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Finding My Voice

by Tiffany King on 11/28/2017
Team divine roots


by Kaylee Stephens on 11/24/2017
Team hephzibah

i love africa

by Kendall Adams on 11/24/2017
Team hephzibah


by Katie Plank on 11/24/2017
Team semperfortis

Come to the Table

by Paige Thaxter on 11/24/2017
Team semperfortis

month 2 highlight reel

by Carsen Daniel on 11/24/2017
Team semperfortis

guest blog!!! love, kendall

by Kyla Sill on 11/24/2017
Team semperfortis

Goodbye Key

by Sandy Shaffner on 11/24/2017
Team hephzibah


by Kara Kerr on 11/24/2017
Team semperfortis

Faith Switch.

by Catherine (Cat) Webb on 11/24/2017
Team hephzibah

Thankful for this Life

by Lindsay Shurtz on 11/24/2017
Team breath of life

Who runs the world

by Stella Gilchrist on 11/24/2017
Team breath of life


by SaraLou Neville on 11/24/2017
Team thegreatwhitesharks

Things to be Thankful about

by Julia Repaal on 11/24/2017
Team lighthouse

Angkor Wat: it's okay

by Carmen Eby on 11/24/2017
Team overflow

Called To Be Free.

by Bekah Melton on 11/24/2017
Team overflow

I am thankful for..

by Marissa Anderson on 11/24/2017
Team abiding azar

God Sent Me An Angel

by Brittany Dykstra on 11/24/2017
Team abidingazar

11. 3.

by Lyndsee Landon on 11/24/2017
Team redeemed and remade

A Day in Romania

by Lindsey Kappler on 11/24/2017
Team anchors


by Kristi Smith on 11/24/2017
Team united

The Hike

by Michelle Wright on 11/23/2017
Team free people

I am Surrounded by Glory

by Bernadette Beacham on 11/23/2017
Team priceless in him

Happy Thanksgiving from Chile!

by Colby Field on 11/23/2017
Team humbly united


by Jacob Pourroy on 11/23/2017
Team humbly united

finding thankfulness

by Alec Dubree on 11/23/2017
Team humbly united


by Camryn McKinnon on 11/23/2017
Team humbly united

An Ode to Abuela

by Emma Colon on 11/23/2017
Team humblyunited

Happy Thanksgiving!

by Jenna Rose White on 11/23/2017
Team humbly united


by Sam Nevin on 11/23/2017
Team filia

Foreigners in India

by Grace Tobin on 11/23/2017
Team awakening

Hope For Now

by Blake Dahlin on 11/23/2017
Team toso kala


by Ashley Christiansen on 11/23/2017
Team 461


by Shannon Susi on 11/23/2017
Team 461

Happy Thanksgiving From Kumakwane

by Josie Dehlin on 11/23/2017
Team kairos

Happy Thanksgiving From Kumakwane

by Josie Dehlin on 11/23/2017
Team kairos

A Blog About Nepali Ministry

by Victoria Halvorson on 11/23/2017
Team the a team

Happy and grateful

by Carly Roselle on 11/23/2017
Team the a team

Stepping into the unknown

by Darlin Ventura on 11/23/2017
Team arisen

There and Back Again

by Alisha Allen on 11/23/2017
Team burrito brothers

A Year in the Making

by Janet (Lou) Heismann on 11/23/2017
Team africanloveyou


by Abby Eades on 11/23/2017
Team lighthouse

Giving Thanks

by Caleb Leppert on 11/23/2017
Team theambassadors

The Hope Locked inside a Nicaraguan Prison

by Rachel Hargreaves on 11/23/2017
Team lighthouse

Seeing through Daddy's Eyes

by Jessica Dabich on 11/23/2017
Team soulspark

100 Things I'm Thankful For

by Taylor Hendren on 11/23/2017
Team i61

A Cambodian Thanksgiving

by Stephanie Hamilton on 11/23/2017
Team established in love


by Kamiren Passavanti on 11/23/2017
Team hesed

It's that Season

by Janine Brannis on 11/23/2017
Team plants and pillars

Learning to be flexible and creative!

by Andre Gonzalez Vargas on 11/23/2017
Team m5 5

For This I Am Thankful.

by Caitlin Carpenter on 11/23/2017
Team live boldly

When You're Not Feeling Thankful

by Jenn Nibbe on 11/23/2017
Team estuary

Thanksgiving In Malaysia

by Sisi Eisenmenger on 11/23/2017
Team radiant rubies

Tucker Ryan Duff

by Dosson Stubblefield II on 11/23/2017
Team x men

Thankful for my Radiant Rubies

by Brittany Smith on 11/23/2017
Team radiant rubies

Manistry in Malaysia

by Caleb Callaway on 11/23/2017
Team x men

A Testimony of Healing

by Allina Robie on 11/23/2017
Team radiant daughters

Power of Prayer

by Madison Moore on 11/23/2017
Team radiant daughters


by Brandi Teeney on 11/23/2017
Team united

I'm thankful for ice cubes

by Melanie Stoll on 11/23/2017
Team anchors

Don't Talk to Strangers

by Kristie McFadden on 11/23/2017
Team undivided

Thanksgiving started with tears.

by Megan McKinley on 11/23/2017
Team undivided

Da Devil Be Playing

by Destiny Brubaker on 11/23/2017

How I Was Called to the Missions Field

by Emily Eggerling on 11/23/2017

Updates and Thanksgiving

by Jackie Riopelle on 11/23/2017
Team team1

What Does Beautiful Look Like?

by Alex Goad on 11/23/2017

Why I'm going on the Race

by Matt Luensmann on 11/23/2017

11 months of thankfulness

by Lauren Luttrell on 11/23/2017

Faithful in Fundraising

by Marah Kittelson on 11/23/2017

Why 11 Countries in 11 Months? Why Now?

by Breanna Alverson on 11/23/2017

Let's Talk Routes! What is the 10/40 Window?

by Breanna Alverson on 11/23/2017

The harvest is ripe, but...

by Brishna Hedstrom on 11/23/2017

What I am Thankful for

by Bonnie Bakewell on 11/23/2017

Hurricane Harvey

by Tina Sakers on 11/22/2017
Team 17p01exe2

All That We Need...And Then Some

by Cindy Rohrer on 11/22/2017
Team 17p09pa

A Quarter of a Century

by Madison Goodwin on 11/22/2017
Team squad leaders

Hello Honduras

by Grace Gladney on 11/22/2017
Team talithia koum

I’m coming home...

by Aly Bettencourt on 11/22/2017
Team abundant joy

A year ago today

by Lexi Grisanti on 11/22/2017
Team dynami

More than turkey

by Claire Jones on 11/22/2017
Team filia

Here's to Chile

by Melanie Lender on 11/22/2017
Team filia


by Josh McKinley on 11/22/2017
Team toso kala

73 & Thriving.

by Zahli Hayden on 11/22/2017
Team thrive

an update, also thanks fam

by Abigael Pena on 11/22/2017
Team kingdom come

Chai and Chapatti

by Audrey Baughn on 11/22/2017
Team further

Help with Handwashing

by Jordan Schaeffer on 11/22/2017
Team eliora