World Race

3/19/2020 6:15 PM - Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update


As of this evening we will have all of the missionaries from the World Race, Gap Year and Semesters programs back on U.S. soil. Our long term teams at our overseas bases are mostly choosing to remain in place.

Our team has worked hard and done well, but we are also aware there were many situations where the favor of God was on us as we moved people from location to location. How grateful we are for that! There are some amazing stories yet to be told and we are so thankful for how the Lord has sustained this effort.

As of today, we are shifting more completely to a forward looking posture, knowing our work is not over yet. We are encouraging our staff who have been on the front lines to get some much needed rest. We are continuing work on the distance debriefing strategy in order to roll it out as soon as possible. And we will be prayerfully developing a vision for the future Kingdom work that God has for Adventures in Missions and our missionaries .

Many of the details, especially the financial implications, will take up to 60 days to sort through. We will be communicating with missionaries as it relates to future possibilities as things become clearer related to the virus and we are able to assess the impact of this unplanned redeployment. Again, we will address these issues directly in the next 45-60 days.

This will be our last daily update. Going forward, we’ll update as there is significant information to share.

We have been undergirded by your prayers, your notes of encouragement, and your offers of help. We’re grateful for your partnership during this time.