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Racine Wisconsin

by Claire Hilton on 6/23/2018


by Hope Hunter on 6/23/2018

Rub Some Dirt In It

by Kristy Keprta on 6/23/2018
Team valor

Put me in Coach!

by John David Goins on 6/23/2018
Team squad leaders

Praise God!

by Britt Lara on 6/23/2018

Standing in Awe

by Josie Dehlin on 6/22/2018
Team kairos

Redeem The Dang Thing

by Taylor White on 6/22/2018
Team straightouttaheaven2


by Brittany Smith on 6/22/2018
Team dior

1 Last Shout Out

by Liz Morton on 6/22/2018
Team overflow

let me introduce myself

by Mack Kraemer on 6/22/2018
Team wildflowers

I Met Moses

by Zach Lambert on 6/22/2018
Team fuerte all day

Learning to Salsa

by Kristie McFadden on 6/22/2018
Team common grounds

South Africa

by D.J. Parman on 6/22/2018


by Logan Jackson on 6/22/2018

Dominican Republic!

by Melina Tirrell on 6/22/2018

from 8 months to 2 weeks (time flies!)

by Katie Ericks on 6/22/2018

The Tattoo

by Anna Pentermann on 6/22/2018

It's Gonna be Legit, Ladies and Gents.

by Sky Grady on 6/22/2018


by Annika Smith on 6/22/2018

Preparation for the Road Ahead

by Cara Kelley on 6/22/2018


by Jaynna Strong on 6/22/2018

The World Race is Giving Me FOMO

by Abby Fillman on 6/22/2018

Two weeks

by Elli Gerber on 6/22/2018


by Camille Tyree on 6/22/2018


by Camille Tyree on 6/22/2018


by Camille Tyree on 6/22/2018


by Camille Tyree on 6/22/2018

What's Been Going On In My Life?

by Ethan Sherrell on 6/22/2018

The Calling

by Hannah Chaon on 6/22/2018

77 Days.

by Danielle Nardiello on 6/22/2018

I’m losing control

by Kori Moon on 6/22/2018

What sets my heart on fire.

by Hope Hunter on 6/22/2018


by Laura Kibler on 6/22/2018
Team ghila gavriela

Dear Dad

by Candace Cox on 6/22/2018
Team sevenwonders

Refugee Corridor

by Megan Bueche on 6/22/2018
Team spk

Refugee Corridor

by Ryan Bueche on 6/22/2018
Team spk

The Processing Plant

by Amanda Cadenhead on 6/22/2018
Team frontline


by Mya Henderson on 6/22/2018
Team frontline

When Ministry Has No Switch

by Kelly Morimune on 6/22/2018
Team valor

A Week in Chitwan

by Hannah Gustafson on 6/22/2018
Team newkidsontheblock

World Race Cribs - Episode 6 Nepal

by Nicole Wittmann on 6/22/2018
Team frontline


by Kierra Miles on 6/22/2018
Team frontline

A week in the Village - Nepal Edition

by Chloe Clendinning on 6/22/2018
Team squadleader

Cigarette Rolling Witch Doctor

by Breier Sanders on 6/22/2018
Team squadleader

Farmer, Teacher, and Friend

by Kim Wilson on 6/22/2018
Team bare


by Taylor Krueger on 6/22/2018
Team squadleader


by Laney Culp on 6/22/2018
Team vathos

Recap video of training camp!

by Taylor Brisebois on 6/22/2018
Team shalomsisters

I Needed This.

by Laiken Martin on 6/22/2018

Training Camp Almost Killed Me

by Claire McIntosh on 6/22/2018

My "yes"

by Amanda Williams on 6/22/2018

Going on the World Race with Narcolepsy

by Julie Reynolds on 6/22/2018

Team Burrito

by Riley mchenry on 6/22/2018
Team burrito

Training Camp

by Niki Dean on 6/22/2018
Team redeemed

Birthplace of Jesus

by Susanna Bekedam on 6/22/2018


by Ana Verduzco on 6/22/2018

Disciples of all Nations

by Brianna Rice on 6/22/2018

Called and Commissioned

by Brittany Locati on 6/21/2018
Team 18p07ec

The Importance of the Pivot

by Victoria Bolduc on 6/21/2018
Team squad leader


by Makennah Holifield on 6/21/2018
Team vine

Dear Family and Friends

by Caleb Leppert on 6/21/2018
Team straightouttaheaven2

I am Coming Home... TOMORROW!

by Carmen Eby on 6/21/2018
Team squadleader


by Morgan McGee on 6/21/2018
Team serendipity


by Mary Claire Brogden on 6/21/2018
Team 6seconds

Last Day of the World Race

by Kim Pierce on 6/21/2018
Team marvel

World Race Video

by Alexandra Banks on 6/21/2018
Team lil' seizers

Month 12

by Emmy Hendrix on 6/21/2018
Team serendipity

Day 318

by Allina Robie on 6/21/2018
Team squad leaders

leaving home // going home

by Carly Miers on 6/21/2018
Team akeidah faith

& That's a Wrap

by Zachery Calderon on 6/21/2018
Team fresh

Adventures in the Bush

by Edna Stoltzfus on 6/21/2018
Team cheetah girls

Im coming home!

by Marah Laramore on 6/21/2018
Team international harvesters


by Jessica Leonhardt on 6/21/2018
Team present

We Lost A Friend.

by Mary Beth Byers on 6/21/2018
Team w.h.i.p.