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January 2019 Unscripted   Meet the Squad

Where Do I Begin?

by Sam Barnhart on 1/17/2019

The Journey Has Started!

by Daniel Kiraly on 1/8/2019

And We're Off

by Hunter Beck on 1/8/2019

Bandaid or Blessing?

by Chelsey Sparks on 1/7/2019

Thanks Nathan and Kelsey

by Matthew Morris on 1/7/2019

The Last Lap!

by Ronny Sison on 1/6/2019


by Tanner Albright on 1/6/2019


by Lindsay Podhajsky on 1/6/2019


by Hannah Frauenstein on 1/3/2019

Good at Goodbyes

by Lindsay Podhajsky on 12/28/2018

Countdown to Cambodia

by Ana Verduzco on 12/27/2018


by Sam Barnhart on 12/25/2018

Let Go!!!

by Matthew Morris on 12/23/2018


by Jenna Anderson on 12/23/2018

Fear Not

by Kaelyn Koeser on 12/20/2018

God Told Me To Be Creative

by Daniel Kiraly on 12/17/2018

Life at a glance

by America Lascano on 12/14/2018

Trust > Deadline

by Ronny Sison on 12/14/2018

Fully Funded!

by Hunter Beck on 12/14/2018

The Fullness of Becoming

by Emily Harris on 12/6/2018

A Heart for the Homeless

by Ana Verduzco on 12/6/2018


by Hannah Frauenstein on 12/5/2018


by Ana Verduzco on 11/29/2018

Thank you John

by Matthew Morris on 11/28/2018

All the things I'll miss the most

by Ana Verduzco on 11/27/2018


by Jenna Anderson on 11/22/2018

~A Special Thanks~

by Lindsay Podhajsky on 11/18/2018

Confirming One's Calling and Election

by Ana Verduzco on 11/16/2018

Alpacas and baby dolls

by America Lascano on 11/16/2018

I will be made well

by Jacob Martinez on 11/14/2018

He Cares

by Sam Barnhart on 11/12/2018

Do I Truly Trust You God?

by Daniel Kiraly on 11/8/2018

Please Become A Monthly Supporter.

by Daniel Kiraly on 11/8/2018


by Jacob Martinez on 11/1/2018

Change of Plans

by Cari Phillips on 10/29/2018
Team magictreehouse

The struggle is real

by America Lascano on 10/27/2018

THUG - (The Hate U Give)

by Ana Verduzco on 10/22/2018

Born To Serve (My Birthday!)

by Ronny Sison on 10/20/2018

Love Will

by Jenna Anderson on 10/16/2018


by Jacob Martinez on 10/16/2018


by America Lascano on 10/12/2018

Childlike Faith

by Kaelyn Koeser on 10/11/2018


by Ana Verduzco on 10/4/2018

What is a Missionary?

by Sam Barnhart on 10/2/2018

Faith vs. Obedience

by Jacob Martinez on 10/1/2018

A Man On Fire

by Hunter Beck on 9/30/2018

We Have But One Option - Preach The Gospel

by Hunter Beck on 9/30/2018

My God Provides!

by Daniel Kiraly on 9/26/2018

Yet, I Will Praise You

by Ana Verduzco on 9/26/2018

Stop #3: Malaysia

by Tanner Albright on 9/21/2018


by Ana Verduzco on 9/18/2018

The Places I've Been

by Tanner Albright on 9/17/2018

First Fundraiser: 5-Stripe Wigs!

by Ronny Sison on 9/16/2018

Greetings from Chidamoyo, Zimbabwe!

by Emily Harris on 9/15/2018

Leaving the Wilderness

by Sam Barnhart on 9/8/2018

I have no idea what I'm doing

by josh Baker on 9/4/2018

True Ultimate Guide

by Chelsey Sparks on 9/4/2018


by Jenna Anderson on 8/24/2018

The Inside Scoop

by Sam Barnhart on 8/21/2018

God knows what's best before you do

by Kaelyn Koeser on 8/20/2018

Stop #2: Thailand

by Tanner Albright on 8/17/2018

Honesty//First Vlog

by Emily Harris on 8/16/2018

An Exciting Journey Ahead: The World Race

by Daniel Kiraly on 8/11/2018

Trust v. Trial

by Ana Verduzco on 8/9/2018

A Season of Preparation

by Lindsay Podhajsky on 8/9/2018

New Vision/Unexpected Joy

by Emily Harris on 8/8/2018

67% Funded - An Update

by Hannah Frauenstein on 7/23/2018

The Vision

by Travis McCarn on 7/23/2018

Steps of Faith

by Emily Harris on 7/21/2018

A single story

by America Lascano on 7/19/2018

Every Nation, Every Soul

by Ana Verduzco on 7/19/2018


by Tanner Albright on 7/19/2018

Let's Get Started

by Hunter Beck on 7/11/2018

El Rio Grande

by Ana Verduzco on 7/6/2018


by Ronny Sison on 7/1/2018

Withholding Nothing

by Emily Harris on 6/30/2018

The Journey Begins

by Tanner Albright on 6/29/2018


by Ana Verduzco on 6/22/2018

Where Ever I Lay My Head Is Home

by Emily Harris on 6/13/2018

Experiencing Heartache

by Jenna Anderson on 6/12/2018


by Matthew Morris on 6/6/2018

April 7th 2018

by Jenna Anderson on 6/6/2018

What the what?

by America Lascano on 6/4/2018

Just an update

by josh Baker on 6/2/2018

The Curse of Self-Sufficiency

by Tanner Albright on 5/29/2018

Rejected to Blessed

by Kaelyn Koeser on 5/25/2018


by Ana Verduzco on 5/24/2018

Be Still & Know

by Ana Verduzco on 5/22/2018

Find Your Mission Field

by Jenna Anderson on 5/21/2018

Giving God My Toaster Oven

by Jenna Anderson on 5/17/2018

A New Season

by Tanner Albright on 5/16/2018

What is the World Race?

by Jenna Anderson on 5/7/2018

I CRY! (A World Race Update)

by Ana Verduzco on 4/27/2018

Let the Journey Begin!

by Lindsay Podhajsky on 4/27/2018

I am not perfect, but simply Redeemed!!!

by Matthew Morris on 4/24/2018


by Ana Verduzco on 4/19/2018

The Perfect Missionary

by Ana Verduzco on 4/4/2018

I Thought God Was Joking...He Wasn't

by Matthew Morris on 4/3/2018

Support Letter

by Kaelyn Koeser on 4/2/2018