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by Bonnie Bakewell on 8/30/2019
Team titan

Freedom Fighters

by Bonnie Bakewell on 8/25/2019
Team titan


by Jess Beltran on 8/24/2019
Team worldraceamerica

Pink in Green

by Sarah Ann Allen on 8/24/2019
Team titan

rollercoaster rides & longer goodbyes

by Mackenzie Larsen on 8/24/2019
Team hygge

10 Things I’ve Learned in Botswana

by Vanessa Donnamaria on 8/24/2019
Team spice girls


by Jess Beltran on 8/24/2019
Team worldraceamerica

Organically Joyful

by Jacob Kane on 8/24/2019
Team corpus christi

Reflections from the Camino

by Lindsay Podhajsky on 8/24/2019
Team salt

Go With the Flow (Of Grace)

by Emily Harris on 8/24/2019
Team chimichanga

What Is Going On?!

by Sam Barnhart on 8/24/2019
Team salt


by Hailey Dallas on 8/24/2019
Team wild

i am third

by Emily Scott on 8/24/2019
Team agape

Boxing Match

by Haley Vaughan on 8/24/2019
Team overflow

South Africa

by Adam Hickerson on 8/24/2019
Team wildfire

Season of maturity!

by Austin Goss on 8/24/2019
Team seal team 6


by Paul Lanier,V on 8/24/2019
Team selah

World Race FAQs

by sammiera Long on 8/24/2019
Team selah


by Katlyn Benton on 8/24/2019
Team valiant

Money, Money, Money

by Annie Harris on 8/24/2019

The Courage to Move Forward

by Stephanie Gilbreath on 8/24/2019

Awareness of a Love that never fails

by Brent McGill on 8/24/2019

Questions bring me closer to the Fathers' heart

by Omega Weisser on 8/24/2019

God of Redemption

by Calvin Herrmann on 8/23/2019
Team squad leader

Season of Transition

by Alexandria Klimkoski on 8/23/2019
Team worldraceamerica

Back at it Again!

by Emma Krone on 8/23/2019
Team towdah

i know where i'm going now!!!

by Moriah Whitlow on 8/23/2019
Team kaleo

Life is a classroom

by Raina Luthra on 8/23/2019
Team june 2019 swaziland team

The Big Move is 2 Weeks Away!

by Alyssa Gammelgaard on 8/23/2019
Team taza

is this all worth it?

by Sarah Geis on 8/23/2019
Team agape

Harvest/ Cosecha

by Oscar Romo on 8/23/2019
Team camino dos

El Camino de Santiago

by Oscar Romo on 8/23/2019
Team camino dos

A World Without

by Sarah Oliver on 8/23/2019
Team caminocinco

lesotho: prison ministry

by Ashley Collins on 8/23/2019
Team level up


by Evelyn Simmons on 8/23/2019
Team p31


by Valerie Maddox on 8/23/2019
Team hygge

Glory to Glory

by Molly Miller on 8/23/2019
Team ahava

the in-between

by Brittney Dean on 8/23/2019
Team xapa


by Jonathan Thorstad on 8/23/2019
Team lit

Jasmine Scented Tears

by Emalea MacInnes on 8/23/2019
Team spice girls

Season of Transition

by Alexandria Klimkoski on 8/23/2019
Team worldraceamerica

What Makes A Missionary?

by Kelsey Kindall on 8/23/2019
Team vessel

Shack Brothers

by Bailey Spenlau on 8/23/2019
Team vessel

Livin' On A Prayer

by Megan Krivsky on 8/23/2019
Team vessel

Fierce Hearted

by Averie Armbrust on 8/23/2019
Team wildfire

Squatter camps

by Layne Seland on 8/23/2019
Team blondetourage

South Africa pt 1

by Elaina Schnelle on 8/23/2019
Team tribe of judah

That girl

by Hannah Stuart on 8/23/2019
Team lost and found

drop the weight

by Kati Simpson on 8/23/2019
Team daughters


by Amanda Young on 8/23/2019
Team amazed by you

Kingdom of Heaven touching Earth

by Madison Thompson on 8/22/2019
Team squad leaders

being home is hard!

by Ally Petersen on 8/22/2019
Team hope

You wanna interrupt me?

by Megan Gabrielse on 8/22/2019
Team camino quatro

Who's The Boss?

by Amanda Warden on 8/22/2019
Team level up

i don't know but he's good

by Re` Hollingsworth on 8/22/2019
Team phoenix


by Carissa Taylor on 8/22/2019
Team selah

Leaving "Trust" In Argentina

by Madison Groff on 8/22/2019
Team squad leaders

Argentina Overview

by Hattie Eshleman on 8/22/2019
Team id

Conviction or Preference?

by Sarah Zlibut on 8/22/2019
Team torch

It’s All Glorious

by Katelyn Webb on 8/22/2019
Team fly

Forgiveness Is What I'm learning

by Jamie Hart on 8/22/2019
Team groot

fully loved

by Kenzie Bell on 8/22/2019
Team reckless

Do you know how to swim?

by Macky Edwards on 8/22/2019
Team agape


by Michaela Ward on 8/22/2019
Team hks

feeling like a failure.

by Bailee Thomas on 8/22/2019
Team agape

18 Days in Mongolia. *PICTURES*

by Gabriela Gil on 8/22/2019
Team wild

Training Camp- To Be Loved

by Anna Duckstein on 8/22/2019
Team j walkers

Wedding VS Marriage

by Kaila Smith on 8/22/2019

What God's Teaching Me About Sacrifice

by Rachel Mayforth on 8/22/2019

Finish Strong

by Dosson Stubblefield II on 8/21/2019
Team worldraceamerica


by Marissa Anderson on 8/21/2019
Team squad leader

Alumni Team Leading-What is it?

by Hannah Bolitho on 8/21/2019
Team agape

Give Away My Word

by Sarah Oliver on 8/21/2019
Team caminocinco

tearin’ up my heart

by Vickie Pantle on 8/21/2019
Team lss

thailand: my friend joe

by Ashley Collins on 8/21/2019
Team level up

“This is UGANDA”

by Ashley Butterfield on 8/21/2019
Team blonde bond

The Hands Project: Africa

by Bonnie Bakewell on 8/21/2019
Team titan


by Meagan Kennedy on 8/21/2019
Team titan

16 Miles, 15 Days

by Mary Eastland on 8/21/2019
Team capable

sharing a bit of my walk

by Rachel Rose on 8/21/2019
Team capable

a crazy journey home

by Syd Jacobsen on 8/21/2019
Team hineni

Bucket Shower Bonding

by Syd Jacobsen on 8/21/2019
Team hineni

Fallin to your knees kind of worship

by Syd Jacobsen on 8/21/2019
Team hineni

Uganda be kidding me...

by Emilie McNatt on 8/21/2019
Team deepa

Kenya Month 8

by Em Blomberg on 8/21/2019
Team deepa

Unbelievable Uganda

by Michael Williams on 8/21/2019
Team deepa

Finish Strong

by Dosson Stubblefield II on 8/21/2019
Team worldraceamerica

El Camino De Santiago Part 1

by Tanner Albright on 8/21/2019
Team americanos

Wax on, wax off

by Tee Nguyen on 8/21/2019
Team groot