World Race

3/17/2020 6:00 PM - Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update


We continue to focus on the expedited and safe return of our participants. We appreciate your ongoing cooperation and prayer during this time.

Through today we have facilitated the return of nine squads. We are booking hotel rooms where necessary and have a limited number of team members at each airport of entry to assist with this transition.

We have five additional squads returning later today, seven squads on the 18th and the final squad on the 19th.

Many of our participants have been disconnected from social media and news outlets and have not had access to information at the level that our society has had over recent weeks. An additional priority is to educate each participant on the current realities and train them with the guidelines and best practices as detailed by the CDC and the White House.

We are transitioning our debrief strategy to occur from a distance and have counselors deeply familiar with our program assisting in the design of this strategy along with program leaders.

Specific prayer request:

  • Hotel access is becoming constrained in some cities. As of now, we have sufficient capacity. We have developed backup plans if necessary. Pray that the airlines and hotels retain adequate capacity to move people home.

I am grateful for our team and the willingness of the body of Christ (including alumni, parents, churches and friends) expressing a willingness to assist in a wide range of ways.