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He's Going To Do What?!

by Jessica Ganci on 1/20/2017
Team ahavachara

New Security Setting

by Esther Gordon on 1/19/2017
Team squad leader

AIM Won't Let Us

by Jordan Tarant on 1/19/2017
Team khesed

One Word: Freedom!

by Sara Williams on 1/19/2017
Team hephzibah

Half of a Brick House

by Sarah Perkinson on 1/19/2017
Team gallistry

I Danced with my Maker

by Hannah Richardson on 1/19/2017
Team woven

Living like a Cactus

by Fabian Cortez on 1/19/2017
Team sevenswansaswimming

Part 1: The Voice Of Evil

by Hannah Hoover on 1/19/2017
Team sisterhood

The Love of Cambodia

by Hayley Thomas on 1/19/2017
Team korban

El Roi

by Sarah Roccaforte on 1/19/2017
Team kaleo

Unsung Heroes ministry blog

by Jeremy Holden on 1/19/2017
Team ele

Life Around the Table

by Jessica Taylor on 1/19/2017
Team selah sisters

Messy churches.

by Johnny Russell Jr. on 1/19/2017
Team septum parabalani

Testimony Vlog!

by Jewels Vrabel on 1/19/2017
Team daughter's of grace

Refugee Village 'Indonesia'

by Elva Yoder on 1/19/2017
Team khesed


by Brittany Jackson on 1/19/2017
Team lionheart

2017: The Year of Change

by Tamara Vicovan on 1/19/2017

American Made

by Nathan Streyle on 1/19/2017

Kingdom Dreamer

by Alyssa Smith on 1/19/2017

Stars Revealed

by Emily Weeks on 1/18/2017
Team frogg

Finishing Strong

by Elizabeth Mc Ardle on 1/18/2017
Team arise

Oh the places you'll go.

by Jill Schinzing on 1/18/2017
Team wildfire

God doesn't need me

by Matt Chisenhall on 1/18/2017
Team bfgs(boldfearlessgiants)

From a Jaguar to a Hyundai

by Kelli Reder on 1/18/2017
Team woven

Losing Myself

by Vandella Jasso on 1/18/2017
Team braveheart

Calling Boys to Men

by Andy Haak on 1/18/2017
Team valor

Update from the field!

by Jillian Moya on 1/18/2017
Team authenticdaughters

A . H E A R T . T O . S E R V E .

by Kendra Hixenbaugh on 1/18/2017
Team power house

Sinking Is Better Than Swimming

by Jonathan Hogue on 1/18/2017
Team comeback kids

Into Me You See

by Regina Russo on 1/18/2017
Team rover

Wrapping up El Salvador

by Paige Thiele on 1/18/2017
Team rover

Stories from Africa

by Paige Thiele on 1/18/2017
Team rover

First 4 hours pt.1

by Luis Lam on 1/18/2017
Team losmensajeros

Ministry for the Month

by Lindee Anderson on 1/18/2017
Team septum parabalani

A Divine Encounter

by Denea Allman on 1/18/2017
Team fuerte

Saris and Dosa and Monkeys, Oh My!

by Sara Pandolfino on 1/18/2017
Team themelios

Made in His Image

by Soloman Childers on 1/18/2017
Team lionheart


by Rachel Wenger on 1/18/2017

Pyramids, Visas, and Rafting...oh my!

by Shavon Thompson on 1/18/2017

I'm going on The WORLD RACE!!!!!!!!

by Crystal Poston on 1/18/2017

On A Roll

by Emily Adams on 1/18/2017

What am I doing?

by Bry Veith on 1/18/2017

Jesus, we’re listening and responding

by RJ Taylor on 1/18/2017

Jesus, we’re listening and responding

by Kayla Taylor on 1/18/2017

Prayer Points: South Africa

by Tera White on 1/17/2017
Team 17p01exe1


by Lo Acosta on 1/17/2017
Team suma

The Lord Called Me

by Christal Kendall on 1/17/2017
Team tetelestai

Maintaining Focus

by Sarah Beaver on 1/17/2017
Team team tied

Is It Really Picture Perfect?

by Madeline Jackson on 1/17/2017
Team ohana

Stranded In Kenya

by Lauren Stephens on 1/17/2017
Team ohana

Satisfaction.....and goat

by Lauren Welsh on 1/17/2017
Team kimberley clark

What The Heck Am I Doing?

by Abbie Sheckells on 1/17/2017
Team the goonies

A Missionary Without Makeup

by Ariana Beel on 1/17/2017
Team speedriders

New blog page...!

by Sarah Coffey on 1/17/2017
Team change

i am not a victim

by Chandler McKinney on 1/17/2017
Team tableturners

The One Who Stole Our Hearts

by Hannah Erickson on 1/17/2017
Team 7watchers

She Knew My Name

by Katherine Gwin on 1/17/2017
Team wildflowers

Miserable at Best: Breakdown

by Lydia Flowers on 1/17/2017
Team soul sisters


by Lydia Flowers on 1/17/2017
Team soul sisters

Life in Honduras through photos

by Jordan King on 1/17/2017
Team sonflower

From brokenness to beauty

by Jordan King on 1/17/2017
Team sonflower

The Way Jesus Did

by Victoria Bolduc on 1/17/2017
Team sonflower

The International Language of Soccer

by Ali Thornton on 1/17/2017
Team hazaq

Valientes Guerreras

by Kalie Stier on 1/17/2017
Team selah sisters

I Changed My Name in Uganda

by Dakota Welker on 1/17/2017

I Changed My Name in Uganda

by Dakota Welker on 1/17/2017

Jesus is Chasing After YOU - WR Update 1!!!

by Kylee Krusemark on 1/17/2017

Parenting in Uganda

by Agnes Willems on 1/17/2017

It Takes a Village.

by Tori McCrite on 1/17/2017

New Year's Resolutions?

by Ashley Guinn on 1/17/2017

Exciting Unknown

by Brittany Dykstra on 1/17/2017

Lord of the Harvest

by Andrew Hershey on 1/17/2017

The Top 10 FAQs

by Kayla Taylor on 1/17/2017

The Top 10 FAQs

by RJ Taylor on 1/17/2017