World Race

3/14/2020 8:45 PM - Coronavirus (Covid-19) update


World Race, WR Gap and Semesters Participants and Friends and Family

Since the outbreak in China was made public, we have been working diligently to keep our missionaries safe while also focusing to stay on the mission of being Christ to a hurting and fearful world. We have heeded all recommendations of the World Health Organization, The State Department and the Center for Disease Control and in many cases held much higher standards than recommended for placement and routes of travel.

Over the past week, due to the realities on the ground, we have had to initiate bringing people back to the US and have significantly modified routes. The efforts were directed at keeping our people and the people they serve safe, while staying on mission.

The reality of this quickly moving virus is that many governments and health agencies are not able to effectively assess conditions on the ground, particularly in the developing world. It is this constraint that has caused us to make the decision to begin the process of bringing all participants with World Race, Gap Year and Semesters back to the US.

We have a number of teams/squads already in motion and the transition of the remaining will be the highest priority of the ministry over the coming days. This is a large undertaking given the stress on the transportation systems but we will be working without pause to do so effectively.

We will be communicating details to participants and parents on an outgoing basis over the coming days. Please do not contact us about specific plans for particular squads. We are unable to respond to those individual calls, emails, and messages right now. We are focusing all of our energy on the logistical tasks that are of highest importance at the moment.

We appreciate your prayer as we work to serve our participants and mission with excellence.