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October 2019 Route 3   Meet the Squad

Fundraising & Humility

by Hayden Banks on 4/11/2019

My thoughts 6 months pre-launch

by Hannah Hughes on 4/6/2019


by Martina Mattox on 3/28/2019


by Janie Neill on 3/27/2019

Why the World Race??

by David Smits on 3/17/2019

Why the World Race?

by Christy McFarland on 3/10/2019

Where Feet May Fail

by Paula Rivera on 3/9/2019

Next journey

by Alexandria Ulmo on 3/3/2019

brave conversations

by Abi Zarate on 2/27/2019

God is calling and the enemy is challenging

by Hannah Kraus on 2/26/2019

A daughter of the King

by Courtney Satterfield on 2/24/2019

A Fully Funded Promise

by Isabel Salazar on 2/2/2019

the one with the first fundraising update

by Kierin Churchman on 1/31/2019

Puppet Show

by Janie Neill on 1/31/2019

Finding Other Believers in the Strangest Spots

by Erika Stauffer on 1/31/2019

Girls, Girls, Girls

by Janie Neill on 1/31/2019

I'm Going on an Adventure!!

by Megan Bassett on 1/25/2019

God's Provision

by Courtney Satterfield on 1/24/2019

Next Stop: Ecuador

by Erika Stauffer on 1/22/2019

"never been there before"

by Abi Zarate on 1/20/2019

Out of the mouth of babes...

by Janie Neill on 1/11/2019

What is the World Race?

by Courtney Satterfield on 1/7/2019

First Stop: Colombia

by Erika Stauffer on 1/7/2019

The Journey Ahead!

by Courtney Satterfield on 12/30/2018

Saying Yes to Being Called

by Erika Stauffer on 12/26/2018

Intro To My Why

by Janie Neill on 12/20/2018

shaken and surrendered

by Abi Zarate on 12/3/2018

5 reasons i'm not going on the world race

by Kierin Churchman on 11/27/2018

Even In My Taco Socks

by Heaven Albritton on 11/19/2018

my next adventure with Jesus

by Kierin Churchman on 11/14/2018

Where to Begin?...

by Heaven Albritton on 9/23/2018

Future World Racer

by Heaven Albritton on 9/20/2018

worth it

by Emma Dinardo on 9/18/2018

who am I to say no

by Emma Dinardo on 6/27/2018