month of Preparation

by Isabel Harrison on 4/13/2019

Discovering the World Race

by Josiah Stilwell on 4/8/2019

God Appointments

by Katrina Lambert on 4/7/2019

what, why, & my heart.

by Em Collard on 4/5/2019

A Poem

by SaVanna Boerner on 4/4/2019

All the deets!

by Lauren Carpenter on 4/2/2019

The Calling

by Isabel Harrison on 3/20/2019

Fear Drives Me

by Katrina Lambert on 3/15/2019


by Annie Harris on 3/12/2019

Let it all go...

by Kenia Martinez on 3/6/2019

Let's go make disciples of all nations!

by Lauren Carpenter on 3/2/2019

When It's Beyond Your Control.....

by Katrina Lambert on 2/28/2019


by Ariane Starceski on 2/25/2019

the pretty field

by Megan Widner on 2/25/2019

My Calling; An Introduction

by Aaron Strother on 2/23/2019


by Lauren McNamara on 2/17/2019

My Testimony

by Katrina Lambert on 1/26/2019

Embracing the Gift of Singleness

by McKenzie Alexander on 1/23/2019

Willing to Follow

by Angelica Spence on 1/22/2019

Rejoicing in the Waiting

by SaVanna Boerner on 1/20/2019

The Adventure Begins!

by Katrina Lambert on 1/17/2019

My Lifeguard Walks On Water

by Cole Latimer on 12/26/2018

New Pair of Glasses

by Cole Latimer on 12/11/2018

perfect peace

by Megan Widner on 11/27/2018

Staying Focused

by Cole Latimer on 11/26/2018

God's Presence > anxiety

by Elizabeth Ham on 11/23/2018


by Alicia Scott on 11/21/2018

It is not our job to ask how but to trust in Him.

by SaVanna Boerner on 11/6/2018

Faithful is the Lord God Almighty

by Elizabeth Ham on 11/4/2018

Beauty for Ashes

by McKenzie Alexander on 10/16/2018

From Fear to Freedom

by Elizabeth Ham on 8/23/2018

The Journey Ahead

by SaVanna Boerner on 8/21/2018

About me... Kind of

by McKenzie Alexander on 8/6/2018

About Me

by Cole Latimer on 8/6/2018