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by Jenny Kordelski on 8/21/2018
Team cheetah girls

Carry Their Mat

by Kristy Keprta on 8/21/2018
Team valor

2 Months Later

by Arielle Stuart on 8/21/2018
Team fellowship of the king

Worthy of praise always!!

by Kristine Riden on 8/21/2018
Team summit

.Snapshots of Nepal.

by Leah Stoeckel on 8/21/2018
Team she-brews

Too Tired to Cry

by Brenna Conklin on 8/21/2018
Team fierce five

Poetic Justice

by Marissa Morales on 8/21/2018

Training Camp Part 1:How to eat a bug

by Bonnie Bakewell on 8/21/2018

Thank You

by Kimberly Armentrout on 8/20/2018
Team living well

A Vision That Changed My Life

by Nick Richardson on 8/20/2018
Team guac

2 Weeks!

by Luke Troyanek on 8/20/2018
Team kingdombringers

Life Update!

by Dakota Chance on 8/20/2018
Team kairos

Q & A

by Kayleigh Richards on 8/20/2018
Team squadleaders

The Month I Got Over Myself

by Becky Jackson on 8/20/2018
Team burrito brothers

Hello from Chile!

by Alyssa Muntz on 8/20/2018
Team squad leaders

Adopt A Racer

by Taylor White on 8/20/2018
Team straightouttaheaven2

Week 1 Update from Chile!

by Emily Cook on 8/20/2018
Team squad leaders

To O Squad

by Lindsey Kappler on 8/20/2018
Team squad leaders

19 Going on 20

by Kenzi Johnson on 8/20/2018
Team salt and light

God is in the quesadillas

by Parker Consolo on 8/20/2018
Team covenant

What if I don't want to?

by Alley McMillin on 8/20/2018
Team talitha cumi

Land of Smiles

by Annalise Wood on 8/20/2018
Team basilaia babes

New Life in Christ (Part 2)

by Shelby Robinson on 8/20/2018
Team sevenwonders

My Friend named Alyssa

by Kailey Mattarella on 8/20/2018
Team summit

On the Edge of Breakthrough

by Kailey Mattarella on 8/20/2018
Team summit


by Genna Dalence on 8/20/2018
Team vathos

Ministry Update!

by Emily Orlich on 8/20/2018
Team submerge

Little Glimpse of Ukraine

by Kathryn Hamilton on 8/20/2018
Team shalomsisters

World Race Launch

by Levi Corbett on 8/20/2018
Team mish'phhah

*Video* Travel to the DR

by Laiken Martin on 8/20/2018
Team 1010 fierce

Galletas y cafecitos

by Alexa Baratucci on 8/20/2018
Team decided

Do you know the muffin man?

by Lauren Luttrell on 8/20/2018
Team gospel girls

Got the ke-eys?

by Mantha Reilly on 8/20/2018
Team decided

Wow Just Wow

by Kasey Dunlap on 8/20/2018
Team decided


by John Veal on 8/20/2018
Team wild geese

He Is Here

by Laiken Martin on 8/20/2018
Team 1010 fierce

Dear Outside World,

by Claire McIntosh on 8/20/2018
Team 1010 fierce

Be Still & Know

by Victoria Borgela on 8/20/2018
Team wild geese

Come, live with Me

by Gisele Buenaventura on 8/20/2018
Team 1010 fierce


by Rachel Morris on 8/20/2018
Team harbor

Better Get Used To It

by Tom Pond on 8/20/2018
Team chairontai panta

God's Love is Hot Dogs in You

by Flick Flickinger on 8/20/2018
Team chairontai panta

Greetings from Chile

by Catie Collins Smith on 8/20/2018
Team strategically placed

How we feel, we act

by Fabienne Boss on 8/20/2018
Team agape vita

Buen Camino

by Beth O'Quinn on 8/20/2018
Team peace

Kingdom on the Camino

by Kelly Cunningham on 8/20/2018
Team daughters of the light

"Get up and walk"

by Court Yerkes on 8/20/2018

Fear and Anxiety Can Go To Hell

by Hannah Greene on 8/20/2018

"Make the call."

by Lauren Kelly on 8/20/2018

6 Weeks

by Ashley Jones on 8/20/2018


by Farrah Soliman on 8/20/2018

I met an angel

by Shawn Arruda on 8/20/2018

Living Fearlessly

by Jenny Brown on 8/20/2018

Training Camp // LOVED

by Kaitlin Church on 8/20/2018

Praise Through for Breakthrough

by Ashley Butterfield on 8/20/2018

Oh my gosh, God loves me SO MUCH!

by Jillian Sceski on 8/20/2018

How I drown at Training Camp

by Becca Houk on 8/20/2018

Letting Go and Letting God...

by Tiffany Huss on 8/20/2018

Into the Forest We Go.

by Laurie Mcneilly on 8/20/2018

The God of Miracles!

by Brookie cookie Sari on 8/20/2018

My Testimony

by Susanna Bekedam on 8/20/2018

God knows what's best before you do

by Kaelyn Koeser on 8/20/2018

Living in the Inbetween

by Aly Badinger on 8/19/2018
Team machonachos

Dear Home

by Tessa Pollari on 8/19/2018
Team present

my team :)

by Braiden Chalemin on 8/19/2018
Team yeet

Living In The Moment

by Izzy Oliver on 8/19/2018
Team soulwarriors

ITS (almost) TIME

by Ashlynn Kinnett on 8/19/2018
Team wildfire

Technology is Ruining my Life (& Yours)

by Jordan Louise Shea on 8/19/2018
Team fervent

Apathy is the best whatever

by Emily Shepherd on 8/19/2018
Team to the wind