World Race

3/14/2020 11:30AM - Coronavirus (Covid-19) update


Things continue to change rapidly. Overnight, a number of countries in Central America initiated restrictions and others began to close borders. We are continuing to review the World Health Organization and CDC recommendations as well as the specific circumstances for every team and squad placement that remains on the field.

As we stated yesterday, we are prioritizing all squad locations based on a number of risk factors – and we are re-prioritizing that list daily as information changes. Risk factors include, but are not limited to:

  • Border and local policies of their current country location and the future countries they are scheduled to transition to
  • Transportation available
  • Virus conditions and available healthcare
  • Capacity for ministry

As we begin to bring squads home we are well aware of the disappointment associated with that for many of our Racers and other participants. Our squad and program leaders are developing plans to help address that, including facilitating debriefs upon return.

We expect to initiate the transition of a number of additional squads over the coming days.

Once we make a decision for a particular squad, we will first communicate any movement with team members and then with parents. Please wait for direct communication from Adventures in Missions. We will not be able to answer individual questions in the coming days as all resources are being applied to coordination efforts as well as effective and accurate communication once plans are established.