World Race

3/12/2020 - Coronavirus (Covid-19) update


Adventures in Missions continues to closely assess the impact and associated risks of the Covid-19 virus. We are working to protect the well-being of all our missionaries and participants. We continually monitor the following sources and other risk advisors around the world:

We continually assess the condition of our missionaries and their locations. This assessment includes:

  • Active cases in the local region
  • Access to and capacity of Joint Commission Accredited Health Care Facilities or suitable alternatives
  • Actions and policy of the international countries where we are currently deployed and where we plan to travel in the future
  • Missionary routes of transport
  • Capacity of airlines and other transport companies we use to move people safely

Our goal is to care for our missionaries well. We are regularly taking action and making adjustments based on the information and assessment. We are in regular contact with our health insurance provider and their medical professionals to inform our management decisions.

The situation is changing continuously. Last night the President verbally suspended all flights from Europe effective at midnight on Friday for 30 days. This has significantly impacted the capacity of the airlines to make changes in the short term. Since that time, the government clarified that the travel ban does not include ‘Legal Permanent Residents.’

We are monitoring continually. Given the significant restrictions being applied by governments, we will be vigilant and communicate as any changes in plans are made.

We will initiate a daily update that we will post to our social media sites and to our home page.