2021 Mission Trips & the effect of COVID-19

At Adventures in Missions, we are deeply committed to the mission God has given us to reach the world for Christ. Over the past year, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought new challenges and focus to how we walk out our mission. With over 30 years of experience in mobilizing missionaries, we are committed to adhering to the guidelines that allow us to care for not only our participants, but those we are called to serve.
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The past year has been filled with change, disappointment, cancelations and missed expectations unlike anything we’ve experienced before. We have all faced added uncertainty in planning for the future, and many of us have had to learn a new way of approaching basic parts of our lives.

In March 2020, as borders started to close without much notice, we stopped all of our mobilization efforts. We safely brought home 570 participants from 26 international squads over the course of 6 days. While canceling and postponing trips throughout the rest of the year, we worked hard to create a variety of opportunities for committed and returning participants that would adhere to government regulations and safety guidelines.

While COVID-19 has affected us all in some way, our ministry partners are living and working in countries and communities even more impacted by the lockdowns, struggling financially and looking for hope. Our partners are ready for mission teams to come back and help them serve their communities.

Adventures in Missions exists to awaken and activate Christ followers worldwide to their identity and role in God’s Kingdom, and the past year has given us an even deeper commitment to the mission God set before us.

So we’re doing it. We’re moving forward with the expectancy, wisdom, and intentionality needed to pioneer into a world that looks different than the one we were navigating a year ago for the sake of the Gospel.

Mission trips are launching in 2021!

World Race, World Race: Gap Year, and Semesters by World Race mission teams are currently serving alongside long-term partners in Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guatemala, and South Africa.

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Planning Safe Mission Trips in 2021

At Adventures in Missions, we are committed to navigating mission trips and this global pandemic in a wise manner. We acknowledge that there is additional risk; it is just not possible to avoid it completely. However, we assure you that operating in wisdom is a top priority for us and our risk management and mission trip planning teams.


Our COVID-19 Management team continues to meet regularly to assess situations and ensure alignment with current regulations, health professionals, and Adventures’ leadership. As well as experienced risk management and mission trip planning teams who are constantly monitoring political, health, weather, and other risks in the regions where we serve as well as the advice of international health organizations.


All World Race and Gap Year program participants and field leaders are required to get a COVID-19 test within 7 days of arrival on our campus for Launch. Further details of the COVID-19 plan and guidelines on our campus can be found here. Additionally, all participants receive tests within each country’s required time-frame, facilitated during quarantine in Georgia.


We are committed to complying with any government regulations that exist for all mission trips and gap year program participants. This includes guidelines about masks and social distancing as outlined by the CDC. Participants are also doing daily health screenings with temperature checks and following isolation and quarantine protocols when needed.


What will COVID-19 requirements and expectations be while on a mission trip?

We are committed to complying with any government regulations that exist throughout your mission trip. This could include entry requirements, curfews, in-country travel restrictions or more. We are also committed to having field policies in line with best practices for our mission trips and gap year program. We will continue to work closely with our ministry partners to monitor the advice of international health organizations and local regulations.

What if borders close, due to COVID-19, while participants are on a mission trip?

Our internal risk management team and our external consultants will continue to monitor the COVID-19 implications for international travel. If quick action does become necessary, we have experience navigating that situation. In March 2020, borders began to close without much notice, and we safely brought home 570 missionaries from 26 international squads over the course of 6 days. While we cannot completely predict what every future situation would look like, we do have an experienced team that is ready to work around the clock to get our participants home, if necessary.

Do participants need a COVID-19 test before arriving for a mission trip?

Yes. Due to recent trends and to stay compliant with updated regulations, we are requiring all mission trip and gap year program participants as well as all field leaders coming to Launch to get a COVID-19 test within 7 days of arrival on our campus. Negative test documentation will be required to register upon arrival. Active participants have received further details about this from our staff, and we will continue to update new participants in a timely manner.

Will the international insurance through Adventures include COVID-19 coverage?

Yes! And this is a change from what was originally announced. Adventures in Missions has been able to negotiate this addition to our original plan for all mission trips and the gap year program. This is at no additional cost to the racer. More specific information can be found here or in your profile. If you’ve personally worked with MissionSafe to purchase individual COVID-19 coverage, you can contact them to cancel.

What if I sign up for a mission trip and we are unable to launch?

We have an experienced risk management team. They monitor political, health, weather, and other risks in the regions where we serve. We continue to confidently plan impactful mission trips and adjust when necessary. We won’t launch a mission trip that isn’t up to our standards of safety. In 2020, we canceled our international mission trips due to safety and travel restrictions with COVID-19 and gave options to our participants to join us domestically or defer to a later date. We currently feel confident launching future mission trips. If we have to cancel your mission trip, or you don’t feel comfortable going, the money you’ve raised can be applied to a different or future trip within the next calendar year. Our team will be happy to work with you to find the best option for your situation.

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